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Information about Bingo Sites with Fluffy Favourites Slot - Updated May 2024


There probably isn’t a better known slot game than Fluffy Favourites, it’s a title that almost every bingo and slots player will be aware of and due to its popularity amongst players, it’s often offered up as a welcome offer at many bingo and casino sites.

Just as a good movie has sequels, Fluffy Favourites has other spin-offs too, these are Fluffy Too, Fluffy Fairground and Fluffy In Space as well as a version of the original game with a jackpot, there will be more one each of these later.

Quite why the fluffy games have become such a blockbuster hit is something of a mystery, but it seems the combination of (problematically) cute cuddly toys and bonus rounds are key ingredients for a big hit.

Fluffy Favourites is the brainchild of Eyecon, a now well-known slot game developer based in the sunny Australian city of Brisbane. This impressive software house has been producing games since 1997 and in that time has turned out a number of smash hits such as Shamans Dream and Sugar Train, it’s fair to say though, that nothing has come close to the dizzy heights they reached with fluffy.

The Game in Detail

On the face of it, there’s only really so much one slot game can do to differentiate itself from the next and on paper, Fluffy Favourites offers a very similar experience to probably hundreds of other games.

On closer inspection, one theory behind Fluffy’s success is in the use of the graphics and bonus rounds. Fluffy Favourites boasts what is probably the most famous characters ever to grace a slot game, it is of course the selection of cartoon cuddly toys that we’re talking about.

There are probably few bingo and slot players who wouldn’t recognise the Fluffy giraffes and every player knows that a screen full of elephants or an appearance of the grabber claw leads to good things. In this way, it could well be argued that the simplicity of the slot game has helped it attain enduring popularity.

A different theory could be the selection of bonus rounds. Fluffy Favourites has a very well thought through bonus round which as we briefly mentioned above is triggered by landing a number of arcade-style grabber claws. The mere sight of the grabber claw is enough to excite anyone who is acquainted with the game, we’ll get into detail about what the elephants and grabber claws mean in our next section.

Composition of the game

Fluffy Favourites is made up of 25 pay lines, of which you can bet on as many as you like. The game accepts bets starting at just 1p ranging all the way through to £12.50, as such this is a game that suits players on all different budgets.

As we mentioned previously, the most coveted of the symbols is the pink elephant. This particularly adorable little animal is a wild symbol that substitutes for all other symbols apart from the claw. If you’re lucky enough to land an elephant that forms part of a winning line your winnings will be doubled and to top it off, you’ll be treated to a little animation that makes the elephant dance as rainbows pass through the background.

In terms of elephants, it really is a case of the more the better with a minimum of 3 elephants appearing anywhere on screen being required to trigger a free spins round. The ratio of elephant:free spins, is as follows:

3 Elephants: 15 Free Spins
4 Elephants: 20 Free Spins
5 Elephants: 25 Free Spins

Whilst the free spins are playing it’s possible to land even more elephants. Again, three or more will bag you free spins, in this case causing your free spins round to be extended. Remember, any winnings during a free spins round will be trebled making this a very rewarding bonus round if you are lucky enough to trigger it.

Coming in second place in terms of the most sought after symbol is the arcade-style grabber claw. This little claw is the gateway to the ‘toy box’, a bonus round that works on a select and reveal basis (purely random, of course).

Once the toy box round is activated you will be invited to ‘select’ (your input makes no difference to the outcome) a toy that the grabber will descend on, just as it does in the arcade. The toy will award a prize of up to 100x the triggering bet which as you can imagine, can lead to some sizeable wins.

Different Versions of Fluffy Favourites

Fairly soon after launch, Eyecon must have realised that either down to careful planning or fluke, their brainchild was on track to becoming a runaway success. As such, they followed the money and churned out a number of sequels each giving players more chances to come vis a vis with their favourite cuddly toys.

We’ve set out below the different versions of Fluffy Favourites with the original known as, ‘Fluffy Favourites’ taking centre stage:

Fluffy Favourites (Version 1)
This is where it all started. The original game which we’ve described in detail in this article. Just about everyone who has ever logged into an online casino or anyone who has ever played side games whilst in an online bingo room will be aware of this title.

Version 1 does not have a progressive jackpot.

Fluffy Favourites (Version 2)
Identical to ‘Version 1’ except for this release has a progressive jackpot. The progressive version is less often seen and many of the major casino sites do not offer it in their collection.

The progressive jackpot game features three different jackpots – the mini, maxi and mega, all of which payout at random during play.

Each of Fluffy’s progressive jackpots has a preset maximum and are set to payout before that amount is exceeded.

Once a jackpot has been won, the jackpot will reset using a varying seed amount, this means there will always be a jackpot amount that will be appealing to players even after someone comes along and scoops the grand prize.

As with all progressive jackpots, the jackpot is funded by player stakes meaning that every time you wager, you will be contributing towards the growing fund. Many well-known jackpot games are linked together, meaning that players accessing the game through potentially dozens of sites are contributing to the same jackpot – this is NOT the case with Fluffy Favourites jackpots where each instance of the game has its own three individual jackpots.

The controversy surrounding Fluffy Favourites

Despite the enormous popularity of Fluffy Favourites in recent years the game has come up against a fair amount of criticism. Critics, which include, importantly, the UK Gambling Commission object to the use of the fluffy characters which are at the heart of the game on the grounds that they could potentially be appealing to children.

Fluffy Favourites is not the only game to come under fire due to being deemed to be appealing to children, other games affected tend to also feature characters or icons which could be of interest to children and games which are based on fairytales have rightly copped a lot of attention.

In an effort to ensure socially responsible gambling and to avoid breaking the rules set out by the UKGC and advertising authorities, casinos and bingo sites will now avoid displaying games such as Fluffy Favourites to players before they’ve been age verified. In practice, this means that the games will only appear to players who have logged (a process that involves age verification). At Bingo Paradise, we’ve opted to avoid showing any of the Fluffy Favourites imagery.

Bingo Sites with Fluffy Favourites Slot - Updated May 2024 FAQ

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