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Information about Paypal Casinos - UK Sites That Accept Paypal - May 2024


Paypal is one of the big names when it comes to modern, internet businesses. The household name holds a lot of trust which has been building since 1998 when the company launched.

It’s only relatively recently that Paypal has become a method for making deposits on slots and bingo sites. For operators, making Paypal available to players offers credibility to their site, whilst for players it brings convenience and security. A very good pairing.

Paypal – A Quick History

As we said above, Paypal was founded in 1998, making this giant one of the businesses to benefit most dramatically from the dot com boom.

Paypal Holdings, Inc. is a mega multinational American business and the Paypal platform is an online payments platform that accommodates just about every currency on the planet. The Paypal platform and other similar payment processors have become known as digital wallets, replacing the need to enter card details, thus enhancing security and facilitating smooth, and convenient transactions which can be tracked and managed from inside just one account.

To give you an idea of just how successful Paypal has become, consider the fact that the platform now has 392 million active users and that during the year of 2020, Paypal had facilitated 15.4 billion transactions! (source). We wonder how many of these were on paypal casinos?

Why play Paypal slots?

Choosing to make a deposit at a bingo or casino site that offers Paypal as a deposit method should primarily bring a good level of convenience to players. Assuming you’re one of 392 million who maintain an active account that’s linked to your bank details, making a deposit at your chosen slots or bingo site should be as simple as selecting Paypal from the deposit options and hitting ‘deposit’.

Many players seek paypal casinos because they perceive this as being safe deposit method. On this subject, we would state that as long as the website you’re using is licensed by the UKGC, your banking details should be safe regardless of the payment method you use. All sites that we list on Bingo Paradise are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and as such, you can be assured that a plethora of security features are in place to protect your deposit.

However, given that by using Paypal, you’ll never provide the merchant (the website) with your card details, there is an argument that this option is inherently safer on the basis that one less company holding your banking deals is one less company to mess things up!

Is Paypal legal as a gambling deposit method?

In short, for UK players who opt to play at UKGC licensed websites the answer is ‘yes’. Without getting into the complexities, the answer to the question has to do with jurisdiction. If you are UK based and conduct simple checks to verify that your chosen site is licensed by the UKGC, you don’t need to worry about this point.

Bingo Paradise and other UK portals are very helpful when it comes to finding trustworthy sites – we only list brands that hold a license from the gambling commission.

Paypal Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

In 2020, most casinos and bingo websites reigned in their deposit limits due to pressure from the government and the gambling commission. In 2023, it’s typical to find that websites limit deposit levels to somewhere up to £1,000 month. These limits vary and there are sites which limit players to less and some that accept greater amounts.

Generally speaking, Paypal will allow deposits of £1,000 or more, so realistically, restrictions to the amount you spend are more likely to be imposed by the site you’re playing at than the Paypal platform.

In terms of withdrawals, limits will generally be imposed by the site, but its unusual for these limits to be under £10,000. If you do happen to be super lucky and wish to withdraw a greater amount than £10,000, it could be worth speaking to the support team to inform them that you wish to make a full and complete balance withdrawal.

Paypal charge fairly hefty fees to bingo and slot sites and whilst on the face of it this isn’t really your concern, operators do tend to pass on the fees by way of enforcing payment method specific deposit limits. Quite frequently you’ll find that to use Paypal you must make a deposit of £10 or even £20 whilst at the same site, it could be possible to deposit as little as £5 using a debit card.

Steps to using Paypal Casinos

For most players, the process will be self explanatory, but if you’ve never made a deposit before using Paypal, you may find this overview useful.

The steps assume you’ve already registered an account with Paypal, if this isn’t the case, you’ll need to sign up – a process which will require an email address, a mobile phone number, your address and banking details. It’ll also be a good idea to setup a strong password!

  1. Register at a site that accepts Paypal

As it happens, if you’re looking for paypal casinos, you’re in the right place. Our list above features top offers available to UK players – all of our sites are fully licensed.

If you’re not going to be selecting from our list, it’s well worth your time to look for a page on your chosen site titled ‘Deposit Methods’ or similar. Failing that, take a look at the sites ‘Terms & Conditions’, you may find that they mention Paypal as a deposit method there.

2. Look for the ‘Banking’ area.

This may be called  ‘Cashier’ but in any event, is likely to be something the casino you’re playing at makes very visible.

Once you’ve found it, you’ll need to select Paypal as your deposit method after which you’ll be required to input your chosen deposit amount. Once you’ve done this you’ll be required to input your Paypal details in order to complete the deposit.

3. Check the balance has registered in your account

At this point the money you’ve deposited should appear in your paypal casino account. The process should be instant!

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Paypal


-Secure Transactions

Paypal is an extremely secure platform, with sophisticated options such as two factor authentication in place to keep you and your details safe online.

-Easy to Manage Money

The Paypal platform, available through a web browser or as an app makes managing your money easy. You can quickly find out how much you’ve spent during a certain period as well as having the ability to run many different reports on your spending.

-Less hassle

Once you’ve entered your banking details with Paypal, it won’t be necessary to enter those details again when you choose a paypal slots or bingo site to play at.


-Lack of Buyer Protection Policy for Gambling transactions

Whilst Paypal generally boasts an excellent Buyer Protection Policy, it fails to cover gambling transactions.

Generally speaking this should not be a problem if you are only depositing at UKGC licensed websites, however, it’s worth pointing out that you could have better protection using  debit card.

Paypal Casinos - UK Sites That Accept Paypal - May 2024 FAQ

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