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Information about 20 Free Spins No Deposit


In 2022 the popularity of free spins deals grew and grew, but looking at the situation in 2023 the rate at which free spins offers are being released seems to have peaked! We would imagine this is to do with the rising costs of offering such an offer in the UK market.

In addition to the number of new free spins offers slowing, we’re seeing existing offers be culled at quite a rate. It could be a case of enjoying these offers while they last!

Although on the face of it the concept of free spins is simple, there’s actually a fair bit to know in order to get the best deals, maximise your enjoyment and avoid disappointment.

By the time you’ve read your way to the bottom of this page, we hope you’ll be all set, armed with the knowledge you didn’t know you needed to get the best out of the free spins no deposit uk deals.

Welcome Offer or Stand Alone Offer?

The first distinction to make when looking for a free spins offer is whether the deal is what’s known as a stand-alone offer, or whether it forms part of a welcome package, as is the case with all the offers presented on this list page.

A stand-alone offer is usually made available by a casino to only specific groups of players. It’s purpose is generally to incentivise that group to come back to the casino and make a further deposit. Typically such offers will be sent out to the casinos database of players via email or SMS. An example would be a free spins offer sent to registered players who haven’t logged in for one month.

Welcome Package offers are a different beast altogether because such deals are available to all new players. As we said, all of the 20 free spins deals on this page are attached to welcome packages.

Most Common Types of Free Spins Offers

Free Spins  (With Wagering Requirements)

Did you hear the saying about something that seems too good to be true? For many players, wagering requirements prove to be the devil in the detail that renders an offer less ‘good’ than it originally appeared.

Wagering requirements are just one specific branch of terms and conditions which define how bonus funds are treated at a casino site.

When wagering requirements apply you’re safe to assume that any winnings paid from the free spins are credited as bonus money. Bonus money is effectively a currency invented by the casino and the way it works is altogether different to regular money, known as ‘real money’.

Bonus money is governed by various wagering requirement terms the casino will set. Typically a casino will set wagering requirements, expressed for example as ’10x’. In this example 10 is the number of times you must gamble (wager) your winnings before they can be converted into real money.

You’re probably beginning to see now that wagering requirements work in the favour of casinos and are not so good news for the player. Of course, the higher the wagering requirement, the greater the chance that you’ll lose any benefit from the free spins before being about to cash out.

Free Spins No Wagering Requirements

Free spins no deposit no wager deals are few and far between, probably because such offers cost the casino more money, after all players are more likely to win!

If you’re looking for a free spins offer, a deal that has no wagering requirements makes the most sense, simply because your winnings should be paid out in real money which you can then go and withdraw, subject to there not being other restrictive terms in place (more on this later).

Are there wagering requirements?

Now that we’ve established what wagering requirements are and why you shouldn’t be thrilled about their existence, logically the next useful nugget of information is how to find out about the presence of these terms.

Fortunately the UKGC (Gambling Commission) and ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) require casinos and those who promote casinos (such as ourselves) to present any terms attached to any given offer in a clear and honest way.

For every offer, brands have to spell out  ‘significant terms’. These are the terms which are considered to have the greatest effect on the offer. Wagering requirements will always make the grade to be featured in significant terms and since Bingo Paradise presents significant terms alongside every offer, it will never be hard to learn whether an offer does or does not come with wagering requirements.

Should I avoid Wagering Requirements?

It goes without saying that a free spin offer with no wagering requirements is more desirable than an offer that has wagering requirements. However, since wagering requirements come in all different sizes, it would be more sensible to make a point of aiming for offers with lower requirements.

If you were to avoid any offer with wagering requirements there would be very few places left to play!

What to check before claiming a 20 Free Spins No Deposit Offer?

We’ve already covered wagering requirements (extensively), but there are other items on the agenda. Again, none of the points below are particularly unusual and they’re not necessarily reason to feel put off a deal. However knowledge of each of these points will lower the chances of unwelcome surprises.

Maximum Wins

A bit of a thorn in the side to a free spins offer, maximum wins literally limit the amount you can win from your free spins. These limits are either applied on a per spin basis or the limit is imposed collectively on all spins. Regardless of how the maximum win limit is enforced, it will stop you from benefitting from more than a certain amount of winnings. A pretty lousy surprise if you hadn’t done your homework before signing up.

Maximum Cash-out

Usually a maximum cash-out will be a limit to how much of your bonus money can be converted into real money. A bit of a buzz kill if you’ve got stacks of bonus funds.

Time Limits

You’ve heard the saying that all good things come to an end? It turns out this is true of free spins and whilst we can’t really understand the mindset of someone who becomes eligible for free spins and puts them on ice for later, we do need to make you aware that some of the deals come with a time limit. Once this has expired you cannot use your free spins.

Selected Games Only

Most casinos allow free spins on only a limited choice of slot games, usually only one. It’s very rare for a casino to allow you the freedom to choose from any game in their selection but it is the casinos job to make it clear which slot you’ll be able to use. At Bingo Paradise we’ll also do our bit to make this clear to you when we’re promoting any particularly deal.

Most Common 20 Free Spins Slot Games


This is a game that has for a long time been on the walls of the slot game hall of fame. This five reel masterpiece boasts a simple cosmic theme and consists of 10 pay-lines.

Players are kept excited with opportunities to win big by landing wild symbols which can substitute for other symbols and unlock winning combinations.

UK casinos are no stranger to the popularity of Starburst and therefore dozens of casinos have latched onto offering the game as part of their welcome package.

Fluffy Favourites

In a similar way to Starburst, Fluffy Favourites has become one of the most sought after slot games on the net with players racing to spin those (problematic) fluffy animals.

Fluffy Favourites is usually known as a bingo players favourite which is why so many bingo sites come with Fluffy Favourites.

Thankfully, just as they have with Starburst, casinos seem keen to serve up Fluffy Favourites as part of their welcome packages.

Chilli Heat

Still a popular choice, Chilli Heat is a 3×5 video slot. The luckiest players will trigger free spins rounds which makes this game another regular pick for casinos to offer as their designated free spins game.

Aloha Cluster Pays
Aloha is a 6 reel, 5 row slot that features the intriguing Cluster Pays mechanic, stick win re-spins and free spins.
It’s less commonly seen as part of a welcome offer than the other titles, but from it usually features on the list above at least once.

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