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Information about Gamesys Sites - Offers Updated in July 2024


Gamesys LogoGamesys is a major iGaming company that launched back in 2001 and has had a sizeable impact on the online gambling industry. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange until 2021 when it was acquired by Bally’s Corporation, and it has a hand in running several top online casinos and bingo sites.

You may not recognize the Gamesys name, but if you have been around the online gambling sector for a long time, you will have almost certainly played this brand’s casinos.

Who are Gamesys?

The iGaming industry is rife with mergers, acquisitions, and name changes. Gamesys is not as bad as others, but it has certainly undergone some major changes over the years.

It was founded by Noel Hayden, Andrew Dixon, and Robin Tombs in 2001. The three founders worked with a team of software developers to realise their goals.

In 2013, Gamesys acquired Virgin Games and two years later, it sold the popular Jackpotjoy site for over £425 million. The brand was part of a merger in 2019 that saw it become the Gamesys Group and put Jackpotjoy back under the Gamesys banner. In 2021, it was acquired by Bally’s Corporation for $2.7 billion.

Bally’s Corporation is a major US gambling brand that owns 14 casinos in 10 different states. It has also been extending its reach into the online gambling sector and Gamesys is a big part of that.

Advantages of Using Gamesys Sites

There are a few things that help to set Gamesys apart from other top operators. If you spend some time browsing the brand’s sites, you’ll pick up on a few of these things:

License Deals

License deals are very important in the online gambling industry. Developers use them to draw more attention to their slots, and that’s why some of the biggest titles in the industry are based on films, TV shows, and video games, including Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters, Vikings, and The Goonies.

Gamesys understands this and has gone all-out to create recognisable online casinos. Rainbow Riches Casino is a great example, as it’s fully licensed by Barcrest to use the Rainbow Riches name and branding. Megaways Casino is another. Megaways is one of the most popular gaming mechanics in the online gambling industry and Gamesys acquired the rights to run an entire online casino using this trademark.

Casual Player Focus

Gamesys seemingly focuses more on casual players than high rollers, as evidenced by their use of widely known licenses and low stake casino bonuses.

Most Gamesys casino bonuses offer bundles of free spins and deposit bonuses with very low minimum requirements. They are unlikely to appeal to bigger spenders, but they are perfect for gamblers depositing £10 or £20 at a time and playing on a very occasional basis.

This focus on casual gamers allows Gamesys to target the bulk of the online gambling community. It’s not great news for the bigger spenders, but the sites still have high maximum limits so if you’re not too bothered about the bonuses, Gamesys casinos are worthy of your time and money.

Mobile Support

Although mobile support is definitely not unique to Gamesys, it’s still a notable feature. All of the operator’s sites are 100% mobile-friendly and there is support for a range of platforms and browsers. The sites look, feel, and sound great on mobile.

Mobile is definitely the way to go with Gamesys casinos, but they are also supported on desktop if you prefer to gamble the old-fashioned way. In fact, most of our Gamesys reviews were conducted primarily using desktops, so be sure to check them out if you want more information.

What are the Best Gamesys Casinos?

Rainbow Riches Casino is owned by Gamesys Operations Limited and is probably one of the best casinos operated by this brand. The game after which it is named was launched way back in 2008, becoming one of the most popular slots in the industry. The casino hit the market 11 years later.

In 2023, we have seen a huge push for Rainbow Riches Casino as Gamesys seemingly tries to turn it into a flagship brand. In the early days, advertising was limited to affiliates and a few banners. In 2022, it launched a major TV ad campaign. If you spend any time watching gaming content on YouTube or sports content on TV, there’s a good chance you’ve seen these ads for yourself.

The casino has also improved over the years, and that’s always good to see. Some operators have a tendency to stick with the familiar. They launch a site, fill it with games, and then forget about it. More often than not, they just move on to the next project leaving the other one to gather dust like the electric guitar you bought on a whim and then promptly ignored.

Gamesys seem to actually make an effort, striving to keep their sites active and updated. Rainbow Riches Casino is a prime example of this, but there are others. All of the sites listed on this page are part of the Gamesys brand and we recommend checking them out.

How Big are Gamesys?

As you might have guessed from the £2 billion+ acquisition, Gamesys are a pretty huge iGaming brand! They are far from the biggest, as the likes of Entain are responsible for Ladbrokes, Coral, Gala, and other brands while Flutter Entertainment own Betfair, Paddy Power, and more. But Gamesys are certainly up there. They are a big player in a game of giants.

The great thing about the iGaming industry is that while there are lots of big brands taking more than their fair share of the market (888 Holdings, Entain, Flutter Entertainment, the Mansion Group, Gamesys), there are just as many smaller and up-and-coming brands enjoying success, including the likes of InTouch Games.

It’s an industry that opens its doors to everyone who is ambitious or innovative enough to make a mark. In that sense, it’s a lot like the video gaming industry, in that has its fair share of monopolies but also lets lesser-known developers thrive.

Summary: Play Gamesys Casinos Now

Are you ready to explore some top Gamesys sites? If so, you’re in the right place—all of the sites on this page are owned by Gamesys and you can play them in the United Kingdom.

Click the links, check them out, and grab whatever bonuses are currently available. If you need more information, we have honest and transparent reviews on all of them, delving into everything from the aesthetics and customer support to the games, bonuses, and more.

If these Gamesys casinos are not quite what you’re looking for, be sure to check out our guide to LC International, better known as Ladbrokes Coral.

Gamesys Sites - Offers Updated in July 2024 FAQ

  • Where is Gamesys Based?

    The Gamesys headquarters are in Gibraltar, a popular location for leading UK gambling brands.

  • Is Gamesys Licensed?

    Yes, Gamesys are licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission under account number 38902. Their licenses were granted back in November 2014 and include Bingo, Casino, and General Betting.

  • Can I Play Gamesys Sites in the UK?

    Of course! As noted above, Gamesys are owned by a major US brand these days, but they are licensed in the United Kingdom, where you will also find most Gamesys players. They have a large presence in the UK and will likely continue to operate in this country for the foreseeable future.

  • Can I Play Gamesys Casinos on Mobile?

    As with all major casino brands, Gamesys casinos are available on mobile. They support both iOS and Android platforms. You can still play on desktop though, so don’t worry if you’re not much of a mobile gambler.

  • What is the Best Gamesys Site?

    There are a lot of great sites that carry the Gamesys name and you can find a large number here on Bingo Paradise. Rainbow Riches Casino is up there as one of the best Gamesys casinos. It focuses on the colourful Irish-themed slot of the same name and goes all-out to create an experience that fans of this slot will enjoy. There are only so many Rainbow Riches slots and variants in the world, but still, if you like this game then you’ll love the casino.

  • Is Heart Bingo Owned by Gamesys?

    Some sites still list Heart Bingo as a Gamesys brand, but it was actually acquired by the BetVictor corporation in 2021. In the same year, BetVictor relaunched Heart Bingo, giving it a fresh lick of paint and adding some uniquely BV touches. It even signed a deal with Olly Murs as part of that relaunch because if anything screams “online bingo” it’s a singer/presenter with no connection to gambling or gaming whatever. There are still lots of other Gamesys gambling sites out there, but Heart Bingo is not one of them.

  • How Big is Gamesys?

    In 2020, Gamesys had revenue in excess of £720 million, over £90 million of which is operating income. However, the brand has since been acquired by Bally’s Corporation and has undergone several major changes, so those figures are likely to have changed.

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