White Hat Gaming Close Bingo Sites

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White Hat Gaming

White Hat Gaming

The owners of bingo sites Nudge Nudge Bingo, Bingo Hour and Mainstage Bingo have announced their intention to close their sites. The owners, White Hat Gaming, are getting out of the bingo game (no pun intended) and their sites will be officially closed by the 24th of August.

The Market for Bingo Sites
With so many changes happening within the bingo industry in such a short space of time, it’s understandable that some operators are struggling. While bigger networks, such as Dragonfish, can cope with the dicey landscape smaller operators are really feeling the pinch. Since the Brexit vote last year, the pound has been much weaker which makes the industry worth less as a whole.

Then, with the introduction of the bonus tax just this month (August 2017), there was another big change for operators. With already thin margins on smaller networks, these bingo sites would most likely struggle with an additional tax on top. It’s an unfortunate event to see bingo sites close, but it seems to be a sign of the times.

In the last few months, we’ve seen the likes of Foxy Zero, Spindipity and Bingo Friends all close their doors to players. Some operators have even stopped offering games to UK players, due to the increased costs of trading in this market.

Alternative Sites
It may all sound like doom and gloom, but there are plenty of thriving bingo networks out there too. Dragonfish and 15 Network sites are always being released to great acclaim, with loads of alternative options for players. You can check out our reviews if you’d like to know more about these sites.

While some sites are closing, it does mean that bingo sites have to do more to stay in the game. This includes adding in additional promotions and unique games, as they’ll need to stand out from the crowd. This is inspiring a more competitive spirit and means that players can select the bingo experience that suits them.

It’s sad to see these sites go, but overall we feel it could lead to a more competitive market that overall should be better for the player.

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