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Information about Best Live Casinos - UK 2024


The live casino sector has exploded in popularity over the last few years. It has left virtual table games in its wake and many players even prefer these games to slot machines. So, what are the best online live casinos available in the United Kingdom right now, and why are they so great?

Let’s take a look.

What are Live Casinos?

Live casino games are like a cross between the real table games found in your local casino and the virtual ones governed by random number generators that you can find online.

There are real dealers, real tables, and real games, but your participation is entirely virtual. You can remain in the comfort of your own home, as all of the content is streamed using HD cameras directly to your computer or device.

Cameras and sensors are used to detect the outcome of each wheel spin and card turn. That way, the system knows whether the player has won or lost, as well as how much money to pay them. It all happens seamlessly and means that players can enjoy what seems like a virtual game while interacting as if it were real.

What are the Best Live Casinos in the UK?

You have many great live casinos to choose from, all of which are hosted on this page. Click the links to visit the sign-up pages and collect the latest welcome bonuses. Alternatively, check out our extensive reviews, which are available for all of these casinos.

What is the Best Live Casino Software?

Evolution Gaming are the leading players in this industry. They are the biggest, best-known, and most innovative. You will find Evolution Gaming software on countless top online casinos, and it spans many top technologies and games, including live casino slots and the Lightning series, which blends slot mechanics with traditional table games.

What’s more, Evolution Gaming has acquired top slot developers like Red Tiger Gaming and NetEnt, giving it access to many big licenses.

Other major developers include the Playtech live casino platform, as well as Pragmatic Play Live.

What are the Best Live Casino Games?

There are scores of live casino games to explore. These usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Live Game Shows: You become the contestant in these live casino games. They are usually presented by one or two people and feature a large set piece, such as a wheel, table, or board. The players watch and then place bets based on the outcome. It’s a simple, fun, and communal way to play.
  • Live Table Games: The classic table games that you know and love, but with a live casino twist. You can watch the games as they unfold and place your bets accordingly. There are variations of blackjack, poker, baccarat, and countless others.
  • Live Slots: A relatively new addition to the space, live slots use existing slot machines adapted so that everyone can play and wager on the outcomes.

What Games Do Live Casinos Offer?

Some of the most popular games in this industry include Monopoly Live, Deal or No Deal Live, Lightning Roulette, Dream Catcher, and Crazy Time.

There are many more, though, and new ones are appearing all of the time. This is one of the hottest sectors in the online casino sector right now, so everyone is trying to earn their share. New games are being released all of the time and they seem to be getting bigger and better while exploring new themes and technologies.

How to Win at Live Casinos

As with most casino games, live casino games are largely luck-based, so there’s nothing you can do to guarantee success. What you can do, however, is learn the rules and make sure you know how the games work.

That way, while you won’t win every game, you can avoid costly mistakes that result in heavy losses.

One of the most important things to remember is that you don’t need to play just because you have taken a seat. So, if you’re new, just sit out a few hands, watch others play, and join in when you’re confident of how things work and know what you need to do.

Setting up a bankroll can help as well. Create a budget based on your income. It should be an amount that you can afford to lose and you should never exceed it. Deposit limits help to ensure you stick to this budget.

Play the Best Live Casino Games

Ready to play some live casino games? Then check out the sites on this page. They include some of the UK’s best online casinos, all of which explore a variety of live dealer games from top creators like Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, and more.

Sign up now to try them for yourself.

Best Live Casinos - UK 2024 FAQ

  • Are Live Casinos Safe?

    Yes, all live casinos in the UK are regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, They are also backed by state-of-the-art encryption technology to guarantee the security of every game.

  • Are Live Casinos Fair?

    Live casino games are very fair. Unlike virtual table games, they are not governed by random number generators that need to be certified and audited. Everything happens for real and in real time. You know that the roulette wheel spin is fair because you can watch it spin; you know the blackjack deals are fair as you can see the cards being shuffled and dealt.

  • Can I Play UK Live Casinos on my Mobile?

    All of the best live casinos in the UK are mobile-friendly, as developers like Evolution Gaming, Playtech, and Pragmatic Play Live ensure that this is the case. They develop their games with mobile platforms in mind, as most modern gamblers use their devices to play.

  • Can I Play Live Casinos Offline?

    No. You need to be connected to the internet to play live casino games. It’s also important to make sure the connection is secure. Avoid unsecured public Wi-Fi.

  • Do I Need to Download Anything to Play Live Casinos?

    Most live casino software is instant play, so it works through your web browser or mobile browser and you don’t need to download anything.

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