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Information about Pay by Phone Bingo Sites - List Updated May 2024


What is Pay by Mobile Bingo?

In a nutshell, Pay by Mobile bingo sites work by allowing you to make deposits to your account using your mobile phone, instead of making a deposit using, say, a debit card or an EWallet like Skrill. The amount you deposit is added to your next phone bill.

It’s an easy, secure and straightforward way to deposit funds, and with more pay by phone bingo sites available than ever before, you’ll find yourself inundated with sign-up offers and sites to choose from.

How does Pay by Mobile work?

Making Pay by Mobile deposits is relatively straightforward, and aside from an account at an online bingo site, a phone number is all you need. Once you’re ready to make a deposit, simply head to the “cashier” section, select how much you’d like to deposit and choose Pay by Mobile as your preferred payment option.

You will then be prompted to enter your phone number. Once you do, you should receive a confirmation SMS message, detailing the amount about to be deposited along with the name of the site. You will either then need to reply to this message to confirm, or enter the code it sends back on the bingo site. Once confirmed, your deposit will be available immediately and you can begin playing your favourite bingo games right away!

Note: In order to use Pay by Mobile, your phone contract needs to allow you to go outside of your regular plan’s costs. If you’re on pay-as-you-go, you’ll need to have sufficient credit to cover the size of the deposit you’re looking to make. Thankfully, most major networks in the UK support Pay by Mobile, including EE, Vodafone, O2 and 3.

The Advantages of Pay by Mobile

One of the biggest advantages of using Pay by Mobile is the simple fact that it’s easy. You don’t need to worry about remembering any passwords, debit card numbers or entering any banking information. With Pay by Mobile it’s simply a case of following a few on screen prompts and copying a confirmation number from your mobile phone to the account area of your bingo site.

Another benefit of using a Pay by Mobile service is that you don’t need to create an account. With Skrill and PayPal, for example, you need to actually have a physical account in order to use that payment option at bingo sites. Using Pay by Phone, is a one-click process, and you don’t need to register. It’s easy and hassle-free.

Naturally, due to the fact you don’t need to worry about creating or logging into an account, it’s usually incredibly fast to make deposits using Pay by Phone. Your mobile number is all that’s required in order to make a deposit, and, because of ths, it’s also a really secure way of funding your bingo account. There’s no bank accounts involved and, crucially, there’s no way for anyone to access your sensitive financial information.

We also often hear from players that they like the text confirmation being sent before the funds are added to their account. This allows you to see exactly how much is being deposited away from the bingo site’s screen. It also allows you to keep a record of all of your bingo deposits by simply reading back through your text messages.

It’s also completely free for you to use Pay by Mobile. You don’t pay any additional fees for using the payment method, so the amount you deposit is the amount you’ll see on your phone bill at the end of the month. Unfortunately though, whilst Pay by Mobile is fee free, some bingo operators will charge you money to deposit using the service – for this reason it’s best to check the terms and conditions before making your deposit.

The Disadvantages of Pay by Mobile

The biggest disadvantage of Pay by Mobile is the fact that the payment method doesn’t support withdrawals. This does mean you’ll need to register a separate payment method with the bingo site you’re playing with, and they’ll usually want it to be a UK bank account.

Another potential downside (depending on what type of player you are) is that the amount of money you can deposit is, usually, relatively low. There are always limits on the amount of money you can spend when using your mobile phone bill to make a purchase – and, depending on which network you’re with, this varies from between £10 and £30. While some networks will allow you to increase your limit, most operators tend to be relatively strict – so you should assume that £30 is the maximum you’ll be able to deposit each day using Pay by Mobile – still, this amount should be suitable for the majority of players.

The other disadvantage (while rare) is that you do need to have a phone signal to be able to use Pay by Mobile. That’s because a text confirmation is sent to your phone. So, if you live in an area without (or with poor) regular phone service, you may find you don’t receive the confirmation text in time, which would then time-out the deposit.

Different Ways to Pay by Mobile

When it comes to actually making a Pay by Mobile deposit, one of a few companies will be responsible for actually processing your payment. Below, we look at the most common Pay by Mobile providers:

Boku: Boku are widely regarded as being the industry leader when it comes to Pay by Mobile transactions, and they’re the largest carrier billing service on the planet, with infrastructure spanning across three continents. Boku is available at the vast majority of online bingo sites today, and it’s incredibly simple and straightforward to use.

PayForIt: PayForIt is another well-known Pay by Mobile provider, and it’s supported by many of the UK’s biggest phone networks, so it should suffice for the vast majority of players. PayForIt works in an identical manner to Boku; it’s just not quite as popular.

You may also find that certain bingo sites use other Pay by Mobile providers – including Zimpler. However, Boku and PayForIt are, by the far, the two most common names in Pay by Mobile payment processing, so it’s highly likely they’ll be the companies processing your deposit.

Is Pay by Mobile Safe?

The secure nature of Pay by Mobile deposits is one of the core reasons why it’s become such a popular choice for players at online bingo sites. When you make a deposit using Pay by Mobile you’re never entering any of your bank details, and you never need to provide your debit card information. In fact, the only information you do need to fill in is your phone number.

Not only does this prevent you from having to enter your sensitive financial data online, it also means that your card details aren’t stored at the online bingo site. It’s a highly safe and secure payment option and is well-suited for those concerned about financial security.

Other Payment Methods

If Pay by Mobile isn’t something you’re interested in using, or if your phone carrier doesn’t support it you’ll be pleased to learn that all the online bingo sites featured here at BingoParadise offer a number of other payment methods for you to take advantage of.

All of the sites we recommend will be able to take deposits by debit card, which simply requires you to input your card information like you would on any other website. Funds deposited using a card are credited to your bingo account immediately and there are no fees charged.

EWallets are also readily available, allowing you to quickly, easily and securely make deposits at the bingo site of your choice. An EWallet is like a digital bank – and good examples include PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. In order to use an EWallet, you’ll first need to create an account, and you’ll then need to fund it. You can do this by making a direct Bank Transfer or by paying with your debit card.

Once you have an active EWallet with funds inside, you then simply need to choose your preferred EWallet at the bingo site you’d like to deposit at, login to your account and approve the transaction. The funds will then be available to play with immediately.

There are other payment methods available too; Paysafecard is a voucher-based scheme which lets you pay cash in shops around the UK in return for a voucher. You then enter the code from this voucher online, and the funds are credited immediately to your account.

Some bingo sites will also allow you to make deposits by making a direct Bank Transfer. However, this may not be suitable for all players as there are often minimum deposit amounts specified as this method sometimes costs the bingo operator.

Pay by Phone Bingo Sites - List Updated May 2024 FAQ

  • How do Pay By Mobile bingo sites work?

    If a bingo site offers Pay By Mobile as a deposit option, it means that you are able to make a deposit (no withdrawals) using your mobile phone. Your deposits will be charged to your phone bill or your Pay as You Go balance.

  • Is Pay By Mobile secure?

    All Pay By Mobile solutions tend to work in the same way and as such, there are no banking details involved. Due to this fact, Pay By Mobile is widely considered to be a safe and secure way of making a deposit online.

  • What are the different Pay By Mobile services?

    There are various companies that offer Pay By Mobile technology, these include Boku, PayForIt and Zimpler. The payment process is more or less the same at each of these suppliers.

  • Which Bingo Sites support Pay By Mobile?

    There are a wide range of bingo sites that support Pay By Mobile as a deposit method and at Bingo Paradise, we list a wide selection of these brands.

  • What are the downsides to using Pay By Mobile?

    Pay By Mobile can only be used as a deposit method and cannot be used to withdraw funds. This means that an alternative payment method will have to be added in the event that a player wins money. For those that used Pay By Mobile for security reasons (to avoid entering banking information), this somewhat negates any benefit as alternative banking methods will need to be used.

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