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Information about No Deposit Bonuses - Updated May 2024


As we said above, this is one of the most visited pages on Bingo Paradise and it’s easy to see why… It’s brimming with a variety of casinos (and the odd bingo site) all touting their best no deposit bonuses.

At Bingo Paradise, in addition to providing you with the goods, in this case a list of the latest no deposit casino bonuses, we also like to inform. Below you’ll find information on the various types of no deposit bonuses and the intricacies of each.

Are there any ‘genuine’ no deposit bonuses at UK sites?

This is a question we hear often, particularly with regard to the UK gambling industry where in the past it’s fair to say that certain sites (which will remain unnamed) have employed what could be referred to as smoke and mirror tactics. Fortunately, in 2023, we can say with certainty that there are plenty of brands that are offering true free bonus deals which you can take advantage of without spending a penny.

What is a no deposit casino bonus?

Generally speaking, a no deposit bonus is a broad term, an umbrella term, if you will.

For the purposes of this page, it’s an offer type that gives something away for free as part of a welcome package, available to new players only. In a different context though, a no deposit bonus could also refer to a bonus awarded to existing players as a form of loyalty reward or incentive to encourage further play in the case of an inactive account (you’ve probably had such an email?).

On this page a deposit bonus can come in many different forms as we’ll describe below, however, to whet your appetite, think free (or extra) spins, bonus money and free bingo cards.

Generally speaking and as signified by the word ‘bonus’ you should expect, unless stated otherwise that any no deposit bonus offers will payout in bonus money, i.e. money that cannot be withdrawn until wagering requirements have been met.

No Deposit Bonuses – Things to look out for

Whenever you peruse the web for a new casino, you should always be on the look out for potential pitfalls. When we say pitfalls, we mean things that could take the initial shine off the free deal you thought you were getting, a little further down the line… say, when you’ve won a little bit of money from the no deposit bonus.

You know the saying, ‘If it looks too good to be true… It probably is’.  This adage may have been written by someone frustrated by a casino or bingo welcome offer. When choosing a new deal, a player may encounter a plethora of clauses which could feel like pitfalls, but the truth is, a little bit of self discipline, involving putting a little bit of time into being a savvy shopper can save a lot of disappointment. Think ‘Significant terms!’.

An astute player should be aware of significant terms. Thanks to the UK Gambling Commission, significant terms must be displayed clearly on a website next to the advertised offer. In real life, this works as follows:

  1. In big text you have a fantastic sounding welcome offer, it might say, ’50 Free Spins on Your Favourite Slot’.
  2. Underneath, you have some small text, known as ‘Significant terms’ which may somewhat take the shine off (1).

We’re not saying that no deposit bonuses are not worth snapping up, not by any means. Our point is simply that a player should make a point of getting to know the significant terms that apply to any offer that catches their fancy as this snippet of text will have been designed to reveal the ‘significant’ terms and caveats that apply to the deal. We’ll go into some of the typical terms that you’ll be likely to come across which apply to no deposit offers, a little further down this page.

Of course, for completeness we should state that players should also read the full T&Cs on a site before signing up, but in reality, we know in practice this probably isn’t going to happen, who spent half a day reading the terms after unboxing their iphone? Yeah, we thought not.

What’s lurking in the Significant Terms?

As we’ve told you already, the significant terms should be your first port of call after a no deposit bonus (or any other offer, for that matter), has caught your attention. Common terms you’ll find, which knowing about from the outset could later save you disappointment are:

-Maximum wins on free spins offers. It’s not uncommon to see no deposit spins offers that limit the amount that can be won per spin or overall in the case of a set number of free spins being awarded. Not so bad if you know the score before you get going, but potentially surprising if you jump in head first.

-Maximum bonus conversions. Another frequently seen little term that limits the amount of bonus proceeds that can be turned into real (withdraw-able) funds.

-Wagering requirements. This is a favourite amongst the UK casinos and one that you must learn about. In a nutshell, a wagering requirement, expressed as ‘Number x’ i.e. ’20 x’ means that any bonus you win must be wagered by 20 times in order for it to be converted into real (withdraw-able) funds. Certain sites boast ‘no wagering requirements’, but in reality, they’re still very common and can severely lessen your chances of walking away with a real money advantage from the no deposit casino bonus.

In addition to the above, there are dozens of other terms which will often be found in the significant terms. Do yourself a favour and be a savvy shopper! Take a moment to understand the significant terms and preferably the full terms and conditions too, BEFORE you sign up.

Different types of no deposit promotions (Welcome Offers):

Now for the exciting bit. In this section we spell out the most common types of free casino bonuses that you’re likely to see at the casino (and bingo sites). These are the welcome offers that the casinos have designed to try and entice you through their virtual doors and we’re kicking the list off with the No Deposit Free Spins offer!

– No Deposit Free Spins or Extra Spins

No Deposit free spins and ‘Extra’ spins are most often confused with each other but there is a distinct difference. The label ‘Free Spins’, technically, should be used only to refer to no deposit spins which payout in real money, i.e. money that counts towards your real money balance and can be withdrawn.

‘Extra’ spins on the other hand, are way more common and are the correct term to be used when referring to no deposit spins which payout in bonus funds, i.e. funds which don’t count towards your real money balance and cannot be withdrawn unless certain conditions (set by the site) are met.

-£5 No Deposit Bonus

A rare beast nowadays, but a £5 no deposit bonus will generally allow you £5 free, usually in non withdraw-able bonus money to be spent at the site in question. Such offers used to be prevalent in the UK until the government decided to introduce a tax on bonus money. Such offers are now as rare as rocking horse poop but we do have a few on our £5 bingo sites page.

-£10 No Deposit Bonus

Even more rare than their £10 No Deposit Bonus sister, it’s most likely that you won’ find such an offer on this page (although they do come up from time to time). Again, such an offer when presented as part of a welcome package will generally, unless stated otherwise, be paid in bonus money.

-£20 No Deposit Bonus

Super duper rare, the £20 No Deposit bonus will almost certainly be paid out in bonus money. Remember, bonus money is different to ‘real money’ in the sense that it generally cannot be withdrawn unless you’ve jumped through some hoops (withdrawal requirements) that are set by the site in question.

Keep What You Win Bonus Offers

Casinos and bingo brands don’t often advertise offers using this exact language but we’ve chosen to add it to our list because we know that people are searching for such offers. Generally speaking, the correct way of expressing such an offer is ‘no wagering requirements’.

‘Keep What You Win’ offers can refer to free spins, bonus money, free bingo tickets and probably many other offer types that we should also add to this list.

In 2023, there are a growing number of sites which offer no wagering requirements, PlayOjO , William Hill and MrQ spring to mind, but a Google search will bring you others – we should set up a list! When signing up to a site that advertises ‘No Wagering Requirements‘, do remember to read the significant terms and indeed the full terms and conditions, they’re still important!

No Deposit Bonuses - Updated May 2024 FAQ

  • What is a no deposit bonus?

    The term, ‘no deposit bonus’, could be used to refer to a range of offers which are available free to the player. Most often, any winnings will be paid out in non withdraw-able bonus money, unless stated otherwise.

  • Do sites still offer, £5, £10, £15 and £20 No Deposit Bonuses?

    Since the UK government introduced a tax on bonus money, such offers have become rare. However, to date there still remain a number of these deals to be snapped up.

  • Are there any genuine 'no deposit' offers?

    There are dozens of genuine no deposit offers to choose from for UK players. However, it’s important to pay close attention to the significant terms attached to such offers to avoid disappointment.

  • Is it possible to win money from no deposit offers?

    Most of the time no deposit offers will payout in bonus money. It’s important to remember that such funds generally cannot be withdrawn until wagering requirements have been met. There are however brands which offer no deposit offers which do not come with wagering requirements.

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