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Information about Free Welcome Bonus - No Deposit Required - Updated May 2024


An Introduction to Free Welcome Bonus Offers

Have you got a rumbly tummy? Are you feeling bonus hungry?

‘Bonus hungry’ is an expression used by marketers to describe the UK market when it comes to the slots and bingo industry. As the expression suggests, you lot (the British public) have a pretty big appetite when it comes to freebies, particularly at online bingo and slot sites.

For years, brands have been dishing up tasty offers which invariably whet a punters appetite by giving something away for free whether that be free spins on registration, free bingo tickets or free money.

It’s a trend that reached its peak around 2017 before the bonus tax (The Finance Bill 2017) was introduced. The tax meant that operators would start paying taxes on bonus funds and this of course marked a turn of the tide on bonus funds.

However, as you can see by looking at the list above, in 2021 free welcome bonuses with no deposit required are still pretty commonplace and whilst you’re not going to be spoilt for choice as in years gone by, you can still take your pick.

Bonus Hunting – Because We Love Foxes

If you’ve arrived on this page, chances are you were looking for free welcome bonuses which don’t require you to make a deposit. In other words, you want something for nothing and we don’t blame you…

A good old free welcome offer deal is great news for you lot, even better if you win something from it, but for the site owners it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these deals aren’t always so fruitful – they’re in it for the money after all.

The majority of players who arrive looking for a bonus spend just as much time as it takes to sign up and use that bonus before they checkout through the sites virtual doors, never to be seen again. It’s a strange situation whereby those who seek the deals are behaving in such a way that may cause the end of the deals. With that said, we’ve already established that these deals endure, so why exactly is that?

The future of Free Welcome Bonuses With No Deposit Required

We’ve said it already, these deals have been around for many years and whilst times have changed and made things more difficult, the free welcome bonuses have evolved and endured.

Despite even more headwinds blowing against these deals in 2020 due to increased costs operators must spend on identifying newly registered customers, we expect going forward you’ll continue to see free welcome offers for one very simple reason. They work!

Despite a huge amount of players simply going about their bonus hunting and never making a deposit at the site, just every now and then someone will buck the trend and become a spender making all the money spent on the good ol’ bonus hunters worthwhile.

So basically, the operators are looking for the needle in the haystack and they know a thing or two about extracting it… They do this by sending attractive deals and further offers – sometimes months or even years after that player has logged out having taken advantage of the free welcome bonus. In fact, operators are so smart that even the proudest of bonus hunters may not realise they’ve ultimately become a paying punter at a site which they once signed up to for a freebie.

What are the most common types of Welcome Bonus?

If you’re bonus hunting, you’ll come across a plethora of different offers presented in lists such as the one above, generally, they will all require you to add your debit card details (curious to know why? Click here). It will save you time (and disappointment) sifting through the available deals if you know a little about the broad categories that most of these offers will fall into, such as:

-Free Spins No Deposit

As one of the most popular forms of free welcome bonus, this deal gives you a number of free spins no deposit on a selected slot game (or selection of slot games). There will usually be limitations to how much you can win and we will only list these offer types as ‘free’ if they payout in real money. If the payout is in bonus money we’ll list these offers as ‘Bonus Spins’. Remember, bonus money usually has wagering requirements that must be met before the funds become ‘real money’ (withdrawal balance).

-No Deposit Bingo

A rare but thrilling site for any bingo fans, this welcome bonus will see you awarded a set number of bingo tickets that can be played on certain games. Often there will be limitations to which games you can play and the payout may or may not be in real money, with some brands opting to use bonus cash for their no deposit bingo offers.

-No Deposit Bonus Funds

Most often these deals will appear as ‘£10 No Deposit Bonus’ (or any other amount). At best these deals will give you the flexibility to use that £10 on any slot or bingo game at the site.

In reality, though, the money will almost always be bonus funds (non-withdraw-able and subject to wagering requirements) and it’ll probably come with a plethora of restrictions such as wagering requirements and win limitations. But still, it’s a free ride.


Most things that sound too good to be true are and that’s the attitude we suggest you take when embarking on a bonus hunt. That said, even when you take into account the various wagering requirements and terms, a free welcome bonus is still that (free of charge) and in this life where there’s no such thing as a free lunch, something for nothing isn’t too bad.

Free Welcome Bonus - No Deposit Required - Updated May 2024 FAQ

  • What is a Free Welcome Bonus?

    Generally a free welcome bonus is an offer which a casino allows new players to claim without the need to make a deposit. These offers can be in various forms such as free spins, bonus spins, free bingo tickets or free money.

  • Are Free Welcome Bonuses Safe?

    UK players should always double check that any casino or bingo site they wish to play at is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. A licensed site has to meet a wide range of standards and therefore can generally be considered safe.

  • Can I get free bets without making a deposit?

    Sometimes. Such offers would be referred to as Free Welcome Bonuses with no deposit required. Be aware that such deals will often be served with a wide range of (often disappointing) terms and conditions.

  • Can I withdraw money from a Free Welcome Bonus?

    Whether you can withdraw money from a free welcome bonus will depend on the terms and conditions and wagering requirements that apply to the offer. Before you sign up, you should at the very least check the significant terms that apply to the offer.

  • Why do Casinos and Slot Sites offer Free Welcome Bonuses with No Deposit Required?

    Casinos offer Free Welcome Bonuses which require No Deposit because they’re a great way of getting customers to register at their site. Once registered, there will always be a number of customers who will be tempted to spend money and become a paying player.

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