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Sick of waiting around to receive your winnings? You’re not alone. Slow withdrawals are one of the biggest complaints in the online casino and betting industry, and it’s also something that you’ll find on countless “con” lists in our own casino reviews.

If you win a bet in a traditional bookmakers, you can swap your slip for a handful of cash. In a land-based casino, just head to the cashier and cash out. But at many online betting sites and casinos, you’re forced to wait several days.

Thankfully, however, there are a number of online casino sites that offer very fast payout.

You can see the best of these sites listed on this page. Still have a few questions? Keep reading.

What are Fast Payout Casinos?

The name pretty much gives the game away—fast withdrawal casinos are casinos that process withdrawals very quickly

That might not sound like a big deal now, but wait until you land a big win, make a withdrawal, and are then asked to wait for 3 days before your funds are processed, along with a further wait of 1 to 5 days for them to appear in your account.

You’ll soon understand why this feature is so sought-after and why it’s one of the main things we highlight in our reviews.

How Do Fast Payout Casinos Work?

There are two elements to a fast payout.

The first is the pending period, which refers to the length of time that it takes a casino to actually process a withdrawal.

The moment you click “Cash Out”, your payment will be sent for checks. That’s the idea, anyway. In truth, checks are usually completed automatically and instantly and we personally don’t feel like a wait is necessary.

After all, it’s not part of the UK Gambling Commission’s guidelines, and if it were, everyone would be doing it and not just a fraction of casinos.

The second part of the process is the speed of the payments themselves.

Web wallets like PayPal are instant, and if Faster Payments are used, debit card transactions should also be instant.

As an example, sites like bet365 process debit card payments just as quickly as PayPal ones these days. That never used to be the case, but now, your funds will land in your account within seconds of clicking “Withdraw”.

Why Do Some Casinos Have Long Pending Periods?

In the past, cynical players argued that prolonged pending periods were designed to keep players waiting and keep the “Reverse Withdrawal” option open. The longer this feature was offered, the more likely it was to be accepted, at which point there was a higher chance of players losing their winnings.

These days, reversals are not allowed, and as players greatly appreciate rapid withdrawals, there is really no benefit to casinos waiting around.

It’s likely that the casinos lagging behind just haven’t updated their systems to facilitate fast payout.

What Payment Methods Offer Fast Withdrawals?

Web wallets are traditionally the fastest option, as they can process withdrawals with a click. Examples of web wallets include PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.

Not only are these payment options very quick, but they are also great for bankrolling. You can add your monthly bankroll to your chosen web wallet and then use it to deposit into as many casinos, sportsbooks, and poker sites as you want. If you win and withdraw, you’ll be boosting your bankroll and can then withdraw to your bank as needed.

If the Faster Payments scheme is used—the same one that lets you send instant bank transfers to friends—then debit cards and even bank transfers should be quick/instant as well.

Debit cards are still the most popular payment option in the United Kingdom, so this method will no doubt be preferred by the majority of players. Generally, however, web wallets are quicker and not all casinos use Faster Payments.

Do all Casinos Offer this Feature?

No. Unfortunately, not all casinos offer fast payouts. It is becoming more common though as players are now demanding this feature and becoming less tolerant of sites that take several days to process payments.

Play at the Best Fast Payout Casinos Now

If withdrawal speed is important to you, try the casinos on this page. All of them offer very quick withdrawals, and that should be true regardless of the payment method that you use. And remember, these sites also offer welcome bonuses and an array of loyalty promotions, games, and features—check out our casino reviews to learn more.

Online Casinos With Fast Payout - Quick Withdrawals FAQ

  • What Payment Options are Best for Fast Payouts?

    You should be able to use debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. All of these can be instant (or very quick) withdrawal methods.

  • Can I Use Credit Cards on These Sites?

    No, credit card gambling is no longer legal in the United Kingdom. It was banned in 2020 as it was thought to cause problem gambling. There are technically still forms of credit gambling available though, including Pay By Mobile, which adds the deposit amount to your phone bill.

  • Can I Reverse a Withdrawal?

    It is no longer possible to reverse withdrawals in the United Kingdom. Even if it was possible, you wouldn’t be able to do it on an instant withdrawal casino. As soon as those funds have been processed, there’s no stopping them.

  • How Fast are Payments on Fast Payout Casinos?

    They can be just about instant! But it depends on the method that you use. Some may take a few minutes; others may take hours. However, if it’s a true instant withdrawal casino, and your bank processes Faster Payments, the money should be in your account instantly or very, very quickly, to say the least.

  • What Should I Do if a fast payout withdrawal is Not Appearing?

    If you have processed a withdrawal and it’s not appearing, you should contact the casino. If it was a debit card withdrawal, however, just give it a few hours or wait until the next working day. It might just take a little longer for payments to appear in your account, and that could be the fault of your bank and not your chosen casino.

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