Wink Bingo Launch New TV Advert

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Wink Bingo have been going through a whole load of changes recently and they’ve launched a new advert to celebrate. They’re appearing on our screens again to advertise what’s new on their site and it’s bound to be one that will get stuck in your head.

The New Advert
You’ll probably remember Wink Bingo’s infamous Dancing Dog advert, with a dog doing an Irish jig. While we can’t say if this advert will be quite as popular, it’s got the same fun loving feel. The advert is all done up with the same pop art theme that’s on the new site, creating one design overall.

The idea of the site is to reinforce their new headline of “you’re worth it”. In an era in which players are rapidly fleeing sites that don’t offer them the best experience, it’s clear to see why this is a strapline that would appeal to bingo players.

They’ve launched a new rewards store on the site, which has been created with the intention of giving players tangible rewards for their players. They want players to actually pick the gifts they want, instead of just being given merchandise they don’t want.

Using the Rewards Store
This rewards store seems pretty easy to use, regardless of if you’re tech savvy or not. They’re allowing players to exchange their points for vouchers, prizes and more. This is a simple way to actually pick your prizes, which means you’ll get a bit more bang for your buck.

The increased awareness from this ad means that we’ll probably see more players flocking to Wink Bingo. This could give their chat rooms a boost and also steal some players from the many competitors that they have. Only time will tell if this change will have a long term effect or if it will be more of a novelty.

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