Popular TV show to get Sun Bingo Sponsorship

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Sun Bingo

Sun Bingo to sponsor ITV's Jeremy Kyle show

Long-running ITV show Jeremy Kyle has signed a new sponsorship deal with Sun Bingo which will see Jayde Adams appear in idents to promote the brand. This is not the first time that Adams, a British actress, comedian and singer has appeared in Sun Bingo promotions. She was part of the Bingo chains ‘Are you going to Bingo’? campaign that ran with great success earlier in the year.

Sun Bingo’s deal with Jeremy Kyle is not the first for the chat show king. The show was sponsored from 2008 – 2017 by Foxy Bingo and then again from 2017-2018 by Slingo Boom. The latest deal with the Bingo giant has a lot of people particularly excited with the head of Sun Bingo Hannah Swales commenting that it will help to “reach a brand new audience”.

However, in a first for this dramatic chat show, they have given Sun Bingo licence to utilise the show’s social media resources which should help boost the success of the campaign and introduce bingo to a whole new generation.

ITV’s flagship asset is as popular today as it was back in 2005 with over 3,000 episodes aired to date. Swales further remarked that the Sun Bingo team “…are excited to be partnering up with ITV and we’ll be looking to build on our latest campaign of ‘Are you gonna Bingo?’ to deliver a fun and engaging message…”

The ‘Are you gonna Bingo?’ campaign saw Bristolian Adams cover the grime anthem ‘Are you gonna Bang Doe’? in a hilarious meme-worthy sketch that has been watched by millions. Sun Bingo is hoping to achieve another comedy triumph with the idents that are set to feature during the show.

The & Partnership London and Pulse, The Box and Wunderman and M/SIX formed a joint venture which was backed by WPP and are responsible for the idents which will air throughout the duration of the chat show kings morning delivery of drama.

The joint executive creative director for The & Partnership London had commented on Adams earlier ‘Are you gonna Bingo?’ skit that “With Jayde Adams in front of the camera…the team have created something genuinely funny”. Following her addition to the new Sun Bingo sponsorship deal, Elliot remarked that it was a …”delight”… to have the comedian back and he was excited to have her helping “…create some genuinely funny, relatable characters”.

Despite the show’s history of sponsorship deals, Sun Bingo feel that the new venture will benefit both brands and are particularly keen to develop video-on-demand (VOD) content that will coincide with the idents and help to promote the bingo brand.

The additional social media inventory that the bingo giant has managed to secure is a first for any of The Jeremy Kyle show sponsors and will go a long way in promoting the brand and introducing a new audience to the game.

Elliot believes that Adams will be “perfect for the brand” and hope she will provide as much entertainment as Jeremy Kyle himself.

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