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Information about £5 No Deposit Casino Sites


No deposit casino bonuses are not as common as they once were, but they are still offered by a handful of top online casinos. They are also the bonus of choice for most casual casino players.

These bonuses are exactly what they sound like—sign up, confirm your details, and collect some credits. To make them viable, the casino must offer an amount that is big enough to entice new players and small enough to prevent major losses.

For many, the Goldilocks zone is £5, and that’s where the ubiquitous “£5 No Deposit Casino Bonus” offer comes in, if you’re struggling to find such a deal, you may consider a casino that requires only a low deposit.

What is the £5 No Deposit Casino Bonus?

£5 no deposit casino bonuses are available from a handful of top online casinos, many of which we have reviewed here on Bingo Paradise.

The idea is that you get £5 in bonus credits as soon as you sign up and confirm your account. These funds can be used to play slots, table games, Live Casino games, and even bingo. Sportsbooks are usually not included in this bonus offer, so even if the site has one, you probably can’t use it to place sports bets.

£5 Free No Deposit Bonus Terms

Any funds you win with the bonus are subject to wagering requirements, The exact requirements differ, but they’re always there.

Casinos are not in the business of giving money away so there’s never a scenario in which you can just sign up, confirm, collect, and then withdraw.

Here are some of the terms to look out for when collecting these £5 no deposit offers:

Account Verification: An email address and username are not sufficient to collect these bonuses. There are strict verification terms to meet. These are imposed by the regulators but casinos differ in how they follow them. Check verification terms in advance to know what’s required of you.

Wagering Requirements: The main wagering requirement highlights how many times you must wager your winnings before they can be withdrawn. This figure will be displayed as a multiple, such as 25x or 30x. It means that the funds must be wagered 25/30 times over, equating to a total wager of £125/£150.

Other wagering requirements include:
Max Wagers: The maximum allowed wager during the wagering period. Oftentimes, this is fixed at £5. If you win £200 from your £5 bonus, this term prevents you from placing a single bet of £150 to clear the wagering requirements in a single game.

Game Limits: Valid wagers only apply to specific games. Some are excluded while others have a limited wager return. It means that one slot might count 100% toward your wagers while another counts for just 25% or nothing at all. Always check the game limits, as you could find yourself playing a slot or table game that doesn’t make a dent on your wagering requirements.

Wagering Time Limit: All wagering requirements have a time limit. You must meet the terms during this period. If not, the bonus will be void and you’ll lose everything, including all of the bonus winnings accumulated to that point.

Max Bonus Conversion: The maximum amount that can be withdrawn from a single £5 no deposit bonus. These limits nearly always apply. They are there to stop you scooping a progressive/fixed jackpot, clearing the wagering requirements quickly, and then pocketing a few grand.

Activation Requirements: Some casinos insist that you contact customer support before activating your bonus. Others require you to opt-in or enter a specific bonus code. Check these terms before you collect to make sure you don’t miss out.

What Bonuses are Similar to the Free 5 No Deposit Offer?

If you like these £5 no deposit casino offers but have already used every available offer, here are a few similar bonuses to consider:

Mobile Casino £5 Free Bonus: This is the same bonus in terms of payout and terms. The only difference is that it’s tailored toward mobile casino players. It’s either offered on mobile-only casinos or with the strict requirement that you collect it while using a mobile casino app.

£5 Deposit Casino Bonus: Although the amount of this bonus is the same, the terms are not. To collect these bonuses, you must make a minimum deposit. The wagering requirements are often more favourable, though, and the minimum deposit is usually just £5 or £10.

No Deposit Free Spins Bonus: Instead of getting £5 in bonus credits, these offers give you a bundle of Free Spins. Any winnings you accumulate using these spins are subject to wagering requirements and these are often very similar to £5 no deposit bonus requirements.

Prize Wheel Bonuses: Once you sign up, confirm, and meet other requirements (which can include a minimum deposit), you’ll be given a spin of the prize wheel. The “wheels” also take the form of loot chests, slot reels, and more. They are common on Jumpman Gaming casinos, where you’ll typically need to meet a minimum deposit requirement.

What is a £5 No Deposit Casino?

A £5 no deposit casino is one that offers a £5 no deposit casino bonus.

Simple, right? The problem is that there aren’t many of these casinos out there. No deposit bonuses tend to complicate things with the regulator, especially here in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) has very strict rules when it comes to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies.

All licensed UK gambling sites must ask players to prove their age and identity before they gamble. They will often try to match your details to existing databases (such as credit agencies and the electoral roll) and may also require you to add and confirm a bank account.

In other words, getting a £5 no deposit bonus isn’t as simple as signing up, confirming your email address, and then playing some slots. That might have been the case a few years ago and it remains the case in some jurisdictions, but nothing is ever that simple with the UKGC.

More than likely, you’ll need to add a bank account and if your details can’t be verified automatically, you’ll also need a passport/driver’s license to hand, as well as a copy of a recent utility bill.

It’s like seeing an aisle full of free food samples in the supermarket, but before you can grab a bite of a juicy sausage, someone asks for a copy of your birth certificate and insists that you sign an NDA to protect their secret recipe.

If you really want those freebies and actually intend to stay with the casino, those requirements won’t be a problem. After all, they exist on all online casinos so you’d need to meet them whether there was a no deposit bonus or not.

If you’re looking for a quick freebie and have little or no intention of staying with the site long-term, these bonuses are probably not for you.

How Can Casinos Offer These Bonuses?

How can an online casino afford to give £5 to every new player? What if those players have no intention of making a real money deposit? It seems like a risky maneuver, but it’s actually a very carefully planned one and it nearly always benefits the casino.

Firstly, a £5 no deposit bonus is not the same as £5 in cash. The funds must be used to wager on casino games, and as these games all have a house edge, a small number of players will lose their funds in a few spins. The ones that don’t immediately lose their cash are required to meet very strict wagering requirements.

The longer you play, the more likely you are to lose as that house edge will balance things out eventually.

Think of it like rolling a 6-sided dice and hoping it lands on a 1. Sure, you might hit that 1 with your first roll and it might even appear on your second and third. But if you’re forced to roll 100 times, the other numbers will appear more frequently.

That doesn’t mean you’re always destined to lose, but the majority of players will, and that’s all the casino cares about.

Secondly, online casinos spend a huge sum of money on marketing. The cost-per-click bids are very high and they also pay affiliates large sums for every player they send. If spending £5 more per lead helps to attract more players and reduce marketing spend, it’s a worthwhile endeavor for the casino.

Many players will give up, leave, and never return when they have used their £5 no deposit bonus. But a large percentage will make a real money deposit and stick around, and that’s enough of an incentive for the casinos that offer these bonuses.

Collect Your £5 No Deposit Casino Bonus!

Now that you know all there is to know about £5 no deposit bonuses, the only thing left to do is collect! You can find a number of £5 deposit-free casinos on Bingo Paradise, and we have reviewed all of them in-depth.

Of course, this bonus won’t be suitable for everyone. It’s best for casual players who typically deposit £20 or less at a time, as a £5 offer likely won’t appeal to players depositing more than this. If you’re not interested in these bonuses, check out some of our other bonus guides, including this one on 1,000% Deposit Casino Bonuses and this one on First Deposit Bonuses.

£5 No Deposit Casino Sites FAQ

  • How Can I Win With a £5 No Deposit Bonus?

    There are no easy ways to guarantee a return. The best thing to do is keep the stake low and play as many games as you can. See it as more of a trial than an opportunity to win big. If you do win, it’s just an added bonus!

  • Can I Withdraw a £5 No Deposit Bonus?

    You can only withdraw the funds when you have completed the wagering requirements—assuming there are any funds left to withdraw.

  • Are No Deposit Casinos Scams?

    It can seem a little too good to be true, but as noted above, the terms are there are tip the balance back in the casino’s favour. As long as the site is regulated, it should be legit.

  • Can I Get a Mobile Casino £5 Bonus?

    Yes! Not only are there casinos offering exclusive no deposit bonuses to mobile players, but you should also be able to collect a traditional bonus using your mobile device.

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