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Information about New Slot Sites - May 2024


Online slot sites are a fantastic way to have fun, be social, and possibly even win some money, depending on your luck. The number of online slot sites has grown impressively over the last couple of years with many new brands coming from the likes of Jumpman Gaming, Progress Play and InTouch Games.

With such an increase in the number of slot sites available, it’s more important than ever that you learn the fundamentals of how these games work and the common rules that apply to them. Knowledge, as they say, is power and in this case, just a little bit of learning could go a long way towards enhancing your experience.

In this handy guide, we’ll cover many different areas including helping you choose a decent site and looking into whether there’s anything you can do to increase your chances of winning!

The term slot site refers to a casino or bingo based website that gives you access to a range of slot games. Some sites such as Amazon Slots are dedicated slot websites, but you can also find troves of slot games on bingo websites such as Mirror Bingo. Never before has there been such a variety of slot games with some brands offering literally 100’s of titles! Whether you are looking to spin the reels on Fluffy Favourites or fancy something more sophisticated like Megaways, there will always be a slot game for you.

What to look for when choosing a slot site?

One of the first features that will catch your eye about any new slot site is likely to be the welcome offers or deposit bonuses that they have available. Due to the increased competition in the online slots marketplace, all of these sites are trying to get your attention and ultimately your business, so spend some time to get to understand the broad, different types of offers that you will fine. Most offers will fit under one of the following headers:

The Deposit Bonus
The classic and most popular method of customer reward is the deposit bonus. Because this acts as a deposit straight into your play account, it gives you the more choice over what games you want to spend it on.

Free Spins With a Deposit
Free spins are usually game-specific and will require you to make a deposit of a minimum amount in order to gain free spins on a pre-determined slot game.

Spin the Wheel
Jumpman Gaming sites such as Egypt Slots and New Spins offer new players the opportunity to spin a virtual wheel in the hopes of winning up to 500 Spins on Fluffy Favourites! This is by far one of the most generous new player bonuses and is available with an initial minimum deposit of £10. These kinds of initiatives help to keep Jumpman Gaming sites popular amongst players.

Free Spins With No Deposit
Another incredibly popular welcome package offer which allows the player free spins on a selected slot game without a deposit being made. Don’t be surprised if you need to enter valid debit card details in order to claim the spins – the card details are used for ID checks.

Terms and Conditions

No one likes the small print, but before you commit to any particular site, you must familiarise yourself with the T&C’s. Don’t assume that all sites subscribe to the same rules, that’s a mistake that a lot of new customers will make. There are certain basic guidelines and indeed rules set by the likes of the Gambling Commission that each slot site will be required to follow. However, operators still have the right to write their own terms and conditions which dictate (within the rules) how for instance, withdrawals and wagering requirements will work. The latter mentioned form of T&C’s is often the one which players feel tripped up by.

Wagering requirements refer to the number of times that you must stake your deposit to take advantage of any bonus you accumulate i.e. before it becomes real, withdrawable money.

To the uninitiated player, it could look like the game is rigged against you or that you have lost an initial part of your bonus, and if you are not familiar with the rules of the game you may be inclined to stop playing before fulfilling your bonus. Or you may find yourself in a position where you have a balance that you cannot withdraw until certain conditions are met or a certain period has elapsed. All of these quirks and nuances of a site will be explained in detail in the Terms and Conditions – again, this is why you should be taking the time to do your reading.

If you are still unsure about what site to choose or you wish to undertake more research before getting started, you may be able to browse the sites as a non-registered user before committing to setting up an account. This will allow you to check for a specific game that you may be looking for,  to familiarise yourself with the layout or just spend more time understanding the rules of the game and associated bonus structures. When conducting this preliminary research on a site, you should also be checking to see that it is registered with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). This affiliation will be mentioned on the site, most likely at the bottom of the home page, and should also be referred to within the T&C’s. And as always, if you have any doubts, then move on to another site. One benefit of having so much choice is that you don’t have to take unnecessary risks or settle for an unregulated site.

Remember, any site that we refer to at Bingo Paradise will be fully licensed by the UKGC and as such will be legally permitted to accept UK players.

How slot games work

Before you start playing and better still,  before you even register your account, you must become familiar with exactly how the games on your chosen slot site work. Depending on your level of experience with slot sites, you may consider yourself to be a bit of an expert, but we think it can never hurt to go over the basics. While the games on slot sites may vary tremendously in style, some basic principles apply to slot games in general which you should be aware of.

Slot machines are based on the key concept of a Random Number Generator (RNG). This applies to the electronic slot machines in the casino as much as it does to those found on slot sites and relies on a pre-programmed computer algorithm to generate random numbers and associate those numbers to the visuals shown on the reel.

This algorithm is set up at the inception of the game and runs autonomously generating a random number without the need for any external input. That means that the moment you choose to hit spin, you’re hitting the random number generated for that moment, which would have been generated whether you hit spin or not. Complicated? Kind of.

Think of it this way – if you were playing a slot machine and walked away to take a break and someone else came over and hit the jackpot, that was all down to the random number generated by that algorithm based on the millisecond they hit spin rather than anything that you did prior.

Each spin is unique and does not in any way store memory of spins that have gone before. It might just feel like that sometimes!

How to increase your chances of winning at slots?

Many people ask us how to win at slots? Of course, given that we’ve established above that slot games are random, this is a silly question. Nonetheless, there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of winning at slots, above all else, you should be looking at the RTP.

RTP stands for Return To Player and is usually represented by a percentage which signifies how much of the money being spent on the site is then paid out in winnings. Obviously the higher the RTP, the better the odds of winning, and as part of the UKGC guidelines, all sites must publish this information. RTP’s are not site-wide, each slot game on a site will have its own percentage value.

If you’re looking for a game based upon the percentage of returns then try to get an RTP above 98%. It’s also important to use this information in a wider context but as a rule of thumb the higher the RTP on a game the better the chance you have of winning. Most sites will have two versions of RTP – the designed RTP which was the RTP intended when the game was launched, and the live RTP which is based on up to date figures from live play. Both of these figures will be available and should be taken into consideration when choosing a site.

Payment Methods Available

Just as the choice of casino games increases, so too does the range of payment methods available. We’ve explored some of the most common below:

Debit Cards
Debit cards are one of the most commonly used deposit methods at online casinos, they provide a quick and easy way of getting money from your bank account to your account at the casino.

As an alternative to using a debit card, you could use one of several online prepaid cards such as Skrill or Paysafecard.

Since April 2020, the UKGC banned the use of credit cards for online gambling. This long-overdue change is intended to help customers make more responsible choices when it comes to online gambling.

PayPal acts as a great link between your bank account and any online purchases that you make and can be used with most slot sites. With the increase in popularity of Google Pay and linked accounts, a large number of users are now comfortable using sites such as PayPal for the link between their online spending and their bank account.

Pay By Phone
Another popular method of topping up your slot account is to pay by phone. This involves using your mobile credit or pay as you go balance to add money to your account, and is confirmed by a text message to your number for security purposes. To facilitate this service, the online casinos work with intermediary parties such as Boku and Payforit, and can provide ease of use for customers looking to incorporate their spending with other regular monthly bills such as their phone bill. If you use this method, you should double-check to see if the casino puts a charge on these transactions.

Responsible Gambling

Here at Bingo Paradise, we want you to enjoy gambling for entertainment and that is why it’s so important to us that you stay safe online and make yourself fully aware of the responsible gambling guidelines.

The UKGC insist that all UK operators of slot sites follow certain rules to prevent money laundering and criminal activity, but they also lay down some very strict rules about how these sites should be protecting their customers from gambling harm too. These measures encourage and in some cases mandate operators to go to great lengths to ensure that underage or vulnerable people are not using their sites, and they also detail certain tools and resources that must be made available to you as the customer.

Some tools that you can use to keep your gambling under control include time-outs or even self-exclusion. A time out is a set timescale that you can request to be timed out from your account and online sites are obliged to comply with every request for any reasonable time period up to and including six weeks. If you feel like you need longer than six weeks or you need a more permanent measure then you can also request self-exclusion which involves the site closing your account and clearing your balance.

These tools are put in place to help you manage your funds and your online behaviour more responsibly so never be scared to ask for help in these areas if you think you may need it.

The Future of Slot Sites

Over the last few years, the UKGC has brought in several measures which could change the future of online slot games. These changes are being made to try and make gambling more regulated and less likely to cause problems for those who may have gambling addictions, but they can also impact your experience even if you are playing responsibly or just for fun.

In the future, we expect to see further changes, including the possible introduction of a stake limit of £2. This would mean that the maximum bet you can place will be £2, which is significantly less than the previous £100 limit but is in line with the limits for FOBT machines in betting shops and casinos.

Deposits will also be likely to come under further scrutiny and there may be tightened regulations around how much money you can add to your account, how much money you can play at once and possibly, how you access or use the site.

Here at Bingo Paradise we’ll keep you regularly updated with all of these relevant changes as they happen and we will also be bringing you news on more exciting updates to the industry such as the possibility of Virtual Reality (VR) gaming on slot sites. Technological advancements like these could potentially add a whole new dimension to your gaming experience, but for now, we’ll leave you to enjoy the games on your screens, as you’re used to them.

New Slot Sites - May 2024 FAQ

  • Do I need to give my card details when I join?

    Yes, sites are required to run an identity check, when you sign up so you will need to register your debit card in order for them to do this, even if you don't deposit.

  • Is it safe to play at New UK Slot Sites?

    As a UK player you should only ever play at slot sites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. By choosing an operator who has a license from the UKGC you are choosing a site that has to follow a plethora of rules which amongst other things, focus heavily on player security, safety and fairness.

  • How do I find new Slot Sites?

    At Bingo Paradise, we look for the newest sites, put them through their paces and add them to these pages, Check out the list above.

  • Do New Slot Sites offer welcome offers?

    Yes, most slot sites offer welcome offers for new players. Check out the reviews and offers above, to see the latest.

  • Are there any new Slot sites in 2023?

    Yes, we are constantly adding new sites to our roster. Some new editions on the site are Pub Casino and No Bonus Casino

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