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Intouch GamesInTouch Games Limited are responsible for some of the best-reviewed casinos on Bingo Paradise. It’s a brand that we have praised and criticised in equal measures and one of the few brands that actually tries to do things differently.

On this page, you’ll find all of those InTouch Games casinos, along with our detailed reviews and links to the latest bonuses.

For more information in InTouch Games Limited, take a look below, where one of our reviewers gives his honest opinion on this brand and the work that it does.

Who Are InTouch Games?

InTouch Games began life as a slot machine manufacturer back in 2001. Today, they are responsible for a handful of online casinos and work with a growing team of developers, animators, artists, and other iGaming experts.

The first of these brands was mFortune—one of their better casinos. By 2018, they began releasing new casinos every year, including top sites like Casino2020 and Jammy Monkey, both of which I have had the pleasure of reviewing.

As noted in my reviews, there are some huge pros and cons to these sites. When compared with other online gambling sites, they are some of the most original casinos online. But at the same time, their unique approach creates issues that can’t be ignored.

Slot Machines from InTouch Games

I have reviewed a lot of online casinos in my time and I have seen hundreds of games rooms. Most of them look the same, and that’s because they work with the same developers.

There are casinos that claim to be “unique”, but this usually means that they have a couple of exclusive games and work with developers that are only available on dozens of sites instead of hundreds.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing—that’s just how the industry works. Online casinos are not developers. They are basically just storefronts, with third-party developers, payment systems, and even customer support teams serving as the products.

Things are a little different with InTouch, though. All of the operator’s games are developed in-house, which means you won’t find them on any other casino.

They genuinely are unique, and that’s fantastic. But it’s not without its problems.

One of the issues with in-house games is that a relatively small operator like InTouch simply can’t compete with the combined force of specialised developers like Playtech, Microgaming, and NetEnt. InTouch can’t match these developers on quantity and, if I’m honest, they can’t match them on quality either.

That’s not to say that the InTouch gaming selection is bad, far from it. The problem is that it lacks the innovation you find elsewhere. The gambling industry is very trend-focused. Developers create what they know players will enjoy as they can’t afford to take risks (and as players are happy with generic games, they don’t need to). When you’re working with a small team and a limited output, you’re even less likely to take risks.

That also brings me to the second issue.

If you are playing an InTouch casino for the first time, you’ll no doubt be excited by the prospect of playing games you’ve never seen before. It’s like being away from the industry for a few months and then visiting a “New Games” section.

But as you scroll through the thumbnails and peruse the names, you’ll get a sense of Deja-vu.

Fruits and Beyond is a video slot set in space that uses colourful gems and stars. Wild Mariachi has a Mexican party theme, exploring all the stereotypes as it takes you through a colourful Mexican town. Rolling Clover combines golden harps, leprechauns, and rainbows.

The only thing they’re missing is a quirky slot based around a lesser-known conquistador.

And if you don’t get the references—these slots are all based on iGaming classics, including Starburst, Spinata Grande, and Rainbow Riches.

I can’t really blame InTouch for that, as they’re just trying to give players what they want. But again, it would be nice if they used their freedom to be a little more creative.

They should be thinking outside of the box. Instead, they have moved into the box, put up a “home sweet home” sign, and have chosen their favourite spot on the sofa.

The final issue I have with this attitude is that InTouch slots are very limited. Most InTouch casinos have just a few dozen titles and that pales in comparison with the hundreds and even thousands being offered elsewhere.

What Makes InTouch Games Unique?

In the online casino industry, the word “unique” is often used and rarely applicable. InTouch Games Limited is different, though. It actually deserves to be called unique—here’s why:

Original Games

As noted above, InTouch slots are completely unique and you won’t find them anywhere else. Sure, there aren’t many of them, but if you’re only gambling occasionally, it’ll take you a couple of months before you play them all and the gaming room will have expanded by then.

As with all good casinos, InTouch expands its selection every month or so.


Every slot machine on an InTouch casino is a jackpot slot, and it’s the same jackpot across the site. It works in a similar way to the Age of the Gods or Mega Moolah jackpot, only it applies to the entire casino and not just a slot series.

It also doesn’t detract from the game itself and unlike some progressive slots, these games don’t lose a sizeable RTP just to cater for the progressive jackpot. It’s a bonus—an opportunity to win a massive sum of money while playing a slot you enjoy.

Dedicated Support

It’s rare for online casinos to care about their players. They might say that they do, but if you have any experience contacting support teams, you’ll know that’s simply not the case.

It’s not necessarily their fault and has more to do with the fact that they all use cheap logistic outsourcing. With InTouch Gaming, you get the impression that they actually care.

A couple of weeks before writing this guide, I compiled over 30 casino reviews, including 2 InTouch sites and over a dozen sites belonging to another operator. In anticipation of those reviews, I emailed all of the casinos and gave them 2 weeks to respond.

I wanted to gauge how quick they were and whether or not they would answer my question straight away.

All of the brands belonging to the other operator ignored me and a couple of the others replied with automated and irrelevant responses. As for the two InTouch Games casinos, they responded within a couple of hours (even though the message was sent late in the evening) and they were very helpful.

InTouch Games Casino Bonuses

InTouch Games Limited offers different bonuses across its roster of online casinos, but they usually have a few things in common.

You can typically find all of the following bonuses here:

Free Spins: InTouch Games like their Free Spin bonuses, and it’s no wonder, as these promotions are a great way to encourage new members to play their original slots.

No Deposit Bonuses: These promotions are some of the most common promotions, as well as the ones that many casual players look for. They are offered on their own and as part of Welcome Package Bonuses.

Matched Deposit Offers: Make a deposit and the site will match it. These offers are usually fixed at 100%, which means your deposit will be doubled up to a certain amount. The extra credits you receive have wagering requirements attached and these must be met before you can withdraw any of those winnings.

Refer-a-Friend: A seriously underused bonus elsewhere but one that is common on InTouch Games casinos. If you refer a friend and they meet certain wagering requirements, you’ll get a sum of cash or credits.

Prize Draws: Qualify by depositing or wagering a certain amount and you could win everything from prizes and cash to free spins and bonus credits.

InTouch Games wagering requirements are in line with industry standards and are neither terrible nor fantastic. However, they are a little better at implementing them and seem to be more player-friendly. They don’t insist on unfair activation policies (such as contacting Live Chat within a specific timeframe) and there are very few complaints regarding their practices.

When you consider that most negative casino reviews revolve around bonus terms, it suggests that InTouch Games are doing something right.

The Best InTouch Games Ltd Casinos

You can find all of the latest InTouch Games casinos on this page.

I have reviewed many of these myself and gave all of them high scores. They are unique, interesting, innovative—everything that other casinos are not. Sure, there are problems, but they’re still growing and improving and as that happens, the cracks are being paved over and these sites are becoming something truly extraordinary.

Check them out for yourself and you’ll see just why InTouch Games are one of the most promising iGaming operators in the industry right now.

InTouch Casinos and the Future of Gambling

Despite my criticisms of InTouch Games Limited, I think they are on the right track and casino developers should take note.

The industry has been a little too generic over the last few years. Originality isn’t being rewarded and brands are sticking with the reliable, comfortable, and boring. We need developers like InTouch Games Ltd to break the mould.

Are their casinos perfect? No. Should they be praised and celebrated? Most definitely.

February 2023, Cashmo Casino Closure

On 21/02/23, Intouch Games Limited wrote to us to say that Cashmo Casino will be closing. The notification stated:

‘Players have been notified of this change and to login and withdraw any winnings in their account whilst the sites are still operating, but users will no longer be able to register or deposit from tomorrow, 22nd February 2023’… ‘They will then be further advised when player login and withdrawals will no longer be possible.’

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