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Information about Up To 1000% Deposit Bonus Match - Jumpman Gaming


Bonus Matchup Wheel In the world of online bingo (and slots), Jumpman Gaming wears the crown for the invention of the wheel. Ever since their debut in 2012, with the likes of ShowReel bingo, their sites have offered a wheel of some description.

Over nearly a decade, several wheels have come and gone, and in 2022, Jumpman Gaming launched the deposit match wheel, or ‘Bonus Matchup Wheel’ as it was officially named. Thus far, this new wheel has been rolled out to only a few brands.

On this page, we’ll take a look at what the new deposit match bonus wheel offers and we’ll discuss the significant terms and conditions that it comes with.

What prizes are available on the ‘Bonus Matchup Wheel’?

Setting itself apart from other Jumpman wheels past and present, the deposit match bonus deals system offers only percentage-based deposit bonuses (in addition to ‘Unlucky’ and ‘Spin Again’ segments), so this time around there are no amazon vouchers or bingo tickets available.

In total the wheel consists of 9 different segments, we’ve taken a look at each of them below, spelling out what you’d get for either the minimum (£10) or (£100) deposit:

1000% Deposit Match bonus

£10 deposit = £100 in bonus funds

£100 deposit = £1,000 in bonus funds

500% Deposit Match Bonus

£10 deposit = £50 in bonus funds

£100 deposit = £500 in bonus funds

300% Deposit Match Bonus

£10 deposit = £30 in bonus funds

£100 deposit = £300 in bonus funds

200% Deposit Match Bonus

£10 deposit = £20 in bonus funds

£100 deposit = £200 in bonus funds

100% Deposit Match Bonus

£10 deposit = £10 in bonus funds

£100 deposit = £100 in bonus funds


You walk away with no deposit bonus!

Spin Again

You are entitled to another spin of the wheel

Is it good value?

Obviously, it depends on which segment you end up landing on. The maximum prize of a 1000% deposit bonus is pretty incredible. However, those who hit 100% or worse still, ‘Unlucky’ probably won’t be too grateful.

When considering the value of this deal, it’s also important to remember that significant terms and conditions do apply (including wagering requirements do apply), skip down the page a little for this section of our write-up.

Significant Terms

As with just about every offer available, the Bonus Matchup Wheel comes with its own set of significant terms and conditions. We’ve set them out below along with a brief explanation of what each means. Remember though, significant terms are only the terms that the operator thinks are the most important for you to know about. Therefore, we always recommend that before signing up you go through the full terms and conditions available on site.

-New Players Only

As expected, this welcome offer can only be claimed by new players.

Hint: If you really like the offer and want a second try, don’t create a second account at the same brand (this is against the T&Cs at Jumpman sites). Instead, simply choose a different brand from the list above and create a new account.

-£10 Minimum Fund

New players are going to need to make a deposit of £10 or more in order to qualify for a spin of the deposit match wheel.

-£2,000 Max Bonus

If your first-time deposit is £200 and you hit the 2000% segment, you’ll walk away with the maximum possible bonus amount of £2,000. We don’t know the probabilities involved, but we’re guessing this result isn’t so likely!

-Max Bonus Conversion

The maximum bonus conversion is equal to the lifetime deposits that you’ve made at the site (up to £250). In other words, the maximum amount you can convert from bonus funds into real money (withdrawable funds) cannot be greater than the total amount of deposits you’ve made, or in any event, greater than £250.

-65 x Wagering Requirements

This means that in order to convert your bonus funds into real money, you’ll have to wager them 65 times. Wagering requirements are a bit of a bind and can detract from the value of the deal.

Our Verdict

Generally speaking, Bingo Paradise rates Jumpman Gaming sites quite highly and finds that they tend to come up with innovative welcome packages.

Their latest reinvention of the wheel is a good example of a well-known concept (the deposit match bonus) being introduced to a spinning wheel.

In a time when Jumpman is offering many free spins offers it’s interesting to see this huge operator launch a new deposit-based offer.

Unlike free spins no deposit deals, this offer probably won’t appeal to those who want something for nothing. Instead, Jumpman must be hoping to appeal to a player base who are willing to roll up their sleeves, deposit, and try their luck.

For such players, we think that the Bonus Matchup Wheel has the potential to offer good value.

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