The National Bingo Game Jackpots Reordered

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National Bingo Game

Changes to the National Bingo Game Jackpots

If you’re accustomed to playing in bingo halls, The National Bingo Game will probably be the highlight of your night. This big jackpot game usually boasts the biggest cash prizes, so naturally it draws a lot of attention from bingo players. As of the end of April, the jackpots in this game will change slightly, so let’s find out what that means for bingo players...

New Changes to The National Bingo Game
The idea of these changes is to share the wealth a bit more between players. As this game takes place in nearly 300 clubs, it can feel a bit disappointing when no one in a club wins. Now, they want to have 5000 winners sharing the wealth in this game on a weekly basis.

Players can buy tickets to this game at a rate of £1 for 2 tickets, or bump up their chances to win with 5 tickets for £2. The game has been changed to a 50 ball setup, instead of the traditional 90 ball format. This makes for faster gameplay and the potential to share larger jackpots.

The sooner you call bingo, the bigger the prize will be. If you get it in under 16 numbers, you’ll win a fixed jackpot of £50,000. For players that win in less than 20 numbers, you get a prize of £1000. For those that call bingo in 24 numbers or less, there’s a fixed prize of £100.

More Control for Bingo Halls
As the game is faster, it means that the clubs themselves have more control over when they choose to play it. This will affect players at Gala Bingo, Mecca Bingo and independent clubs that take part in the games.

The CEO of The National Bingo Game Association, Miles Baron, said that they were thrilled to be bringing this new version of the game into their partner clubs. He reflected on the fact that this will only be the third change to the way the game runs in its thirty year tenure. They’re keen to give players a lot of fun, with great technology in a faster format than ever before.

The changes within the game have also made their tech faster and more reliable according to Baron. This gives players a more modern feel when playing The National Game.

In our opinion, it’s great to see bingo providers changing with the times and making sure that players are getting the best. The split in jackpots means that we won’t get those awkward moments in the club, when jackpots are shared by those in different ones in the UK. The sliding structure of the game will also be sure to make things more exciting for players too.

We’re pretty eager to see how these changes go down with players in clubs, as new features aren’t always welcomed. This is a really substantial change for players, so lets see how they react!

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