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Information about Drops & Wins Casinos - List Updated May 2024


Click the links, read the reviews if you need more information, and check out one of the industry’s biggest promotions. If you’re new to Drops & Wins and need more info, read on.

What are Drops & Wins?

Drops & Wins is not a single promotion but a group of offers with a combined prize pool that extends into the tens of millions every year. The two main aspects of Drops & Wins are the Prize Drops and Tournaments:

Prize Drops

First, you have the Prize Drops, which is what most players think of when it comes to this promotion. These promotions have a daily prize pool of £35,000 with a single top prize of £2,500. There are 1,500 prizes every day, and this is true 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

To be in with a chance of winning, you just need to wager a minimum of £0.50 on participating Drops & Wins slots. Prizes trigger at random, much like a progressive jackpot. They don’t impact the RTP of the game and other than the increased minimum stake, there are no other requirements and nothing changes in the game itself. It’s just an added bonus—another chance to win.

Prize Drops are available on many Pragmatic Play slot machines, including a host of player favourites. This is the developer that gave us the Big Bass and John Hunter series after all, so they’re not short on quality slots.


Drops & Wins Tournaments are loaded with even bigger payouts than the Prize Drops, but they also require a little more effort. Tournaments are often fixed to single slots or a selection of slots. To qualify and collect points, you must play these games and wager a minimum of £0.50. Points are given based on your game activity, with one of the most common systems awarding points for in-game wins.

You don’t necessarily need to stake more to get more points. It’s usually about the win ratio, so someone betting £0.50 and winning £5 will get the same points as someone betting £100 and claiming £1,000. It can vary though and depends on the tournament rules and requirements. Check the terms and conditions to confirm before getting involved.

The tournaments run every week, with a total prize pool of £255,000 and a top prize of £25,000. As long as you finish in the top tournament places, you’ll win a prize. You can check your position at any time while the tournament is active, but bear in mind that this can change very quickly, especially as the tournament nears its end and players increase their activity to grab some more points.

All prizes are paid within 72 hours of the tournament’s completion.

How Does Drops & Wins Work?

Drops & Wins was created by Pragmatic Play for use across its games. Most of these games are slot machines, but you’ll also find it on live casino games available through the Pragmatic Play Live platform. As the operator expands its roster, it’s being added to more and more games and the prizes also seem to be growing.

It’s a lot of money, especially when you consider that it’s being provided by an operator that supplies the games and not a casino that takes the profits. But it seems to be paying off for Pragmatic Play, as it has helped this creator to become an industry leader, making its games household names and ensuring that it’s one of the first names on the list for new casinos building their games rooms.

Play Drops & Wins Now

Ready to play some Pragmatic Play games and see if you can get your hands on Prize Drops and Tournament winnings? Check out the sites listed on this page. Not only do they all have Pragmatic Play games and Drops & Wins promotions, but they also have welcome bonuses and scores of other promotions. Our reviewers have vetted them all, so if you need more info, feel free to check out our extensive reviews.

Drops & Wins Casinos - List Updated May 2024 FAQ

  • How do you play Drops & Wins Drops & Wins?

    For the tournaments, check the terms and conditions, paying close attention to points accumulation. Make sure you opt-in and wager the minimum amount, too. Beyond that, there’s not much else you need to know. You’ll collect tournament points when you play applicable games and these will determine your place on the leaderboard. As for Prize Drops, they happen randomly while you play qualifying slots.

  • Is there a trick to winning Drops & Wins?

    No, there’s nothing you can do to increase your odds of winning. As with most other things in this sector, it’s a game of chance. Just stake the minimum amount, play qualifying games, and see if you can scoop those wins. Of course, as always, remember to gamble responsibly!

  • Which developer runs Drops & Wins?

    Pragmatic Play are behind the Drops & Wins promotion. It’s a network promotion, so it’s limited to this developer and their games.

  • Which casinos have Drops & Wins?

    Many UK casinos run this promotion. If they host games from Pragmatic Play, there’s a good chance you’ll find Drops & Wins there. Get started by browsing through the casinos on this page, all of which have Drops & Wins. If you need more information on the sites, including their bonuses and games, read our reviews.

  • Is Drops & Wins just for slot machines?

    No, the promotion has also been extended to live casino games. Pragmatic Play has a growing number of these titles and is making a name for itself in the live casino sector, partly with help from Drops & Wins but mainly due to its quality live casino game show titles.

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