Jumpman Slot Sites

The Jumpman Slots Network was launched back in 2016 by Jumpman Gaming. Over the years, this organisation had established its name in the online bingo market with their ’15 Network’ product.

The 15 Network became home to dozens of bingo brands, some better known that others, such as Rocket Bingo, Tidy Bingo and Lucky Rainbow Bingo - to name three of the most prominent.

In 2016, most likely sensing that the majority of profits were coming from the slot games, Jumpman Gaming launched ‘JMS’, the Jumpman Slots Network. The new platform would be slot games focused and used an entirely different system to that used by the 15 Network.

Initially JMS launched with Dove Slots, a proprietary brand to Jumpman Gaming and second came Slot Shack, a brand owned by Meteor Marketing Ltd (us).

Within a couple of years the numbers of brands on the network exploded and at the time of writing (02/20) there are 146 hosted on the platform. Out of these, the lions share are white labels, whilst a significant minority are run by Jumpman Gaming themselves.

In case you’re wondering, a white label, in this context is a brand that offers games (principally slot games), that are operated (software, customer support, licensing) by Jumpman Gaming, but owned, by a third party organisation.

After some time, Jumpman moved all the 15 Network brands over to the Jumpman Slots software, a move that saw the brands become much more mobile friendly and much more casino game focussed. The 15 Network does however remain to this date and 15 Network sites can be recognised by the ’15 Network’ logo they display in their footer and the offering of the‘Mega Wheel’, instead of the Mega Reel (Jumpman Slots), in their welcome package.

In terms of games, Jumpman is not a developer and as such, all of the games available through their sites are third party. This is the case with most modern casino brands and as such, you’ll likely find brands you’ve played at other sites. It has to be said that Jumpman must have some good skills at the negotiating table because they seem to have forged relationships with most of the major slot game developers in the market.

Despite not offering proprietary games, Jumpman Slots still manages to stand out from the crowd in a number of ways. One such example is by way of introducing spinning wheels (15 Network) and reels (Jumpman Slots sites) to their platforms. These random, spin based systems are used to decide the prize a player wins, in the first instance, as part of their welcome package. Although the prizes differ between the two networks, in both cases a £10 (or greater) initial deposit will be required to try your luck and determine your welcome offer.

We believe that the first use of the spinning wheel as a means of determining a welcome offer on a bingo site, took place on Zingo Bingo (the first ever 15 Network site launched). However, nowadays wheels and reels of various sorts can be found at many different brands of gaming site. Imitation, as they say, is the most sincere form of flattery!

Further to the spinning wheel, Jumpman have also reinvented the wheel when it comes to loyalty rewards. All sites on both the 15 Network and Jumpman Slots (JMS) make use of a trophy based scheme where players earn trophies for completing various actions on site. Trophies entitle players to various benefits such as additional spins of the mega wheel, or reel, as the case may be.

Slot Machine Logo

Spin Mega Reel for up to 500 Free Spins

Slot Machine is powered by Jumpman Gaming and offers over 600 slot games, including most of the best known titles. The site also features an in depth guide to Slot Machines, aptly titled, 'The Official SlotMachine.co.uk Guide'.


Easy Slots Logo

Up to 500 Free Spins on Starburst

Easy Slots (powered by Jumpman Gaming) went live in June 2017 and is a dedicated slots website offering a large collection of slot brands from all the major providers.


Amazon Slots

*Spin Mega Reel for up to 500 Free Spins

About Amazon Slots
Launched in 2016, it's only taken this brand a few years to establish itself as one of the best known slot sites available to UK players. Although the player experience at Amazon Slots is very much the same as what you'd expect from any other Jumpman slot site, the theme is beautifully colourful and definitely helps the brand stand out from the crowd with its vivid toucan and rapidly flowing waterfall.

Slot Shack Logo

Up to 500 Free Spins on Starburst

Launched in late 2016, this Jumpman Gaming casino brand will have you sat on the edge of your seat with 100's of slot games, a fantastic loyalty program and an enticing welcome offer.

Yohoo Slots Logo

Spin Mega Wheel for up to 500 Free Spins

Originally launched as 'Yahoo Slots', Yohoo Slots is a fun and interactive slots site that offers over 500 games (almost all slots) to play.

About Yohoo Slots
As a Jumpman Slots site, Yohoo offers just about every slot game on the market - you can be all but certain that this site will have all the biggest and best known titles from the top developers - this is what Jumpman has become known for.


Rocket Slots Logo

Up to 500 Free Spins on Starburst

If you're looking for an explosive place to play some slots and casino games then look no further! Rocket Slots launched in late 2017 and has since grown its slot collection to a sizeable 500+ collection.

Aladdin Slots Logo

Spin Mega Wheel for up to 500 Free Spins

Aladdin Slots is an excellent new brand offering a wide range of exciting slot games, including the biggest, latest titles. The collection of games available combined with the lucrative welcome package on offer make this a stand out slots destination!