Pixie Bingo Receives a Makeover

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Pixie Bingo

Pixie Bingo gets a makeover!

In the latest in a long line of site changes, Pixie Bingo has had an update. So many sites are deciding to switch up their design, so let’s see what this site has to offer.

What’s Changed at Pixie Bingo?
If you played at Pixie Bingo before, you’ll probably know that they had little fairies guiding players around the site. These might have been proving more controversial recently though, as sites have been forced to get rid of mascots that might appeal to children. Their sister sites got rid of the peanut mascots and it seems that the time has come for the pixies too.

Actually, this has had a beneficial effect on the site, as it feels more grown up and exciting to play on. The deep purple theme is still there and there are some pixie themed elements still left, like the wings on the logo. It seems they’ve decided to keep some elements of the magic theme, just without the mascots that could lead to a fine.

The lobby is much the same, aside from a few aesthetic changes. You’ll still find all of the same games and jackpots that you’re accustomed to. The bingo is all there, with some new slots joining in the fun later in the month too.

Which Sites are Next?
There are still a lot of sites out there that boast a cartoon mascot, despite the fact that ASA have warned against this. While some may feel that removal of these are overkill, for many site owners it’s definitely safer to go over the top. With fines being levied quite regularly, it’s a serious possibility that this could happen.

Circus Bingo, a Pixie Bingo sister site, recently got rid of their mascots too. Oink Bingo, which is another one of these sister sites, have also gotten rid of their piggy pal Kevin too. It seems that the owners of this network have made this decision across the board.

Ignite Bingo sites have also lost their mascots, with sites like Costa Bingo changing quite drastically. A lot of these sites are built on the personality of these friendly mascots, so it’s difficult for them to remove these without redesigning the site entirely.

There are still sites out there with their mascots intact, whether that’s because they want to keep the personality there or that they just don’t have the resources for a full redesign. We’ve not seen a fine handed down specifically for the use of a mascot as of yet, but it could happen.

With some sites, the removal of the mascot makes them feel a bit bare. On others, it feels like the site doesn’t have a lot of direction, as they had been relying on a unique character. We may find that cartoon themes in general are eventually eradicated, in order to fall in line with this regulation.

For Pixie Bingo, this is an improvement but we’d still love to see a bit more character on their new site. We’ll keep you updated with the latest sites to change over the coming months.

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