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Information about 400% Deposit Bonus - UK Casino Bonuses - May 2024


You’ll find deposit bonuses on casinos, sportsbooks, bingo sites, and even poker rooms. They are an industry favourite among both operators and players, and most of them promise to match your deposit 100%, effectively doubling it. Some even go as far as to offer a 200% or 300% match. But there are those that take things a step further and match your deposit with a massive 400% in bonus credits.

It’s those 400% deposit offers that we’ll look at here.

What is a 400% Deposit Bonus?

Often used as welcome bonuses (available to new customers only), 400% deposit bonuses provide a 4x boost to all first-time depositors. If you deposit £10, for instance, you’ll get £40 in bonus credits, giving you £50 to wager on the site’s games.

Are Deposit Bonuses Common?

400% is a huge liability for an online casino. Sure, there are terms that protect the casino and ensure they’re not simply giving money away, but the same could be said for all bonuses, and a 100% offer or a simple free spins promotion obviously carries less risk.

400% deposit offers are therefore not as common as other promotions. You can still find them, of course, and we’ve listed a bunch on this page, but they are few and far between.

The Pros of 400% Deposit Bonuses

These bonuses should give you lots of credits, letting you explore more of the casino. You can play many different slots and depending on the nature of the bonus, you might be able to play a few table games as well.

The benefits for the player are clear, and they’re not the only ones with something to gain.

From the casino’s perspective, 400% deposit bonuses should capture the attention of all players. Higher rollers might be a little suspicious and keen to find the catch, but everyone is drawn by the promise of quadrupling their money.

The Cons of 400% Deposit Bonuses

Speaking of high rollers, they have every reason to be suspicious of 400% deposit bonuses. It’s rare to find a 400% bonus that doesn’t have a very small win cap, thus leaving a lot to be desired for high-stake players.

For example, a 100% matched deposit offer might go as high as £1,000, which means that if you deposit £1,000 or more, you’ll get an additional £1,000 in bonus credits. A 400% deposit bonus, however, is usually capped at £40 or £80. You’re still getting a 4x boost, but the upper limit is far lower.

The generosity of this bonus may mean the casino needs to implement a few strict terms to prevent losing too much money.

How to Get More from Your Deposit Bonus

To ensure you get the maximum value from the 400% deposit bonus, keep the following in mind:

Check the terms and conditions

Always read the terms and conditions. You might skip the T&Cs when you sign up for online services, where the terms look like they were written by Dostoyevsky, but casino terms are much easier going. In fact, the most important terms are typically bullet-pointed at the top.

For specific terms, such as deposit method restrictions and cash-out limits, you can either search the page for specific words (such as “PayPal” to determine if it is excluded from the offer) or skim the list.

One of the biggest complaints about online casinos and sportsbooks relates to welcome bonuses, and the majority of those stem from players not fully reading or understanding terms.

Stick to your budget

Set a budget before you make your first deposit and stick to it. You should never deposit or wager more than you can afford to lose. By the same token, you should always assume your money is lost before you start wagering. That way, if you win it’s a bonus and if you lose it’s nothing less than you were expecting.

Treat it like you treat the £50 cash you stuff into your pocket before a night out—it’s there to be spent and enjoyed, and you don’t expect to have any the following morning.

Play what you enjoy

Some games give you a higher return than others, but the difference is usually minor. A 96.5% RTP is certainly better than a 96% RTP, but those averages are calculated using millions of spins and you’re probably not going to notice a difference in 50 or 100 spins.

Focus on playing the games that you enjoy playing, as opposed to the ones you think will give you a better chance. If those two things are the same…even better!

Look for other promotions

It seems that many players only care about the welcome bonus. There was a time when gambling sites adopted the same attitude. You’d get a big offer upon joining and then radio silence thereafter. These days, however, there are a multitude of reload promotions, free spin offers, loyalty schemes, tournaments, giveaways, and more.

Sure, the welcome bonus is probably the biggest and most generous bonus you’ll get from them, but if you like the site and enjoy its games, don’t give up as soon as you’ve finished with the initial offer. See what else it has available and consider sticking around a while longer.

Collect Your 400% Deposit Bonus Now

400% deposit bonuses are rare, but they exist and the best of them are right here on this page! So, take a look around, see what’s available, and grab a 4x boost on your next deposit! All of the casinos here have been reviewed by our expert reviewers, so if you need a little more information, it’s just a click away.

400% Deposit Bonus - UK Casino Bonuses - May 2024 FAQ

  • How much will I get from a 400% deposit bonus?

    It depends on how much you deposit and how low the cap is. Most of them give you £40 extra on a £10 deposit, but some are a little more generous.

  • How can casinos afford to offer a 400% deposit bonus?

    They use a series of terms and conditions to ensure they don’t lose too much, including bonus limits and cash-out limits. It means that not everyone will walk away with a profit—some will, but the majority won’t, and casinos only care about the bigger picture.

  • Are these bonuses for high rollers?

    No. It’s rare to find a 400% deposit bonus that offers 4 or even 3 figures. High rollers should still check them out, but they may not find these offers viable in the long term. Such players should prioritise high-limit 100% or even 50% matched deposit offers, as well as loyalty schemes.

  • What is the maximum amount available on 400% deposit bonuses?

    The maximum is usually £40, but it varies from site to site and bonus to bonus. Check the terms and conditions for more information.

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