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Information about Deposit £10 and Get 100 Free Spins - UK Casinos - April 2024


Deposit £10 and get 100 free spins. It sounds like one of those “too good to be true” offers, but only if you don’t read the small print. In reality, it’s a fairly balanced welcome offer, and depending on your budget and preferences, it could be the best thing ever or a complete waste of time.

Either way, this page hosts the best offers that give you 100 free spins when you deposit £10. And if you read the guide below, we’ll tell you what you need to know about these bonuses and what terms you should look out for.

What is a Deposit £10 and Get 100 Free Spins Bonus?

As the name suggests, this bonus offers 100 free spins to players who make a qualifying deposit of £10 or more.

But of course, it’s not quite that cut and dry, and there are many bonus terms to consider. You’ll find these terms listed on all casino bonuses, including those offering 100 free spins for £10 deposits. There’s a lot of small print to sift through, but the following terms are the most important:

Payment Restrictions

When it comes to online casino bonuses, all payment options aren’t equal.

A large number of online casino and bingo bonuses are not available to players who deposit with certain web wallets. Neteller and Skrill are the two most commonly excluded, but you’ll see similar exclusions for methods like PaysafeCard, ecoPayz, and even PayPal.

Why? Well, it might have something to do with the fees charged by these methods or third-party merchant services, we’re not sure. What we do know, however, is that if you use an excluded method, you’ll miss out on the bonus.

If it’s a new player welcome bonus, as the deposit £10, get 100 free spins bonus often is, you’ll miss out completely. After all, if you make an excluded deposit, you’ll no longer be a new player, and so you can’t simply make another deposit with a valid payment method.

Slot Restrictions

Many free spins bonuses are offered in conjunction with slot developers, often as a way of drawing attention to a new slot. Others exclude games that have progressive jackpots, large fixed jackpots, and high RTPs.

In many cases, these bonuses are limited to just one or two games, with titles like Book of Dead, Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, and Fluffy Favourites being the most common. If you’re not a big fan of these games, you probably won’t appreciate this bonus.

Spin Value

The problem with a free spin bonus is that you don’t really know what you’re getting until you check the terms and conditions.

It’s like seeing an advertisement outside your local store promising, “A free pair of trainers with every purchase!” It sounds generous, and it’s probably enough to lure you through the doors, but “free trainers” could be anything from a scraggy old pair of hand-me-downs to limited edition Air Jordans.

Such is the case with “100 Free Spin” offers.

Those spins could have a value of just £0.01 each. Others may be fixed at £0.50 each. In the first instance, your total bonus amounts to just £1, a measly 10% of your deposit amount. Where the latter is concerned, you’re getting a total value of £50.

The annoying thing about this term is that it’s rarely included in the main promotional materials and you’ll have to dig through the terms to find it.

If the bonus states that it’s “minimum spin” only, it means the value will always be set to the lowest value allowed on that slot. Where this is the case, make sure you check the minimum bets on the allowed slot machines and choose the one with the highest amount.

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirement dictates how many times you must wager your winnings before they’ll turn from bonus credits into withdrawable cash.

Where the £10 deposit 100 free spin bonus is concerned, the wagering requirement applies to all of your winnings and usually varies from around 15x to 50x.

If we assume a wagering requirement of 20x and you win £100 from your free spins, it means that you must wager £2,000 before those funds will clear, assuming you have any funds left by that time.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to lose £2,000. It counts all initial stakes. So, if you take 100 spins at £1 each, a total of £100 will be removed from your wagering requirement. This is true whether you win, lose, or break even.

Winnings Cap

The winnings cap is ubiquitous and incredibly annoying.

If you thought that you could collect a 100 free spin offer as a way of getting 100 chances to win a life-changing sum, think again.

Not only are progressive jackpot slots often excluded, but there are nearly always winnings caps.

Simply put, this term places a limit on how much can be won with a single bonus. Oftentimes, this limit will only apply once the wagering requirements have been met.

For instance, if the winnings cap is £200, you could technically still win £10,000 and will then have a greater chance of making it through the wagering requirement intact. If you lose £5,000 while meeting those requirements, a further £4,800 will be deducted from your balance and you’ll be left with £200 in withdrawable funds.

Other Bonus Terms

In addition to the above, there are a few other bonus terms to consider. These are usually listed on all 100 free spin offers and will vary from site to site and bonus to bonus:

Spins Time Limit: Usually fixed at around 7 days, this term dictates how long you have to use the free spins. If you exceed this time limit, the free spins will be invalidated.

Wagering Time Limit: The period in which the wagering requirement must be met. Exceeding this timeframe will cause you to lose all of the bonus credits you have accumulated thus far.

Country Restrictions: If you can see a bonus, you can probably collect it. If you’re seeing one advertised or discussed, but it’s not available when you visit the site, it’s probably because it’s restricted in your country.

Wagering Contributions: The rate at which certain games count toward your wagering requirements. Where this specific bonus is concerned, most slots count for 100%, some are excluded, and the majority of table games and Live Casino games count for nothing.

Of course, though it should go without saying, there is also a £10 minimum deposit applied to the bonus.

How to Use this Bonus

There is no secret trick to using this bonus, but there are a few ways to decrease potential issues and increase your chances of getting a return:

Check the terms: Always check the terms to make sure you know what you’re getting and that your chosen banking method actually qualifies.

Play high RTP slots: Play the games that have the highest RTP, which determines how much money is returned to the player on average.

Look for low volatility: 100 spins isn’t a lot, so you don’t want to be stuck on a highly volatile slot that pays out infrequently. Instead, stick with low to medium volatility games, assuming it lets you choose.

Don’t get reckless: When clearing the wagering requirement, stick with your usual stake and focus on high-RTP games. Don’t simply bet the highest allowed amount to get there as quickly as possible.

Where to Find a £10 Deposit 100 Free Spin Bonus

All of the casinos on this page offer 100 free spins when you deposit £10 or more. The majority also have a number of other bonuses available, including ones aimed at both new players and loyal players.

Deposit £10 and Get 100 Free Spins - UK Casinos - April 2024 FAQ

  • How Much is a Deposit £10, Get 100 Spin Bonus Worth?

    It depends on the value of the free spins, but the bonus is usually worth between £10 and £20.

  • What If I Deposit More than £10?

    The bonus has a minimum deposit of £10, but there is no maximum. This means that you must deposit at least £10 to collect the bonus, but you’ll also collect those free spins even if you exceed this amount.

  • Can I Win a Progressive Jackpot with this Bonus?

    The majority of new player free spin bonuses don’t include progressive jackpot slots. It only makes sense, as these games rely on real money stakes to grow their jackpots and the casinos and developers want them to go to real money players. The ones that do allow free spins to be used on these games will often deactivate the progressive jackpots or make it clear that winnings will not be paid.

  • Can I Collect this Bonus on Mobile?

    Yes, you should be able to collect this bonus on your mobile device. The bonus has limitations on certain slots and payment options, but it doesn’t restrict players from using specific platforms and devices.

  • Who Should Look for Deposit £10, Get 100 Free Spin Bonuses?

    These bonuses are best suited to casual players who typically deposit and wager small amounts. Technically, everyone can collect them, but if you’re the sort of player who usually deposits hundreds or thousands at a time, there are more lucrative bonuses out there for you.

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