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In Time For Christmas? The Gambling Act White paper


Author: Tom
Published: 02/02/2023

The Gambling Act white paper, in time for Christmas? Reportedly, this may be the case.

What’s happened to date?

It was around July 2022 when we expected the much anticipated paper, which would form part of a wider review of the Gambling Act to be published. But as we all know, that didn’t happen!

Instead, around that time the UK government entered a particularly turbulent period with several high profile resignations, including that of Chris Philip, the minister responsible for the Gambling Act review and a little later, the prime minister Boris Johnson.

Post Boris

Once Lizz Truss took the helm, a piece published by The Guardian pointed out that the gambling reform white paper ‘would fit the mould of the kind of regulatory reform that Truss is keen to avoid burdening businesses with’ seeming to add credence to the view that the paper may be delayed or even that it may never see the light of day.

However today (12th October) a report by iGB seems to suggest the white paper may be back on the cards with publication possible within the next few weeks!

IF this information which iGB states is from ‘A source with knowledge of the situation’ is correct, one of the coming months before Christmas could prove to be very eventful indeed for the UK gambling industry.

Whitehall, London
Whitehall, London.

Forgotten what the Gambling Act Review may include?

As if to whet the appetite of igaming journalists and the industry as a whole, earlier in the year there was a ‘leak’, which apparently revealed several items that featured in an early draft of the paper. These were said to include specifics on affordability caps, amongst other things.

Over the past year we’ve published a number of pieces about the white paper, in which we report on items that are suspected to be included.

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