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Information about 300% Deposit Bonus - June 2024


You’ve no doubt seen your fair share of 100% deposit offers and may have even encountered the occasional 200% matched offer. But did you know that it’s possible to collect as much as 300% on your first deposit?

300% deposit bonuses are rare, but they exist, and you’ll find the best of them on this page. Need more info? Check out the guide below.

What is a 300% Deposit Bonus?

300% deposit bonuses are usually reserved for new players making a first-time deposit. They are used to entice those players, promising them a big return on their first deposit, and giving them more funds to use on the site’s games.

As an example, let’s assume the bonus is listed as follows:

  • 300% deposit match bonus (up to £30) on deposits of £10+

This means that if you deposit £10, you’ll be given an additional £30 in bonus credits. You’ll then have £40 to wager on the site, although you must clear the wagering requirement before that £30 turns into withdrawable cash. In this example, any deposits of less than £10 will not qualify and as the maximum return is £30, deposits over this amount won’t qualify for any extra credits.

What You Need to Know about 300% Deposit Bonuses

Whether you’re collecting free spins with no deposit or picking up a classic Jumpman Gaming 500 free spin offer, there are always terms and conditions to consider. 300% deposit bonuses are no different. Here’s what you need to know:

The wagering period

Obviously, you can’t simply withdraw the money you collect. If it were that easy to turn £10 into £40, we’d all be making a living joining casinos! To prevent this, casinos implement wagering requirements, which dictate how many times the bonus funds must be rolled over (wagered) before you can withdraw.

Look for the multiple (25x, 50x, etc.,), and look for terms dictating which games count during the wagering period.

The deposit method

Web wallets like PayPal and Skrill are very convenient. They are fast and safe. You can even use them to keep all of your bankroll in one handy place. Players love them, but casinos are less keen. These methods can incur fees and cause other complications for the merchant (including verification, which is often done via a debit card).

To account for this, many casinos exclude web wallet payments from bonuses. Sometimes, they’ll list this term in the promotion itself, putting it front and centre. But you may need to dig through the terms and conditions. If you’re using a desktop, we find that the best method is to use the “find” function on your keyboard (CTRL + F on Windows; CMD + F on Mac) and look for PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, or whatever other payment method you want to use.

If your chosen payment method is excluded, you’ll either need to use another one or void the bonus.

The deposit and withdrawal amounts

You must meet the minimum deposit amount to qualify. This can be the same as the site’s minimum deposit, but that’s not always the case. You could find yourself funding your account with a valid amount, only to fall short of the bonus.

£10 is the minimum amount needed on most sites, but some insist on at least £50, and high roller bonuses (rare on 300% deposit offers) can go higher.

Look for the withdrawal amount as well. If the site has a minimum withdrawal of £50 and you have just £20 in your account after clearing the wagering period, you could be out of luck. That’s not always the case though, as you can often just email the site and request a withdrawal.

Time limits and cash out limits

Every bonus has a few time periods, denoting:

  • How long you have to claim the bonus
  • How long you have to use the funds
  • How long you have to clear the wagering requirement

The average is around 7 days, so you usually have plenty of time, but it’s worth checking, nonetheless.

There are also cash-out limits, which restrict how much you can win. Usually, these limits only take effect after the wagering requirement has been met. So, if there’s a limit of £100 and you win £1,000 on a lucky slot spin, you could use that £1k to get through the wagering period, potentially leaving you with more funds to withdraw.

Collect Your 300% Deposit Bonus Today

Ready to collect your 300% deposit and see what unfolds? All sites listed here have one of these offers available. Check them out, read our reviews for more information, and don’t forget to scan those all-important terms and conditions.

300% Deposit Bonus - June 2024 FAQ

  • Which sites offer 300% deposit bonuses?

    You will find them on a few different sites. We have highlighted the best ones on this page, along with the most important terms and conditions.

  • Can I only get 300% deposit bonuses on casinos?

    For the most part, yes. Sportsbooks don’t operate with the same level of probability and guarantees as casinos, so the bonuses are usually a lot smaller. As for poker sites and bingo rooms, they work by taking a small amount from each pot/ticket, so their margins are even smaller and the bonuses are on par. Online casinos are king when it comes to generous bonuses.

  • What happens if the casino doesn’t honour the bonus?

    The casino should honour the bonus and you should make your displeasure known if they don’t. Of course, if you didn’t follow the terms and conditions, you’re out of luck. You can make a case to the customer support team, but in our experience, they will simply quote the T&Cs and tell you that there’s nothing they can do. It makes sense, and it’s why you should read those conditions in advance.

  • Can I withdraw my 300% deposit bonus?

    Only after you have cleared the withdrawal requirement, and only assuming you do not encounter any cash-out limits.

  • Why didn’t my 300% deposit bonus appear?

    Did you give it enough time? These bonuses don’t always appear straight away and you may need to wait a few hours. If you’ve given it plenty of time, it could be that you overlooked something in the small print, such as the deposit method or amount. Ask the customer support team for assistance.

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