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National Bingo Week (June 24th to 30th 2024): Get Involved!


Author: P J
Published: 27/06/2024

This week is one of the biggest on the bingo calendar, and depending on when you read this, you could be learning about it in time for the biggest day on the bingo calendar. June 24 to 30 is National Bingo Week, and smack bang in the middle of this week, on Thursday June 27th, it’s National Bingo Day.

So, what does it all mean, and how can you get involved?

National Bingo Day

What is National Bingo Week and National Bingo Day?

National Bingo Week came about as a result of National Bingo Day. It was a way of prolonging a day that was devoted to bingo, one where land-based and online bingo operators run a series of promotions to create a buzz among members while attracting new players.

National Bingo Day falls on June 27th and got its start in the United States, where it seems they have a dedicated national day for everything, including National Bloody Mary Day and National Cream Puff Day. Sensing an opportunity, UK operators followed suit and began running National Bingo Day promotions. Initially, it wasn’t officially recognised, but that changed in 2021, and the day has been growing in size and importance ever since.

Promotions Available on National Bingo Week

Although National Bingo Day is the biggest day of National Bingo Week, there are promotions available from the 24th to the 30th. You will find these promotions online and offline, with some of the most notable including:

Mecca Bingo Clubs

Mecca kicked things off on Monday the 24th with Magic Monday, offering 6 free tickets to the Big Bingo Game for all players who bought tickets to participating games on Monday night. That promotion has come and gone, but there are others, including promotions tied to Deal or No Deal 75, and bingo prizes of up to £520 on National Bingo Day itself.

Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo is one of the highest-rated sites we have covered on Bingo Paradise, and that’s thanks in no small part to its many bingo promotions. This week, the site is offering 65% off tickets to its cash games. The promotion runs all week, so you have until the 30th to collect.

Buzz Bingo

On National Bingo Day, between 7 pm and 10 pm, Buzz Bingo is offering all winners a shot at a free scratch card. The “Scratch the Cash” card has prizes of between £5 and £50. To be in with a chance, you must win a full house prize in this three-hour time period while playing in the Live Bingo Room.


Every day up to the 27th, bet365 gives players a chance to win cash prizes of up to £1,000. To qualify, you just need to buy at least one 1p ticket in either the Space Odyssey or National Bingo Day room.

Summary: National Bingo Day Promotions

The above are just a handful of the promotions available on National Bingo Day and throughout National Bingo Week. There are free tickets, giveaways, cash prizes, and much more. Check with your favourite bingo site and see what they have to offer.

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