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Information about 5 Free Spins - No Deposit Required


Small Free Spin offers are fairly common in the online casino sector. They are either used to attract new players or to keep existing players happy.

All of the casinos above have 5 Free Spin offers. To learn more about them, just click the links, read the reviews, and see what’s what. Alternatively, you can click straight through to the casinos and collect those spins.

In the following guide, we’ll take a deeper dive into these promotions and tell you all about them.

What are 5 Free Spin Offers?

5 Free Spin offers are promotions that award players 5 spins when they complete certain actions. It’s a small amount, a far cry from the 50 Free Spins and big Matched Deposit bonuses offered elsewhere, but these bonuses still serve a purpose.

There are several occasions in which 5 Free Spin bonuses are typically offered:

No-Deposit 5 Free Spin Bonuses

No-deposit bonuses, as the name suggests, are given to players before they make a deposit. You just need to sign up and confirm your details, after which you can collect the bonus and start playing.

These bonuses are small, as the casino has a lot more to lose and the goal is to entice the player and not to provide them with everything they need. No-deposit bonuses come with a series of wagering requirements and they require all players to be verified.

If your details are not verified as soon as you sign up, you may need to submit a photo ID and a utility bill before taking the next step.

Welcome Package Bonuses

Although rare, these bonuses may be offered as part of a larger Welcome Package Bonus. This means that you’ll be given 5 Free Spins in addition to a Matched Deposit Bonus, Bingo Tickets, and other perks.

The reason they are rare is that these offers are used to attract new players and encourage big deposits. Most players don’t get excited about such a small offer. When Free Spins are added to package bonuses, there are often dozens or even hundreds of them available.

Slot Promotions

If a new slot has just been released and the developer wants more people to play it, they might offer Free Spins. These are then provided by the casino and are used to boost initial player numbers.

It’s like a launch party for the slot, and it serves as a simple but incredibly effective PR campaign.

Such promotions have been instrumental in popularising countless classic slots, including Book of Dead. The reason this slot seems to be everywhere right now is that the developers worked so hard to promote it during the early weeks and months of its release.

Loyalty Bonuses

If your chosen casino has a Loyalty Program, you might be able to collect small Free Spin bundles when you complete certain challenges. Free Spins could also be added to your account as a goodwill gesture, a way of thanking you for staying active and loyal.

Players tend to be very happy with any kind of freebie, especially when it’s given unprompted and without any requirements. Casinos are also happy to give away 5 Free Spins, knowing that such an offer won’t impact their bottom line. As a result, it’s the perfect gesture.

What are the Terms of these Bonuses?

5 Free Spin bonuses come with a series of terms and conditions. The exact terms vary based on the casino and the bonus, but they usually cover the following:

  • Slot Requirements: Those 5 Free Spins are probably limited to one or more slots. Very rarely do they apply to all of the casino’s slots. Check the terms and conditions for more information.
  • Wagering Requirements: The wagering requirement dictates how many times your Free Spin winnings must be wagered before they can be withdrawn. If the wagering requirement is 50x, for instance, then Free Spin winnings of £10 must be wagered to the tune of £500.
  • Deposit Requirement: If the bonus is offered as part of a no-deposit promotion, there will be no deposit requirements. If not, you may need to deposit a specific amount before the bonus is activated.
  • Deposit Method: Some casinos require you to use specific deposit methods before you can collect the bonus. Debit cards nearly always qualify, but the same can’t be said for web wallets/e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill.
  • Spin Value: Slots can be spun at a value of just a few pence all of the way to several hundred pounds. The value of the 5 Free Spins, therefore, is very important. Most are fixed at between £0.05 and £0.20 each, but you’ll find the exact amount in the terms and conditions.

When looking for these terms, don’t just glance at the headline and the small print underneath. Always look for the full Ts and Cs and give them a quick read. You don’t need to read every single line; a skim should suffice. Over time, you’ll learn what terms to look out for and can skim those terms for vital info in a matter of seconds.

Collect Your 5 Free Spins Now

Check out the casinos at the top of this page, all of which offer 5 Free Spins, along with other bonuses and promotions. If you need more information, click the links and read our extensive reviews.

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