Pink Casino Rapped for Free Promotion

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Pink Casino

Pink Casino Rapped by ASA

Pink Casino has been on our screens a lot recently and it seems they’ve come into a bit of bother with the ASA. As sponsors of Celebrity Big Brother this year, they were on the air plenty of times daily. However, one promotion may have landed this glitzy casino in a less than glam heap of trouble.

The Complaint
The promotion was distributed via email and players were promised a great deal with this one. The promotional email was sent out in July of 2017, but it’s taken a while for the proceedings and verdict to be reached. The issue with this promotion is quite complex, but it’s interesting to see that just one complaint was enough to prompt this investigation.

The email that prompted the complaint had a subject line that proclaimed users could get 100% of their losses back and also a free scratchcard. The fine print showed that the scratchcard would have wagering requirements applied, though this wasn’t displayed in the subject.

The game carried a 10x wagering requirement on whatever players won, which meant that they were forced to wager through the bonus before they could withdraw. This was a bit of a surprise to players and prompted one to get in touch with the ASA as they didn’t feel that this was fair.

What makes this worse is that players that had a cash balance found that the wagering requirement was shifted to their existing balance. This means that if they had cash in their account, it would then be turned into bonus funds.

The ASA Ruling
The ASA upheld the complaint of the user, as they agreed the mechanism in place was unfair. Pink Casino defended this by saying it wasn’t specific to this promotion, it was just the way that their wallet worked. This didn’t help them out though, as the ASA decided that the terms were not clear and players with a cash balance weren’t made aware of what would happen to this.

This was deemed to be a case of misleading advertising and was quickly condemned by the ASA. The outcome of the ruling was that the ASA told Pink Casino not to use the ad in its current form again. They also cautioned them to be clearer on their use of the word ‘free’ and to ensure that such a ‘wallet mechanism’ would not impact players in future.

It’s not clear how the player complained initially, but with tools like Resolver giving more power to the player, this could have been a contributor. We’re seeing a lot more sites being taken to the cleaners over these promotions, so it really does just take one complaint!
This will likely push Pink Casino and their competitors to be more transparent. We’re surprised that there has not been a fine involved in this situation, as the ASA aren’t usually shy when it comes to dishing these out either. They could have been ordered to pay back profits as a result, but they’ve been fairly measured in their response here.

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