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Information about No Wagering Free Spins - Updated June 2024


What are No Wagering Free Spin Offers?

If you’ve ever been on the hunt for a new casino, you’ll no doubt have found yourself bombarded with a variety of so-called free spins offers. Whilst on the face of it all of these offers come under the same umbrella, on closer inspection, there are subtle differences that can dramatically change what these deals mean to the player.

The single most significant detail that would-be customers should have at the fore of their mind is whether the free spins offer comes with wagering requirements. On this page, you can rest assured that to the best of our knowledge, the deals do not.

What are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements are a form of terms and conditions which apply specifically to the treatment of players’ winnings.

Most often these terms will target money (or bonus money) won from promotional free spins. A savvy player will turn their nose up at wagering requirements as their presence may take the shine off an otherwise great free spins deal.

Should I avoid Free Spins offers with Wagering Requirements?

Not necessarily. As a general rule, it would be best to gravitate towards free spin offers that do not include wagering requirements, however, being absolutely set on offers with no wagering requirements will severely limit the number of deals available to you.

Whilst wagering requirements can be something of a buzz kill, they don’t necessarily render a free deal fruitless, and whilst wagering requirements are probably the most common tool casinos employ to keep their free spins related losses in check, there are other terms that can achieve a similar effect too, even on no wagering slots offers.

How do wagering requirements work?

As we’ve explained, Wagering Requirements are themselves a specific form of terms and conditions and within the wagering requirements ‘category’ of terms and conditions, they can be used in a broad variety of ways.

The most common application which is relevant to those who seek free spins welcome offers is that these terms can be used to limit the amount of money won through free spins offers which is eligible to be withdrawn from the site.

Let’s take an extract from the significant terms and conditions (at the time of writing) used on Slot Games, a Jumpman-powered casino that boasts a free spins offer but DOES include wagering requirements:


The first important deduction we can make from the presence of the above wagering requirement when applied to a free spins welcome offer is that any winnings from the free spins offer are paid out in bonus funds, as opposed to real money.

This is an incredibly important observation as ‘bonus funds’ and ‘real money’ are two totally different propositions.

‘Real Money’ of course is what it seems, it’s money which if won, counts towards your real money balance and can be withdrawn from the casino.

‘Bonus Money’, however, is a little less straightforward. This type of fund doesn’t contribute to your real money balance and its treatment varies depending on the terms that apply. The wagering requirements are most often the specific term that has the greatest impact on the treatment of bonus funds.

In the above example, any winnings received from playing through the free spins will be paid out in bonus funds which will need to be wagered 65 times before that money becomes real money!

When the above wagering requirements are in place the state of play in a scenario where you win £100 from the free spins welcome offer would be as follows:

The £100 you’ve won from the free spins welcome offer is considered ‘bonus money’ and thus is subject to the 65x wagering requirement.

This means that to convert that money to real, withdrawable funds, you’d need to wager £6,500. Of course, you may well lose all the money before it becomes eligible for conversion to real money balance.

The reality here is that the presence of wagering requirement terms significantly reduces your chances of converting free spins bonus winnings to your real money balance.

Why should I try No Wagering Requirement Free Spins Offers?

On the face of it, no wagering free spins welcome offers should provide you with the opportunity to enjoy your free spins in the knowledge that any winnings will contribute directly to your real money balance – meaning that you get to keep what you win.

The above is the ideal scenario, but even though an offer may come with no wagering requirements and may be listed on this page, that isn’t to say that there won’t be other restricting terms that could potentially sour the deal a little. We’ll do our best to notify you of these and in any event, they will most likely be set out within the brand’s significant terms, which we display prominently by each offer we advertise.

Below we’ve compiled a list of common terms and conditions which may apply to free spins offers:

-Game-Specific Spins
Most of the time a free spins offer will only apply to a designated slot game or in some cases a small range of games. It’s rare that a site will allow players to use their allocated free spins on any slot game in their collection, although some sites do grant bonus money, which can sometimes be used on any slot game, this is a slightly different proposition.

The reason for the above is usually due to agreements the operator has in place with the software providers. The operator should always make the designated slot game(s) clear from the outset.

-Maximum Wins

Potentially a shock to the uninitiated, the max win clause does what it says on the tin. It stops a player from winning more than a set amount from the free spins. This limit can be applied collectively i.e. a maximum combined amount from all free spins, or on a maximum per free spin basis.

-Minimum Deposit
This term won’t apply to any of the brands listed on this page because to qualify for this page, brands should not require a deposit.

This term typically applies to brands that offer the potential to win a high denomination of spins, such as Mega Reel brands which offer up to 500 Spins on a deposit of £10.

-Deposit Methods
Again, this term shouldn’t apply to any of the offers on this page, but when this term does kick in, it means that although a site may offer a wide variety of deposit methods such as e-wallets (Paypal), some of these methods may not be available when claiming a welcome offer. Sticking to a debit card should be a safe bet as this tends to be the most widely accepted payment type.

-Offer Expiry
As they say, all good things come to an end and in some cases, free spins welcome offers have their own expiry dates.  Look out for these expiry dates to avoid disappointment. In all likelihood though, you’re going to take advantage of your free spins at the earliest opportunity, aren’t you? That’s why we put this one at the bottom of the list.

How to Claim Free Spins with No Wagering

The process of claiming your free spins is easy and for most will be second nature. However, any newcomers may find the following steps worthy of a read.

1. Find a deal, preferably from free spins no wager sites, such as here at Bingo Paradise. Using a list will save you time and in the case of Bingo Paradise, you can be assured that all sites listed are approved by the UK Gambling Commission.

2. Check out the significant terms and conditions first. Here at Bingo Paradise, we’ve been careful to list the significant terms applicable to each offer alongside the offer itself.

3. Click ‘Play’, this button will take you straight to the casino site itself where you should familiarise yourself with the full terms and conditions that apply once you’ve signed up as a player.

4. Register. This process will take a few minutes of your time. You’ll need to input your full name, address, and date of birth as well as inputting your debit card details. At this stage, you’ll also need to choose a username.

5. Claim your free spins. Et voila!

Different types of Free Spin Deals

At Bingo Paradise we understand the huge demand in the UK market for free spins. That’s why we’ve dedicated several pages of our site to key types of free spins offers:

Free Spins On Card Registration – These are the welcome offers that allow you free spins once you’ve added your card details. These offers may (usually do) come with wagering requirements.

Free Spins No Deposit – Offers that require no deposit. May or may not have wagering requirements and various other terms attached.

Jumpman Gaming Free Spins – A page dedicated to the free spins deals which are frequently seen at Jumpman Gaming sites. These offers will have wagering requirements.

No Wagering Free Spins - Updated June 2024 FAQ

  • Where can I find free spins deals where I can keep what I win?

    In order to keep what you win, you need to find free spins deals which do not have wagering requirements. Even then, you should check for other terms which may restrict the amount of winnings you can keep.

  • Why do UK Casinos offer free spins?

    UK casinos offer free spins as a method of enticing customers to join their casino.

  • How many free spins can I get?

    Free Spins offers range from 5 - 100’s of free spins. There are lots of key differences though, such as wagering requirements and whether it’s mandatory to make a deposit before being awarded the free spins.

  • Which slots are the best for Free Spins deals?

    Any slot game could potentially be used as part of a free spins package, however operators tend to use the best known titles (Fluffy Favourites and Starburst spring to mind) because they attract the most attention. To answer this question, you should probably be looking at the RTP of the game on offer.

  • What are Free Spins Wagering Requirements?

    Wagering Requirements generally make it more difficult to win ‘real money’ from free spins. They do this by requiring you to wager your free spins winnings (bonus money) a number of times before it can be converted into ‘real money’ which you can withdraw.

  • Which are the best casino sites with no wagering requirements?

    There are multiple ways to define ‘best’, but in this case let’s go with reputation. Play Ojo has a great reputation and offers free spins with no wagering requirements.

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