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Information about Deposit £10 Get Free Spins - UK Casinos - May 2024


The popularity of free spins is showing no signs of slowing and throughout 2023 and we’re expecting to see an increase in the number of brands that decide to launch with, or switch their existing welcome offer to claim their share of free spins mania.

The most popular free spins deals are those which require no deposit, however on this page, we’re looking at the type of free spins deals that DO require a player to make a deposit.

Why choose a deposit free spins deal?

At present there are dozens of casino sites offering free spins deals that don’t require a deposit, so ‘Why would I want to spend money?’ is a valid question.

The answer to the question tends to be ‘better terms’. Very often the deals which don’t require a deposit come with very restrictive terms and conditions which often detract from the initial shine of the headline offer.

Free Spins which are awarded after a deposit do of course come with terms and conditions, but as a general rule, these are often less restrictive than offers that don’t require an initial deposit.

Commonly seen Free Spins on First Deposit Offers

Although there are hundreds of different brands operating within the UK casino and bingo industry, if we scratch the surface, we can see that many of the same operators run dozens of sites.

For the player, this means that it’s not uncommon to see exactly the same welcome offer time after time again because essentially one brand is duplicated by the same operator time after time.

Jumpman Gaming is one such company known for rolling out brand after brand that essentially offers the same player experience. As a result, signing up at Slot Shack, will offer pretty much the same experience as signing up at Casino Game. Either way, you’ll get the Mega Reel welcome offer.

Jumpman Gaming, who’ve been around since 2010 have been offering their Mega Wheel welcome offer since their launch and for many years they’ve also been offering their subtly different Mega Reel package too.  These spin the wheel type offers generally offer players the chance to win up to a certain number of free spins, on a predetermined slot game AFTER making a first-time deposit.

Deposit 10 get 500 Free Spins Bonuses

So let’s take Jumpman Gaming’s Mega Reel as an example of a common free spin on deposit offer. As we’ve said, once you’ve made your initial deposit of at least £10, you’ll get the chance to spin the ‘Reel’ for up to 500 spins on selected slot games. Other possible outcomes include smaller allocations of free spins on other selected games, the ‘Re-Spin’ segment and ‘Unlucky’.

What should I look out for when claiming Free Spins on Deposit?

In the bingo and casino industry, terms and conditions and wagering requirements are an unwelcome reality, they come as part and parcel with just about every welcome offer you’ll find and can have a nasty habit of rearing their ugly head when you least expect it.

However, here’s the thing… if you take a little time to learn about the most commonly seen terms and conditions, you’ll spot them a mile off and make an informed decision whether to proceed to claim an offer.

Kicking off the list of frequently seen T&Cs that may apply to this offer type:

-Minimum deposit

Be on the lookout for welcome offers which require a minimum first-time deposit. Typically, offers require a minimum deposit of £10, but some are set to £20 or even higher!  A minimum deposit requirement of £10 can be a cause of disappointment to someone who had the intention of only spending £5, particularly if the site accepts £5 but doesn’t allow such deposits to qualify for the welcome package.

-Maximum win per spin (or set of spins)

Another term that does what it says on the tin. If such a term applies to your free spins welcome offer, you’ll never be able to win a greater amount per spin than the specified limit and if this term applies to a set of spins claimed as part of a welcome offer, then the limit will apply to all winnings accumulated from those spins collectively.

-Maximum bonus conversion

This can be the ultimate buzzkill if you’ve managed to amass a sizeable fortune in bonus money. This term means that no matter how much bonus money you’ve accrued, once all other conversion terms have been met, you’ll only be granted the stated amount in real money. Cancel the order for the speedboat!

-Maximum bonus conversion equal to lifetime deposits

Like brussels sprouts at Christmas, this is a term you won’t be pleased to find. It relates to the previously discussed maximum bonus conversion term but it goes further by stating that your bonus conversion can never amount to more than the amount you’ve deposited at the site, this could be £10, assuming the minimum deposit was £10 and that’s what you opted to spend.

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