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Compliance Policy

Bingo Paradise is a website which is affiliated with various gambling operators.

Although no gambling is operated on the Bingo Paradise website, as a gambling affiliate, we do take our responsibility towards compliance very seriously. We make every effort to remain compliant with ASA and UK Gambling Commission regulations.

This page has been set up to outline to both our visitors and affiliate partners, some of the steps we take in order to remain compliant.

The following are examples of applicable laws, regulations, codes of practice and guidelines that we strive to adhere to:

UK Gambling Commission Advertising / Marketing rules & regulations
CAP Advertising Guidance – Gambling
CAP Code for Online Affiliate Marketing

In the interests of remaining compliant to each of the above, Bingo Paradise implements the following policies when marketing gambling brands on our website.

Significant Terms & Conditions

We pay very careful attention to the way we display the offers and promotions available at the brands we publish on our site.

We strive to make sure that offers and promotions advertised are not misleading in any way, either deliberately or by the omission of key information (i.e. significant terms and conditions).

Wherever we publish details of a promotional offer on our website, to the best of our ability, we also include any significant terms and conditions which apply. These terms are either provided by the affiliate partner or taken directly from the affiliate partners website.

Where provided by the affiliate, we also display a direct hyperlink to the full terms and conditions which apply to the promotion/advertisement in question.

Below is an example taken from one of the review pages on Bingo Paradise; It shows how we typically display a promotional welcome offer (a), the significant terms (b), and wherever possible, a direct link to the full terms and conditions (c).


Examples of significant terms include:

Eligibility restrictions
Deposit requirements
Wagering requirements
Restricted odds / games
Withdrawal limits

Email Campaigns

Bingo Paradise does not currently hold an email database or make use of email marketing whatsoever. If this changes in the future, we’ll provide details of these activities here.

Banner Creative

Bingo Paradise does not display any traditional banner creative. Our decision to reduce banner usage significantly lowers the chances of displaying an outdated offer.

Social Media Promotions

Bingo Paradise do not run any social media accounts for the purposes of advertising or marketing. Also, we do not engage in any paid marketing across any social media platforms.

Push Notifications

Bingo Paradise does not presently engage in the use of push notifications.

Other Promotional Methods:

Bingo Paradise do not engage in any of the promotional/marketing methods listed below:

-SMS marketing
-Media buying (other than advertising Bingo Paradise itself)
-Buying ads via a programmatic ad-exchange
-Challenge/tipping style pages

Responsible Gambling

Bingo Paradise is a keen supporter of Responsible Gambling and has published a page designed to provide further information on this subject. We have been careful to ensure that this page does not display any promotional or marketing materials relating to gambling.

To further display our support of Responsible Gaming, we proudly display a banner linking to in our site footer, visible on all pages.

Last updated: 22/05/24

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