Wish Bingo Relaunched and Redesigned

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Wish Bingo

Online bingo favourite Wish Bingo has been around for many years. They have recently undergone a transformation to revitalise the site and make it feel modern and fresh. We’ve done our homework and can share our findings...

What Has Changed?
Instead of the cartoon background, Wish Bingo has decided to go with a soothing gradient of purples and blues. This colour scheme has been carried throughout the whole of the website and feels very modern and calming. The choice to use the indigo and violet colours on the various information panels ties everything together.

New and Improved Everywhere
The navigation banner is a lot less fussy and far more minimalistic in its choice of colours and fonts. It fits far better with the chosen aesthetics of the new site.

The other pages on the site have also received this care and attention. The bingo and slot games have now been sorted into different tabs for easy browsing. You will have no trouble whatsoever finding something to play.

Even the logo has had an update. Instead of the purple and gold affair of the past, it is now some simple white calligraphy. It is a much more modern logo than the previous and fits in with the new website seamlessly.

Wish Bingo has made a sensible move away from the fussier Aladdin-esque theme. They have still managed to maintain a sense of wonder and magic in a way that is unique and fresh. The new homepage stands out against other more stereotypical competitors on the market.

Great New Look, Same Great Site
Everything which we loved about the original site is still here to be experienced and enjoyed. There are still fantastic games of bingo to be played and some of the most well-loved slots for anyone looking for a break from the bingo bonanza. All the promotions you knew and loved before are still in place so get ready to grab yourself a great deal.

They have also included a few new extras on the homepage. There is now a scrolling list of all the big winners both on the main page and in the promotions section. The new game of the week has its own special feature and there is information about the next big jackpot game to get the players ready for a win.

Wish Bingo is part of a much larger network of bingo sites which are all slowly undergoing a similar transformation. There seems to be a definite move away from the brightly-coloured and somewhat childish designs towards a more modern and refined taste. It removes some of the cheesiness of the bingo reputation without detracting from the fun of the game overall. This will no doubt attract a new kind of player who is looking for a more adult bingo experience.

In the meantime, we definitely think that the changes made to Wish Bingo are very worthwhile. We would recommend that everyone go have a look at them for themselves.

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