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Sun Bingo Numbers (No Longer Running)


Author: Tom
Published: 16/05/2023

What were the Sun Newspaper Bingo Numbers?

The Sun Bumper Bingo numbers (not to be confused with The Sun Bingo website) was a long-standing, regularly published game that had similarities to bingo. The numbers would be printed in The Sun newspaper and made available via various third party Twitter and Facebook accounts, once of which is displayed below.

The player numbers were good and we notice that around 5,000 people a month were searching Google in the UK for the term ‘Sun Bingo Numbers’, indicating a high level of interest. The prize value would vary but the screenshot below shows a prize fund of £500.

The game involved players having a game card on which they would check off the numbers present in the publication. If players were able to complete a full grid of 15 numbers they would win a share of the prize.

Sun Bingo Numbers Results
The penultimate game of Sun Bingo Numbers

The game was run as a kind of cross-over between The Sun Bingo and The Sun Newspaper. The idea no doubt was to encourage readers to venture online and sign up for an account on their bingo website. As you can see in the screenshots presented above and below, each time a game panel was published in the paper there would be a clear advertisement of The Sun Bingo website and an advertisement to play more ‘free bingo’ online at

Unfortunately for reasons unknown, the free bingo game was discontinued and the last numbers were published in September 2020. Whilst we’re not aware of any official reasons for the closure of the game, we wonder if it could have been to do with tightening regulation of gambling in the UK market.

As far as online bingo sites are concerned, the UK Gambling Commission insists on player ID checks being run for every new player, even before free games can be offered. Most operators opt to conduct these checks using debit card details on player registration – a process that is most often seamless for those on the electoral register.

Sun Bingo Numbers Results
The final results of The Sun Bingo numbers game. Now closed.

Sun Bumper Bingo Numbers Results

In the past Bingo Paradise included access to a popular Facebook feed that would show the latest numbers from the Sun Bumper Bingo Numbers game. We’ve left the feed in place (for now) just in case there are any further updates. Unfortunately, none seem to be forthcoming.

About The Sun Newspaper?

The Sun Newspaper first launched in 1964 and is something a lot of us have grown up with. A love-hate relationship for some, the familiar red top took over from the ‘Daily Herald’ newspaper and has never been a stranger to controversy. For many, its coverage of the Hillsborough stadium disaster represents a particularly poignant example, for others, the Page Three girls were also problematic.

For many years The Sun newspaper boasted the largest circulation of any newspaper in the UK but lost this title in March 2018 when the wildly popular ‘Metro’ took the prize.

Why do newspapers run bingo brands?

The answer to this is in the numbers. Newspapers, by their very nature, are known brands with often high levels of customer loyalty. People who make up the readerships are audiences and are usually already being advertised to in every publication,

At some point, someone in management probably had an epiphany and realised that if they print advertisements for their own branded bingo website, they could very quickly build a database of players and establish a successful new bingo site.

The Sun is not the only brand that has launched a bingo brand in its image. Mirror Bingo, Express Wins (Express) and OK Bingo (OK Magazine) have all jumped on the bandwagon, as did Metro Bingo, although that didn’t last.

The reality of the above, which remains unknown (and unimportant) to most players is that the bingo brands don’t tend to run their own bingo operation. It’s more usual that they partner with a seasoned gambling operator to whom the newspaper licenses its brand in order to launch a website. A real-life example is the arrangement between Jumpman Gaming and Mirror Bingo.

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