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Is number 13 as unlucky as many believe?

We all want to feel lucky when we play bingo, after all, the luckier we are the more we can potentially win. Whether you take a lucky charm or sit in the same place each week at the bingo, you’re not alone.

Over at Mecca Bingo, they’ve been taking a look into what makes players lucky and the numbers that really help them out.

Is 13 the Luckiest Number?
We know plenty of superstitious bingo players that balk when they see the number 13 on their card. While this is a traditionally unlucky number, the research from Mecca Bingo seems to point to it being luckier than others! There’s actually a name for this fear of the number 13, known as triskaidekaphobia.

With so many famous people suffering from this fear, like Stephen King, it’s no wonder that we seem to see this number everywhere! Some bingo players choose not to venture to their local halls or play online on a Friday the 13th, as they believe they won’t be as lucky.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that sites like Mecca Bingo want to change this perception. They’ve found that hitting a jackpot on the number 13 is actually a lot more common than you might think! Over the last year, 11,100 players have completed their card with the number 13!

Therefore, this number has been responsible for paying out £1.6 million, not bad for a number that’s reportedly unlucky. This number has been deemed to be in the top ten luckiest numbers by the bosses at Mecca Bingo.

A spokesperson for Mecca Bingo has said that they really want to change the perception, which will have more players choosing to play on these dates. If you go on sites during these days, you may see how few people are on there. So it makes sense that they want to make it feel a bit luckier for their players.

Why is 13 Unlucky?
We don’t usually think about why 13 is unlucky, as it seems like it’s just a regular part of our culture. The concept of it being unlucky actually comes all the way back from biblical times, as there were 13 apostles at the last supper. This is a weird quirk of our culture, but it’s not the same over the world.

In Italy, 13 is seen to be a lucky number and they have a phrase to this effect. It’s easy to see that this is a pervasive number in many different cultures. With this number, whether it’s good or bad, there’s certainly a big impact on us.

Analysts say that millions of pounds of business are lost each year to this number, as we don’t spend as much or go out as much on this day. When big sporting events hit their thirteenth year, bookies often report losses when compared to the other years of betting on the same event.

We hope that you’re lucky the next time you get a bingo card with the number 13 on there. If you’re a winner with this number, then you’re one of many!

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