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Information about Bingo Sites with Slots Bonus - List Updated 2024


Slot games and slot deposit bonuses are commonplace on bingo sites. You can grab these bonuses to take a few spins on your favourite fruit machines, and in most cases, you can also pick up a bingo bonus or two.

In the following guide, we’ll take a look at the best bingo sites with slots bonuses and see what types of offers are available right now.

What are the Best Bingo Sites with Slots?

Are you looking for bingo sites with slots or slot sites with bingo? The difference might seem trivial, but it’s actually key and will determine what kind of experience you have.

Let’s use 888 Holdings as an example.

A good bingo site with slots would be Quality Bingo. Most of its promotions are bingo-related and it also spends more time on its bingo games. It would be harsh to call the slots an afterthought, but by comparison, that’s what they feel like.

If you’re going to be spending most of your time playing slots, Quality Bingo is probably not the site for you.

On the other end of the scale, you have 777 Casino, a site that is heavily slot focused and only makes a passing mention to bingo games. You can still play the numbers if you want to, but if it’s bingo you’re looking for, this is not the site for you.

The sites that get it right when it comes to blending bingo and slots include Wink Bingo/Wink Slots and all of the sites on the Jumpman Gaming network (Rocket Bingo, New Spins, etc.). The former leans one way or the other depending on which site you choose; the latter is always split down the middle.

Bingo Sites with Slot Bonuses

Bingo sites are interactive iGaming destinations. They provide a complete gaming experience for their players, and this means offering a slew of real money slots and table games in addition to their bingo titles.

The aforementioned Jumpman Gaming network is a prime example of this. The names of the sites vary and reference both bingo and slots (from Aladdin Slots to Lights Camera Bingo), but the software is always the same and includes a mixture of popular games.

This ensures that all player preferences are catered for and means you don’t have to look elsewhere when you’ve finished a game of bingo and fancy spinning a few slots. It also means that these sites need bonuses to cater for slots and bingo games, and that’s what they offer:

Free Games and Free Spins

Free Game and Free Spin bonuses are exactly what they sound like, but they can be a little complicated.

The term “Free Games” is often used interchangeably with “Free Spins” and refers to slot machines. But it can also refer to bingo games (common) and table games (less common). “Free Spins” refers only to slot machines, but it can mean both the spins that you get as a casino bonus and the spins you unlock in the actual game.

It’s pretty confusing.

To muddy the waters even further, there are lots of hidden terms that can make a seemingly generous bonus very substandard, including:

Value: Casinos rarely advertise how much each Free Spin/Game is worth. They’ll happily scream “100 Free Spins” from the rooftops, only to include terms like “worth £0.05 each” in the small print. This term makes a massive difference, as 10 Free Spins of £1 each are worth more than 50 Free Spins of £0.05 each, so check before you collect.

Cash-out/Win Limits: Free Spin bonuses often place limits on how much you can win (usually per batch of spins, but also per spin) and may restrict your cashouts.

Wagering Requirements: Also known as playthrough rates, these terms are common on all bonuses and require you to wager the bonus a specific number of times. Where Free Spins and Free Games are concerned, they refer to your winnings.

Game Limits: Progressive jackpot slots are often excluded from these promotions so if you think you can collect numerous bonuses just to take a few hundred free shots at the Mega Moolah jackpot, think again. Other slots may also be excluded and many of these promotions actually limit you to just one or two slots.

Sites with Free Spin/Game Bonuses

Lights Camera Bingo!
Space Wins
Cash Arcade

Deposit Bonuses

A Deposit Bonus is one that gives you a bonus—often a Matched Deposit Bonus—when you make a deposit.

It’s usually phrased as follows: “100% up to £100″ or even “Up to 1,000% Deposit Match”, in the case of the new Jumpman Deposit Match wheel.

In the case of “100% up to £100″, this means that any amount you deposit will be doubled up to £100, and anything you deposit over £100 will return an additional £100 in bonus credits.

The terms you need to watch out for here include the wagering requirements, which can be anywhere from 25x to 70x (between £2,500 and £7,000 for a £100 bonus), and the minimum deposit.

The latter term is key, as many casinos have a minimum deposit amount that is lower than the minimum bonus deposit, so it’s possible to make a legitimate deposit that is not high enough to qualify for the bonus.

Sites with Deposit Bonuses

Pirate Slots
Slots Kingdom
Fairground Slots
Rocket Bingo

No-Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses give you spins, bonus credits, and other freebies without requiring an initial deposit.

In the UK, you must still verify your identity, and this means registering with your real name, address, and contact details, as well as a bank account or debit card. But you don’t need to deposit any cash into your account.

No deposit slot bonuses exist on a handful of bingo sites and casinos, but they are not as common as they once were. It seems that most players just aren’t willing to go through the hassle of signing up and adding a card just for a sake of a few quid. They still exist though and if you’re genuinely testing whether a bingo site is a good fit or not, they can be a good choice.

Some of the terms to look out for include:

Wagering Requirements: These terms tend to be very strict with no deposit bonuses, so be sure to check them before you opt-in, if you want to avoid these completely we have a no wagering requirements list.

Game Limits: You may be limited to where you can use your bonus. For instance, jackpot slots are often excluded.

Winnings Cap Limits: Casinos don’t want you to get lucky and walk away with a big profit, so strict winnings caps are often employed.

Sites with No Deposit Bonuses

Heart Bingo
Bingo Games

Welcome Packages

A Welcome Package bonus is simply a “package” of the above offers.

Many online casinos offer both a Deposit Bonus and a Free Spins bonus. If it’s a bingo site, they may also add some Free Games to the mix. Sometimes they mix it up by adding other perks to their Welcome Package bonus.

At the time of writing, for instance, Quality Bingo is offering 1,250 Free Bingo Tickets, and 10 Free Spins.

Always check the wagering requirements and minimum deposits on these offers, as there may be multiple different requirements to meet.

Sites with Big Welcome Package Bonuses

Jaak Casino
888 Casino
Quality Bingo

How to Get More From Slot Bonuses and Bingo Bonuses

Regardless of the slot bonus or bingo bonus that you collect, there are a few things you can do to maximise your return and ensure you still have credits in your account after the wagering requirements have been met.

Check the Terms: The first and most important step is to check the Terms and Conditions. Don’t assume they will be the same as the bonuses you have used previously, as you could be in for a nasty surprise.

Play High-RTP Slots: When meeting the wagering requirements, play qualifying games with a high RTP. Table games like Blackjack and French Roulette offer the highest RTPs, but these are rarely included in the wagering requirements so focus on top slots instead.

Collect Multiple Bonuses: Getting one Welcome Bonus will often exclude you from another, but not always. What’s more, you can still join Loyalty Programs and collect Reload Offers even after using your Welcome Bonus. See what’s available and maximise your winnings by collecting as many as you can.

Play Tournaments: Real money slot tournaments are available across many top slot sites and bingo sites. You can play these with your Free Spin winnings or your deposit cash and if you’re lucky, you’ll climb the table and collect some additional rewards.

What Are the Best Slot Bonuses on Bingo Sites?

There is no “best” option here. It really all depends on what sort of games you like.

Clearly, a big bingo sign-up bonus isn’t going to appeal to a player who spends all of their time spinning slots and playing Live Casino games. By the same token, Free Spins will mean nothing to you if you only really care about bingo.

The type of player that you are will also dictate which bonus is best. For instance:

Higher spenders: No-deposit bonuses are generally a bad idea for higher spenders as they are very limited. The same is true for Free Spins—why would you care about 50 spins of £0.10 each when you usually wager £1 a spin? Instead, higher spenders should look for big Deposit Bonuses, as well as generous loyalty incentives.

Casual Players: Small stake players spinning a few slots a week are better suited to No Deposit Bonuses. If you prefer slots, look for Free Spins; if you’re all about bingo, Free Games/Tickets are best.

Regular Gamblers: If you gamble on a regular basis but tend to keep your spending to a minimum, look into Welcome Package bonuses and Loyalty Schemes. They are not as limited as No-Deposit Bonuses and they’ll give you access to a variety of offers and perks without requiring huge deposits or wagers.

We have reviewed scores of top UK bingo and slot sites here on Bingo Paradise and all of them have bonuses. Some are big, some are small; some are more suited to higher spenders, others are best for casual players who spend minimal amounts. To learn more, check out our reviews, scan the signifiant terms, and click the links to sign up and collect.

Bingo Sites with Slots Bonus - List Updated 2024 FAQ

  • What Are Wagering Requirements?

    Wagering requirements stipulate that you must wager your bonus funds a fixed number of times before they can be withdrawn. This term effectively stops you from grabbing a bonus and then instantly withdrawing. Requiring you to make many wagers also increases the chances that you will lose, thus tilting the odds back in the casino’s favour.

  • How Big Are Wagering Requirements?

    Most wagering requirements are around 40x, but they typically range from 25x to 70x. They can apply to the deposit amount, bonus amount, or both. Check the bonus Ts & Cs to learn more.

  • Can I Play Live Dealer Games with a Bonus?

    If it’s a Golden Chip bonus, you can play these games. If not, you may still be able to use your bonus funds on the Live Casino but they likely won’t count toward your wagering requirements.

  • Can I Win a Progressive Jackpot with a Slot Bonus?

    Progressive jackpot slots are often excluded from Free Spin bonuses and even Deposit Bonuses. They may also have a maximum payout/withdrawal, which would render progressive jackpots pointless.

  • Can I Get More as a Higher Spender?

    Some casinos offer specific high spender bonuses. These are typically Deposit Bonuses with higher minimum deposits and payouts. For instance, a standard Deposit Bonus might offer 100% up to £100 with a £10 minimum deposit while a high spender bonus could offer 50% up to £2,000 with a £500 minimum.

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