UK Gambling Commission Sets Out New Strategy

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Gambling Commission

Gambling Commission announces new plans for operators

The UK Gambling Commission have announced a new strategy to combat problem gambling, with a 12 month plan for operators. They’re setting out key targets for operators to meet within the year, so let’s take a look at how this will pan out.

What’s Included in the Plan?
There’s a whole load of information for operators in this plan, which is mainly in place to reduce the risk of harm to consumers. They also want to raise the standards within the industry as a whole and making sure that good causes receive funding from lotteries. These are pretty lofty goals, so let’s find out what they’re going to do to achieve them.

This is only the first part of a strategy that will stretch over three years, which will hopefully better the entire industry. They want to push this out as quickly as possible, as they want to make users more aware of the issue of problem gambling.

The chair of the UKGC, William Moyes stated that the plans were ambitious, but came as a clear response to the risks that the market presented. They want to create a balance between the choice of the consumer and the risks that this pastime can potentially hold for players. This societal problem has the potential to impact the lives of users quite drastically, so it’s essential to be able to educate users as much as possible.

Funding and Charities
Some developers and operators are already starting to donate their money to charities that help to reduce this kind of harm. Microgaming have donated over £12K to the Young Gamblers Education Trust, which specialises in reducing the harm that gambling can have on young people.

This helps to teach youngsters on the Isle of Man to make smarter choices about how they choose to spend their money. This territory is massive for gambling, as many of the biggest betting sites are located here.

They are both fostering an important relationship, which will eventually make the gambling industry look better to outsiders. Working with the YGET has allowed Microgaming to fund workshops and educational courses based on critical research.

A spokesperson for the developers has said that they have always been impressed by the charity and that it’s great for them to be involved together. They’re looking forward to supporting this charity in the long term, to help develop a stronger relationship.
The charity has said that they are hugely grateful for the funding and for the collaboration between the companies. This is a great way for Microgaming to gain some PR exposure, while helping out a charity that could use the funding.

As the UKGC pushes on in their three year plan for success, we could see more sites fostering these kinds of relationships with charities. This would bring them some credit and help the industry buck some of the stigma that tends to surround gambling. We may see more of these companies partnering up in the future, which would be great for charities!

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