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Dragonfish Closes More Online Bingo Sites


Author: P J
Published: 10/07/2024

The Dragonfish brand has been a mainstay in the online bingo community for many years now. The software is behind some of the biggest sites and has been spun into countless white-label projects. But that seems to be changing. In 2023, the brand closed a handful of sites, including Bingo Ballroom, Daisy Bingo, Spy Bingo, and BBQ Bingo, and it has recently announced even more closures.

WinIt Bingo, Heat Bingo, Blast Off Bingo, and Oink Bingo all closed at the end of May 2024, and they probably won’t be the last.

Dragonfish Closures

Which Sites Have Closed Down?

At the time of writing, all of the following Dragonfish sites have closed and are no longer accepting new registrations:

Oink Bingo
WinIt Bingo
Heat Bingo
Blast Off Bingo

We have been in communication with our partners, and they told us that 10 other sites are also impacted. Many of these sites are still accepting new registrations at the time of writing, but they seem to be transitioning to new platforms:

Jazzy Spins
Chit Chat Bingo (temporarily down; new website being launched soon)
UK Bingo (temporarily down; new website being launched soon)
Bingo Ireland
Pink Ribbon Bingo
Bid Bingo
LoveHearts Bingo
Loadsa Bingo
Bingo Barmy

What’s Behind These Closures?

Dragonfish was once part of 888 Holdings, but as 888 expanded operations overseas and focused more of its efforts on sports betting, it sold the software and its properties to the Broadway Gaming Group. Broadway paid £34 million and acquired it under its Saphalata Holdings subsidiary. It meant that all Dragonfish sites, from major brands like Wink Slots and Wink Bingo to its many white-label projects, all switched over.

Broadway then began an assessment period in which it analysed these sites, compared the turnover to its bigger sites, and sought to streamline. The recent closures are just another part of that streamlining process. It seems that Broadway’s goal is to focus its resources on its biggest properties and close all others. The UK online bingo sector is very competitive, and there is no shortage of players lining up to join new sites, but Broadway clearly feels that it is spreading itself too thin and needs to back a winning horse.

They were quick to start closing, as well. Although the sale went through in late 2021, regulatory considerations meant that it wasn’t actually finalised until the middle of 2022. In the two years since, they have closed over a dozen sites and have seemingly changed the focus on many others.

What If You Have Joined a Dragonfish Bingo Site?

If you’re a member of a closing Dragonfish domain, they should warn you in advance. They will tell you what you need to do. Closures don’t happen out of the blue, and there are regulations governing the protection of player funds, so there’s no risk of losing them. Just follow the instructions in the email and contact the support team if you need assistance.

Summary: The Future of Dragonfish

Dragonfish may be having a spring clean right now, but it seems that the brand will continue, and its biggest properties will remain. It’s clearly shifting focus, but it has some of the biggest and best-known bingo sites in the UK, and it’s unlikely that they will follow suit by shutting their doors.

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