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Below you can find a selection of the latest online bingo promotions on offer to you!

  • Social Casino Games - A danger for children?

    We came accross the topic of social gaming and how it affects children written in the Sunday Times recently and then found more about it online on a bingo news site

    It's an interesting debate that we're all probably going to hear a lot more about in the future. It's an extremely emotive subject that automatically engages readers and motivates some to start campaigns and FB groups, plus letters to MP's etc, the whole lot!

    The concerns rise from the fact that social casino games are currenrly unregulated in the UK. The games in question look like casino games and pretty much are, except for they don't faciliate the wagering of 'real money'. This is what renders them exempt from rules and regulations that 'normal' gambling sites have to abide by. 

    Of course, in the case of the stories we mentioned in the first paragraph, it is the lack of regulation on player age that really gets many peoples goat. Currently these games can exist on Facebook or many other platforms and accept players of any age, it is of course imporant to note that currently the 11-18 years old who play only account for 0.15% of players who pay to play 

    The rise of these social games are likely build more momentum as time goes on, most major operators, including Sun Bingo and Rocket Bingo are said to be exploring for opportunities in this relatively new space!

  • Dominos Pizza team with Sun Bingo- Free pizza anyone?

    Partial to Dominos and a game of bingo? If yes then this promotion from Sun Bingo has your name written all over it.

    Right now, and as they say, for a limited time only Dominos and Sun Bingo have teamed up to bring you a mouth watering offer involving free pizza vouchers.

  • Jackpotjoy advert September 2013 - Game Show Bingo

    So Jackpotjoy has another annoying advert with Barbara Windsor, what a surprise. If you haven’t seen it then you may as well watch it now you’re here..

  • Paddy Power's 'Husband Removal', funny or abusive?

     So, what did you see when you watched Paddy Power's 'Husband Removal' ad? See it here:


    1. A funny advert, where a woman’s husband gets removed from their house using a range of silly tools so that his wife can play online bingo in peace?





    2. ‘a supposedly funny ‘husband removal service’ which involves the husband being tied up, yanked violently out of the house via the window, and hurled into the back of a van.’ - Justice for Men and Boys.

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