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Information about Pay By Phone Slot Sites - Updated May 2024


Pay by Phone is an intuitive and innovative payment method which allows you to make deposits at online casinos and slot sites using your mobile phone contract. The funds you deposit are then charged on your next mobile bill. It’s a fantastic option for those looking for a stress-free, simple and secure way to deposit funds to play the slots with, and today, there are more Pay by Phone sites than ever before.

Here at BingoParadise, we understand that finding reputable slot sites is hard enough; when you’re looking for a specific payment method, finding the right site can be even harder. That’s why we’ve put this handy page together, showing you exactly how Pay by Phone works – what its advantages and disadvantages are – and the best pay by phone slots sites you can join today. To kick things off, let’s look at how Pay by Phone actually works.

How Does Deposit By Phone Bill Work?

Making a deposit using Pay by Phone is incredibly straightforward; it’s far-easier than many EWallet and voucher-based schemes you may already be familiar with.

The scheme works by applying a charge to your phone bill, much like you would see were you to use extra data outside of your data plan. Any deposits you make via Pay by Phone are simply added to your next phone bill. If you’re on pay-as-you-go, you can also use this payment method – you’ll just need to ensure you have enough credit topped up. 1

So, you like the sound of Pay by Phone and want to know how to actually use it? Let’s find out:
Firstly, you need to head to the “cashier” at the slot site you’re playing at. You’ll then be able to select a Pay by Phone option; the three major ones include Boku, PayForIt and Zimpler. Once you’ve selected Pay by Phone, you’ll be prompted to enter the amount of money you want to deposit by phone bill.

A new screen will then appear, where you’ll be asked to enter your phone number. A confirmation text will then be sent to this phone number, which will display details of the payment; how much it’s for, and the site at which it will be made. You must respond to this SMS message to confirm your payment.

Once you’ve replied to the SMS the payment will be complete, and the funds will be available in your casino account immediately. It’s simple, straightforward and hassle-free.

In order to use Pay by Phone, you’ll need to make sure that your mobile phone plan allows you to make purchases or go outside of your regular spending plan. You’ll also need to use a valid mobile phone carrier – not every UK phone company supports it. However, O2, EE and Vodafone all allow it, so it’s unlikely you’ll find yourself unable to use it.

Benefits of Pay By Phone

Players looking to use Pay by Phone to make a deposit at online slot sites will find themselves able to enjoy their funds immediately. This is thanks to the fact that all deposits made using Pay by Phone are credited to your slot account immediately. There are also no charges or fees attached, so the amount you deposit is the amount you’ll see added onto your phone bill at the end of the month, however, it’s worth remembering that some casino sites will charge fees when you use pay by phone.

Another major benefit of using Pay by Phone to make deposits is that you don’t need to remember any card details or passwords. When you make the deposit, the only thing you need to input at the slot site is your phone number. Once the SMS verification has been processed, the payment is completed. This also means that making deposits using Pay by Phone is an incredibly secure solution. The slot site you’re playing at doesn’t store any sensitive financial information, and the only time you’ll ever actually need your card or bank information is when you pay your phone bill.

For those without a UK bank account or a debit card, making a deposit at pay by phone casino sites can be simplified. As we mentioned earlier, the only thing you need is a phone number, and provided your contract allows, you’ll be able to deposit without needing a bank account or debit card.

Some players have even reported that, by using pay by phone, they’re able to better monitor their casino bankroll – i.e, how much they’re spending each month – as it’s all itemised on their phone bill at the end of each month. This is a valid reason for using the payment method, although you should be careful not to deposit too much that you’re left facing an unexpectedly high phone bill at the end of the month.

Above all else, making deposits via pay by phone is easy. You don’t have to worry about entering any banking/card details online, it’s straightforward, and funds deposited are credited to your account immediately. What’s more, with more slots sites accepting pay by phone deposit than ever before, finding an online casino that offers this payment option is, thankfully, relatively straightforward.

Disadvantages of Pay By Phone

While using a Pay by Phone solution to add funds to your casino account can be an easy and secure way for many, unfortunately, the payment method does have a number of drawbacks.

Arguably the biggest disadvantage to using Pay by Phone to deposit funds is the fact that the payment solution is unable to process withdrawals. This means you’ll need to set up a separate payment method at the slot site you choose to play with to make withdrawals to. While this may, to some, seem like a minor inconvenience, it does mean you’re likely going to have to undergo additional security verification checks. This, alone, is enough to turn many players off the idea of using Pay by Phone for good.

Another major downside is the low maximum daily deposit limit. Regardless of which Pay by Phone provider you use, the most you’ll be able to deposit in a day is just £30. While this may suit those low-rolling, anyone looking to deposit large sums of money will find themselves unable to do so. It’s yet another reason why Pay by Phone has failed to become a leading banking option at most slot sites.

There’s also another issue which is rarely talked about; most slot site promotions (particularly those offered to new players) are only available when claimed with a certain payment method – almost always usually a debit card. This means that deposits made via Pay by Phone may not be eligible in conjunction with promotional offers. You should always check the terms and conditions of a bonus before depositing to make sure the payment method you’re looking to use is accepted.


Using Pay by Phone to fund your online slot account is incredibly secure, and this is largely thanks to the fact that you don’t need to enter any card or bank account details. When you make a payment through a Pay by Phone provider, the only information you need to provide is your phone number. A confirmation text will then be sent to your mobile phone, but at no point do you need to hand over any card details.

When it comes to making the payment; the charges are simply added onto your next mobile phone bill, which is then paid either by Direct Debit or by card, whichever way you’ve chosen to set it up.

Other Deposit Methods

While Pay by Phone is a popular payment method, it’s not suitable for all. Thankfully, a number of other payment methods are available to use at slot sites, and below, we look at some of the most common of these:

Debit Cards: All reputable slot sites accept most major debit cards including VISA, MasterCard and Maestro. Making a deposit using a debit card is instant, and there are no fees associated with doing so. Once you’ve made a deposit once with your card, you will then only need to enter your CVV code in future as the slot site remembers (securely) your long card number and expiry date. In the UK, customers are only able to use debit cards to make deposits; the use of credit cards was outlawed by the UK’s Gambling Commission in early 2020.

Skrill: Skrill and online gambling are synonymous, and it’s one of the most popular payment methods offered at online casinos. Skrill is a type of Ewallet and the company is part of the well-regarded PaySafe Group. To use Skrill, you simply need to add funds to your Skrill account – and then, when making a deposit at a slot site, you just enter your Skrill email, confirm the transaction, and your deposit will instantly be credited to your account. Skrill is also able to process withdrawals very quickly, and once a slot site approves your withdrawal the funds will be available in your Skrill account immediately. You can then withdraw them directly to your UK bank account

PayPal: While the number of sites offering PayPal as a deposit/withdrawal method is small (due to PayPal being very picky on who they work with) it’s a very popular method thanks to its simplicity, security and the fact that no fees are attached. It works like Skrill – but you can also make deposits using your debit card through PayPal. Another major benefit of using PayPal at online slot sites is that withdrawals from PayPal to your bank account are instant. This means that once a casino approves your withdrawal, the funds are available in your PayPal account immediately – and you can then withdraw them instantly, with the funds appearing in your bank account just a few minutes after cashing out!

Neteller: Neteller is another popular EWallet, accepted at most online slot sites, although it’s not as well-known or popular as Skrill or PayPal. It works in a near-identical fashion, and is very easy-to-use. Funds from a Neteller account can also be withdrawn to a UK bank account quickly and easily, and the company has brought out their own ‘Net+’ card so you can actually spend money in your Neteller account using a prepaid Mastercard.

Trustly: Trustly is an intuitive new UK-focused payment method that allows players to make instant deposits and withdrawals at online gambling websites. Through the Trustly platform, you login directly to your online banking, and Trustly automatically makes the payment to the slot site. This means that a bank transfer is now instant, when it used to take 2-5 days. Trustly is also beneficial when it comes to withdrawals, as, when selected as a payment option, withdrawals are credited to your bank account instantly, as soon as the slot site approves it.

Paysafecard: Paysafecard is a pre-paid voucher option available at most online gambling websites. It allows you to purchase a voucher for cash in thousands of UK stores, and, using this voucher, you can deposit at the slot site you like. Each voucher has a unique 16-digit code which you enter when making the deposit. Paysafecard can’t be used to make withdrawals, however. This means you’ll need to register another payment method to make withdrawals to; this will usually be a bank account.

Cryptocurrencies: Over the past few years cryptocurrencies – mainly Bitcoin and Ethereum – have become increasingly popular payment options at online gambling websites. This is largely thanks to their privacy-centered nature, the speed at which transactions are carried out, and the low fees. However, few UK-facing slot sites have chosen to accept cryptocurrencies yet, due to the difficulties in carrying out Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. It’s likely we’ll see Bitcoin and Ethereum offered at a number of sites in the future, however, once clearer guidance is provided by the UK’s Gambling Commission on what online gambling operators need to ‘verify’ from players using this payment method. 2


Pay By Phone Slot Sites - Updated May 2024 FAQ

  • How do Pay By Mobile Slot Sites work?

    Making a deposit at a slot site is a simple process that debits the amount you wish to deposit to your mobile phone bill (or balance, if you are a PAYG customer).

  • Is it safe to use Pay By Mobile at Slot Sites?

    Assuming you are using a slot site that is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, you should be perfectly safe to make use of the various Pay By Mobile deposit methods available to you at your chosen casino.

  • What are the drawbacks to using Pay By Mobile?

    Pay By Mobile has a number of downsides, the biggest of which is probably the fact that this payment method cannot be used for withdrawals. This means that if you win money, you’ll have to withdraw it using a different banking method. The second most commonly cited downside is that Pay By Mobile is not as widely accepted as payment methods such as debit cards.

  • What are the plus points to using Pay By Mobile?

    Pay By Mobile is widely recognised as being a safe, secure and quick way of making a deposit. When people say that it is safe, they generally refer to the fact that no bank details need to be inputted into the website receiving the payment.

  • Are there any similar payment methods to Pay By Mobile?

    Not really. There is Apple Pay, which is in some ways similar (it uses your phone) but in other ways is totally different (it debits your bank account). As such, Pay By Mobile is a fairly unique payment method.

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