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Early online casinos were marketed as giving you the chance to gamble in the comfort of your own home, and it’s still a slogan you’ll often hear in reference to Live Casinos. Then mobile casinos came around and it was all about “gambling on the go”, as there’s no better way to survive the drudgery of a long train journey than playing a few of your favourite slots.

Many players were convinced to make the switch from desktop to mobile gambling with casino bonuses, and it’s those bonuses, as well as the casinos that offer them, that we’ll look at here.

What Are Mobile Casinos?

A mobile casino is an online casino that you can join and play on your mobile device.

These casinos support smartphones, tablets, and phablets, and most of them cater to both Android and iOS.

But the term “mobile casino” goes a little deeper than that. After all, this is the 2020s. It has been 15 years since we marveled at the release of the first iPhone and over 5 years since mobile users outnumbered desktop ones. A mobile casino needs to go much further than simply accommodating mobile players.

What Makes a Good Mobile Phone Casino?

Most casinos support mobile users. The ones that don’t are probably so old and outdated that you shouldn’t go near them. These sites should be treated with the same suspicion as you treat a fast food restaurant that insists on taking cash and looks at you like you’re from Mars when you ask about vegetarian options.

A good mobile casino is one that actually tries to be different and creates a dedicated app or dynamic website, as opposed to simply creating a half-arsed copy.

When looking for the best mobile casinos and bingo sites, we take a few things into consideration, including:

Speed and Navigation

A good mobile casino is one that has been carefully and considerately adapted for mobile players. It should be fast, as there’s nothing more frustrating than waiting several seconds for pages to load or dealing with games that are constantly crashing.

Speed and navigation issues are commonplace on mobile casinos. Even the biggest and best sites have issues, especially during peak times or following major renovations.


A good mobile casino should be compatible with all popular mobile devices. And by “compatible” we don’t just mean that it works.

A few years ago, it was common to encounter “mobile casinos” that just directed you to the desktop site via your mobile browser. It meant that you had to zoom in and deal with constant misclicks and other frustrating elements. Thankfully, these casinos have mostly been resigned to the back pages of internet history, along with Myspace and MSN Messenger, but some operators still haven’t gotten the memo.

On our journey to find the best mobile casinos, we encountered scores of sites that looked like they had been put together by a novice web developer during their lunch break. Not only were they frustrating to use, but they seemed incompatible with popular browsers and devices, as well as the games they were hosting.

Unique Features

Is the mobile casino just a compact and streamlined copy of the desktop site or does it actually look, feel, and play like a unique creation?

Are there any exclusive mobile games? Does the site offer specific mobile casino bonuses? Can you collect additional loyalty points by playing mobile slots?

When mobile casinos first launched, they offered exclusive bonuses to attract players. These days, most players prefer these sites and don’t need to be convinced to play, but they still keep things interesting with exclusive features and offers.

Complete Mobile Support

What’s the point of a mobile casino that requires you to use a desktop every time you deposit or withdraw?

A good mobile casino is one that allows you to do everything you need using your mobile device. Thankfully, this is true for most casinos.

What are Mobile Casino Bonuses?

When mobile casinos first launched, operators did everything they could to convince players to make the switch from desktop to mobile. They spent a lot of money developing mobile apps and knew that more convenient gaming would lead to higher player numbers and greater profits.

Free spins and bonus credits were the incentives that these sites used to get more players through the door.

These bonuses were often small—usually no more than 10 or 20 spins—but they were easy to collect and offered favourable terms. Even today, many years after the mobile revolution, you can still find these tempting offers on a number of mobile casinos. After all, about a third of all casino gamers prefer to play on desktop, so there are still a lot of players to convert.

Mobile casinos also offer the same bonuses found on desktop casinos, including sign-up offers, no deposit bonuses, loyalty offers, and more. Here is a small selection of the types of bonuses you can find on these sites:

Mobile Deposit Casino Bonus

A mobile deposit bonus gives you bonus credits when you make a deposit. It’s the same bonus type that you can collect on desktop casinos and one that is also common on bingo sites and sports betting sites.

The difference is that these bonuses may require you to deposit through your mobile device.

Check the Terms and Conditions to determine whether or not this is the case.

You should also keep an eye out for the wagering requirements. Also known as a playthrough rate, this term states how many times you must wager your bonus before it can be withdrawn. It’s how the casino balances the odds and ensures that players don’t simply collect, win, and then walk away with the spoils.

Another important term is the minimum deposit. If you deposit below this amount, you won’t qualify and the bonus will pass you by.

Most of these bonuses are offered to new players only. If you make a first deposit and it doesn’t qualify, you’ll cease being a new player and will have missed your chance.

Mobile Slots No Deposit Bonus

As the name suggests, this bonus type is available without a deposit. Simply sign up, verify your account, and collect.

You’ll need to sign up via your mobile device and if you’re in the UK, you’ll also need to verify your ID and add a debit card. It sounds a little unnecessary and may even seem a bit scammy (“if they’re giving me free money, why do they need my debit card?”) but these requirements are imposed on them by the regulators.

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws require all online gambling sites to ascertain who their players are and to confirm their age, location, and whether or not there are any fraud risks or problem gambling issues.

Mobile Free Spins Bonus

A free spins mobile bonus gives you a bundle of free spins to use on specific casino slots. These spins are commonly used as mobile exclusives and in the early days, it was normal to see them being dished out as promotional offers for new mobile games.

When collecting mobile free spin bonuses, always check the cash out/win limits, as well as the value of each spin. These terms are rarely advertised openly but you can find them in the small print.

General Mobile Bonuses

In addition to the above, mobile players can also collect bonuses that offer free table game plays, free sports bets, free bingo tickets, and access to a loyalty program. The latter is actually one of the best types of bonuses you can find, as it rewards you every time you play and incentivizes loyalty, as opposed to just rewarding new players.

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