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Information about Bingo Sites No Wagering Requirements - July 2024


Wagering requirements are often dealbreakers for players. They can make a fantastic bonus look pretty abysmal, and they’ve caused endless frustration for players who don’t fully grasp how they work and expected to be able to keep what they win.

But there are bingo offers out there that don’t have wagering requirements. They’re rare, but they definitely exist, and we’ll tell you more about them in this guide.

What Are Wagering Requirements and Why Do Players Hate Them?

Wagering requirements are commonplace on gambling sites and while most players have accepted them, few actually like them.

In Alanis Morrissette’s vocabulary, they are “ironic”, by which I mean they are a minor inconvenience and have nothing to do with irony whatsoever.

Let’s take a standard bingo bonus as an example:

100% up to £100 with 500 Bingo Tickets (min £20)

This means that when you deposit at least £20, the site will give you an additional £20 in bonus credits (100% of £20 = £20) and an additional 500 tickets.

You can use those credits to take slot spins or play table games. The bingo tickets must be used to play bingo.

If you turn the £20 bonus credits into £50 and the 500 bingo tickets into £30, you now have £80.

But the casino isn’t in the business of giving away money (or rather the chance to make money), and that’s where wagering requirements come in.

To balance the odds, the casino requires that you wager that £80 a specific number of times, knowing that the more times you play, the more things will tip in their favour.

Eventually, you’ll lose the £80 and will have played enough games to have committed yourself. At that point, you’re more likely to make another deposit and to continue your journey with the site.

And there you have it—you got free money, you won, and yet the casino still comes out on top.

Of course, some players will still have funds when they meet those wagering requirements, but most will not, and casinos play the long game.

What Are No Wagering Bingo Sites?

After everything mentioned above, you might think that all bonuses have wagering requirements and that casinos would be insane to skip them.

But you’d be wrong, as there are bingo bonuses with no wagering requirements.

These bonuses are not as common as ones with wagering requirements, but they do exist, and we have linked a few of the best ones in this guide.

How do No Wagering Bingo Sites Work?

If there are no wagering requirements, how does the casino keep from losing money?

Well, it all depends on how these bonuses are structured and to whom they are offered.

There are several different types of no wagering bonuses offered by bingo sites:

Deposit Bonuses

A no wagering deposit bonus is one that’s typically offered to new players as a way of attracting them to the casino.

These bonuses are usually on the small side, typically limiting players to offers of no more than £20. They are enticing enough to draw those players in, but the limited size means the casino doesn’t give too much away.

And if you’re wondering how they can afford to make these offers, just think about all the money they’ll be saving on advertising! Marketing leads don’t come cheap in the online gambling industry and if giving away a £20 bonus can greatly reduce your cost-per-lead, it’s a smart choice.

Loyalty Bonuses

A loyalty bonus is the bingo site’s way of thanking you for your custom. If you’re depositing regularly you may find one of these offers in your inbox.

If you don’t deposit very often or haven’t deposited for a while, you’re more likely to be offered a sizeable bonus with a wagering requirement.

Promotional Offers

Wagering requirement bingo offers may appear as a way of celebrating a bingo site’s anniversary or the launch of a new game. It’s all about drumming up some publicity and getting more people talking about the site.

These offers are more common on slot sites, but they still appear on bingo sites every now and then.

Can I Withdraw a No Wagering Requirement Bonus?

The whole point of these bonuses is that you don’t need to meet any wagering requirements, and as these requirements are there to prevent withdrawals, you should be able to cash out whenever you want.

However, that doesn’t mean you can collect the bonus and then withdraw it straight to your bank. You must still use it to play some games, and there may be other restrictions as well. The exact terms will differ from site to site and bonus to bonus, so check them before you collect.

What Are Non-Sticky Deposit Bonuses?

Non-sticky bonuses do have wagering requirements, but they work a little differently from what you might be used to.

Typically, if you collect a deposit bonus, you’ll use your bonus funds first and every penny you win will be added to your real money balance. When you’ve finished with your bonus cash, you’ll move onto your real money bonus and that’s when the wagering requirements kick in.

With non-sticky bonuses, your real money balance is wagered before your bonus funds.

This sounds like a bad idea, but it’s actually beneficial, as most non-sticky bonuses can be cancelled before they are activated.

It means that if you win big, you can simply cancel your bonus, avoid the wagering requirements, and keep all of those funds in your real money account.

You won’t be forced to play games you don’t want to play or take risks you don’t want to take. More importantly, you can withdraw your money whenever you want.

If you don’t win anything and your real money wallet dwindles to nothing, simply collect the bonus and try again. You’ll have to meet wagering requirements, but these are no bigger or more demanding than they usually are.

Why Are No Wagering Bingo Sites So Rare?

No wagering requirement bingo bonuses are rare because they’re not as profitable or as reliable for bingo operators. It’s all about keeping the profits high and wagering requirements are one of the ways they do this.

Many bingo sites work on very small margins. They have advertising costs to consider, affiliates to pay, and RTPs to maintain. Contrary to what you might think, these sites are not ATMs and while they are profitable, those profits vary based on everything from seasonal changes to trends and luck.

Wagering requirements balance the odds and maintain profits. Once you take them away, you lose some of that reliability. That’s why no wagering requirement bingo offers and sites are rare.

The Best Bingo Sites With No Wagering Requirements

Bingo bonuses with no wagering requirements are rare, but you can find a few of the best ones here on Bingo Paradise. We keep an eye out for all of the best bonuses and post them as soon as we find them.

As an example of sites that regularly offer these bonuses, check out Play OJO. It’s a bingo site that likes to do things differently and is always pushing the boundaries. In the past, it has offered a number of no wagering requirement bonuses to both new and regular players, and you can learn more in our Play OJO review.

You may also find some of these offers on sites owned by 888 Holdings (including 888 Casino and 888Ladies). They also like to do things differently and are more generous than most when it comes to bingo bonuses and slot bonuses.

As for Jumpman Gaming sites, these offers are rare. You can grab a No Deposit Bonus on some Jumpman sites, but all winnings from this bonus are subject to wagering requirements and the same is true for money collected through the network’s Mega Reel/Mega Wheel/Loot Chest bonus.

Bingo Sites No Wagering Requirements - July 2024 FAQ

  • Are Bonuses with Wagering Requirements the Best?

    These bonuses certainly have their benefits, but they’re not necessarily the best ones. To make up for the lack of wagering requirements, they often have very small payouts and you could find yourself playing games you wouldn’t usually play.

  • What Other Bingo Offers Can I Collect?

    The best bingo sites offer deposit bonuses, free games/free tickets, loyalty bonuses, loyalty offers, and more. Some of these are offered alongside no wagering requirement bonuses while others are offered in place of them.

  • I Have a Problem, What Should I Do?

    If you have an issue with your no wagering requirements bonus, you should contact the bingo site’s support team. We do our best to source and list these bonuses and also update them as often as we can, but we are not connected with the bingo sites and casinos that we review (other than sometimes being affiliated with them) and can’t provide direct assistance regarding bonuses and accounts. If you can’t get an adequate response from the bingo site, consider going through the complaint procedure.

  • Are These Bonuses Just For Bingo Sites?

    Although there are a few no wagering requirement bonuses on bingo sites, they also exist on slot sites. For instance, many slot sites give customers bonuses but these funds basically serve as bonus credits without wagering requirements.

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