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Deal or No Deal is one of the biggest game shows ever to appear on British television. Between 2005 and 2016, during the first iteration of the show, it broadcast over 3,000 episodes and gave away more than £40 million in prize money. It’s a luck-based game about opening boxes and revealing prizes. It doesn’t make for a riveting synopsis. But once you add the suspension of the reveal, the drama of the superstition, and the big money prizes, you have a sure-fire hit on your hands.

Deal or No Deal Bingo captures all of this and lets fans of the show step into the shoes of those contestants. It’s quickly becoming an online bingo classic, and you can find it on all of the sites listed on this page. Read on to learn why this game is so popular, or get started by clicking one of the links, signing up (don’t forget your welcome bonus), and playing a few games.

What is Deal or No Deal Bingo?

Deal or No Deal is a 90-ball bingo variation with the same cards and initial setup as other 90-ball games. There’s a chat option to communicate with other players, and there’s also a progressive jackpot. This jackpot starts at £5,000, so you will never win less than this. It takes a small share from each ticket purchase (about 2%) and gradually grows before eventually triggering when a player gets a Full House within 35 balls. When this happens, half of the money will go to the player with the winning ticket while the other half is paid to all other players in the game.

With the exception of a unique aesthetic and Deal or No Deal branding, everything plays out as in a standard bingo game. The main difference comes with the game’s main feature, which kicks in when someone claims a Full House. That player is transported to a game of Deal or No Deal and given an offer from the banker. They can accept the offer or take a chance with the boxes. Other players can vote to help the winning player make up their mind, but the final decision is with the player.

How to Play Deal or No Deal Bingo

Playing Deal or No Deal Bingo couldn’t be easier. Start by finding a site that hosts the game—just pick one of the ones on this page. If you’re signing up as a new player, you’ll likely be offered a welcome bonus, so check the terms and conditions and read our reviews on the casino if you need more information.

From there, you just need to open the game and choose how many tickets you want to buy. It’s a live game with a number of active players, so you’ll need to wait for one round to end before the next one begins. Confirm your ticket purchase, wait for the game to start, and then sit back. Tickets are marked automatically so you don’t need to do anything.

Chatrooms are usually quite busy in these games, so feel free to join in. There are moderators who keep everything amicable and ensure that every new player is greeted. Chat with them if you have any specific questions about the game. Most people use the chatbox to announce how many more numbers they need to claim each progressive prize (usually in the form of abbreviations, such as “1TG” meaning “1 To Go”), but some players go all-out and use these features to meet new friends and chat with regulars.

If you land the Full House prize, follow the instructions on screen to choose whether you want to accept the Banker’s offer or take a chance. If you’re one of the other non-winners, just choose whether you think they should accept or reject. As noted above, your choice won’t dictate the outcome, but it could help the winner to make up their mind.

Summary: Play Deal or No Deal Bingo Today

Deal or No Deal Bingo is a massively popular online bingo game, and not without reason. It appeals to fans of the game show, it adds a unique twist to classic 90-ball bingo, and it offers a sizeable jackpot, one that begins at £5,000 and can climb to eye-watering sums. The icing on the cake is the fact that every active ticketholder claims a piece of this jackpot.

If you have yet to play Deal or No Deal Bingo, now’s the time to change that. Check out the sites on this page, sign up, and start opening those boxes.

Deal or No Deal Bingo Sites FAQ

  • Where can I play Deal or No Deal Bingo?

    Deal or No Deal Bingo is far from an obscure title. You’ll find it at a huge number of online casinos, including some of the biggest in the UK. We have listed the best of these sites on this page, so scroll through, find one that you like, and sign up.

  • Are all Deal or No Deal Bingo games 90-ball variations?

    The main game is a 90-ball variation, but there is also a 75-ball version. Most of the features remain the same, but there are fewer balls, and the games usually go a little quicker.

  • Who developed Deal or No Deal Bingo?

    Playtech created Deal or No Deal Bingo. These guys are responsible for some of the most popular bingo games, table games, and slots, including the epic Age of the Gods series, which comes with several sizeable jackpots. They clearly know what they’re doing, and Deal or No Deal Bingo is a prime example of that.

  • Can I play Deal or No Deal Bingo on mobile?

    Deal or No Deal Bingo works on most devices, with support for an array of smartphones and tablets. Unless you’re using a device out of the Dark Ages, you should be able to play this game.

  • What’s the most I can win on Deal or No Deal Bingo?

    It depends, as the game features a progressive jackpot. It starts at £5,000, which is technically the least you can win when claiming the jackpot. But it’s highly unlikely you’ll win this amount as you’d need to claim the jackpot seconds after someone else.

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