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About Bingo Paradise

Welcome to Bingo Paradise, one of the longest established bingo portals in the UK marketplace, serving bingo (and now slots and casino players) since 2008.

Since 2021, Bingo Paradise’s reviews have been written by Paul Aitken, our ‘resident reviewer’ who can always be relied on for his honest, no-nonsense review style.

Bingo Paradise doesn’t publish the usual, lengthy, substance-lacking type of  ‘ever positive’ content you’ll find on other affiliate portals. We strive to be better!

In the time we’ve been online, we’ve seen huge changes to the market and now in 2023, we’ve developed a thorough understanding of what it requires to remain compliant in the UK marketplace.

Our History

Bingo Paradise was established in 2008 with the aim of helping players find the best places to play online bingo. From day one, the site offered insightful reviews and up-to-date news stories. In that respect, nothing much has changed.

As the years have passed, features have come and gone. Features such as the forum proved too much trouble (if you don’t remember, don’t ask). We also realised we’d never actually become ‘a bingo social network’ lol, you can’t knock our ambition… Then there was the free bingo, which we sadly had to retire.

On a more positive note, in 2018 we added our bingo halls section and we’ve been busily writing informative pages regarding local bingo halls, we’re continuing to grow this collection in 2023.

New in 2019 we added our Slot Sites section because we realised that our readers seem to be increasingly fond of slot games.

Anyone who’s visited us over the years will realise that as of 2021, we’ve given Bingo Paradise a lick of virtual paint – this makeover has actually been quite extensive and we intend to tweak our look further and introduce new features later in the year.

For now, we’ll leave you with a collection of our logos to show you how we’ve evolved over the years.


Bingo Paradise Logo 2008
Our logo when we launched in 2008


Bingo Paradise Logo 2013
A new look for 2013, complete with ‘Dauber Bird’. It’s amazing what can be achieved with MS Paint.


Bingo Paradise Logo 2018
A more minimalist look for 2018


Bingo Paradise Logo 2021
Fresh for 2021, our current, clean look!
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