Oink Bingo Axe Piggy Mascot

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One little piggy went to... slaughter!

All over the internet, there are bingo sites rebranding and removing their mascots. The latest to send their cartoon mascot to slaughter is Oink Bingo, replacing their cartoon piggy with a real life version. What is the reason behind the change and what else is different on their site?

What’s New at Oink Bingo?
Now on the oink bingo site, you’ll see a real pig riding on a sea of bingo balls. While they’ve axed the cartoon version, the personality is still very much there. This move is no doubt in an effort to come into line with new legislation around appealing to children with cartoon mascots.

This is the latest site from this network to change their theme, with Circus Bingo and Pixie Bingo being early adopters of this change. It seems to be up to the site owner’s discretion, as there are many Dragonfish brands that still boast what we would guess are non-compliant branding.

Many site owners seem to be steering clear of the time and cash investment that these kinds of overhauls can take up. For smaller sites, this can be a massive chunk of their free cash which can represent months of profits! While the CAP have laid down this new guideline, it seems that not all sites are playing it safe.

A Site Overhaul
Oink Bingo has also had an overhaul in terms of the site design too. This is a massive improvement in our eyes, as it looks much more modern. The old design was quite reminiscent of sites like Farmyard Bingo, which was a bit dated. Picket fences and piggy mascots were in place on these sites. The muted colours also weren’t the most inviting for players.

Now, the new design has given this site a fresh new feel. It feels quite like Jackpotjoy, with a bright blue sparkly theme. This has given the site a much better user experience, which regular players will really enjoy. This is a bit of an overhaul for the site and it will definitely be appreciated by players too.
There’s not too much in the way of promotional changes. It would be nice to see more of an announcement about the new site, with some new promotions to boot. The site roll out seems to have happened almost overnight and without a whole load of publicity.

As you peruse the new site, you’ll find that there’s a lot to enjoy within the updated lobby. Many of the games are the same but the format you get to play them in is a bit different. There’s also an improved app for you to play with too. If you’re the kind of player that likes to go mobile with an app, then you’ll be quite happy here.

As many of these sites seem to be having similar changes rolled out, it does feel like bingo has grown up a bit. What do you think of these new mascots, do you like them or do you prefer the cartoon versions?

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