UKGC Requests Opinion on Proposed Changes in the Industry

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Could there be changes ahead?

Could there be changes ahead?

We discussed a few weeks ago about how the Gambling Commission had written to several major online gambling, bingo and casino brands with the aim of creating a dialogue aimed at tackling money laundering. However, the UKGC has followed up this proposal with a request for opinion from individuals and businesses alike on some further proposed changes within the industry. This is your chance to get your opinion across!

Give Your Opinion on Bingo & Casino Changes!
Mostly, the Gambling Commission wants to discuss alterations to how bingo and casino promotions are marketed and advertised to consumers. However, they are also encouraging people to speak up on their opinions with regards to unfair T&Cs as well as disputes and complaints.

This presents an opportunity to express opinion on what you would like to see change within the industry. For example, our readers could highlight their displeasure at certain T&Cs or how wagering affects your ability as a player to withdraw funds from your account.

Gambling Commission Encouraging Dialogue
It is refreshing to see the regulatory body focussing on the consumer and with so many proposed changes to the gambling industry currently being discussed, there is the chance to highlight what you feel is fair and unfair about the games, sites and offers that you encounter.

You’ll have until the 22nd of April to have your voice heard so if you feel particularly strongly about anything related to online bingo or slots play, then now is the time to be heard! The overall, aim is to reduce harm to the consumer and encourage fair play.

With irresponsible gambling such as that highlighted in the media recently the UKGC is keener than ever before to hear from ordinary players. Be sure to take the time to express your thoughts and you never know, you might just inspire change for the better!

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