Mecca Bingo Promises the Wins

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Mecca Bingo

Bingo giant Mecca Bingo has partnered with Playtech to release Best Odds Bingo (or BOB), a new bingo game which promises wins for its players.

After speaking to customers, Mecca Bingo determined that the two biggest customer concerns were never winning and watching the same people scoop the win every time they played. They took this feedback and used it to develop a new and innovative bingo game that will help appease these player concerns.

To do so, they partnered with Playtech. This innovative gaming company has been developing amazing games since 1999 and currently occupies a position as the world’s biggest online gaming software supplier to be traded on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market.

Anyone who has spent some time in an online casino has probably encountered a Playtech slot at some point. They also specialise in more than casino games as the minds behind many online bingo softwares and the launch of several bingo sites.

Mecca Bingo itself is one of the UK’s biggest bingo companies and is part of the Rank Organisation, a large company who also own other gambling companies like the Grosvenor Casinos. Mecca has 86 bingo clubs across the UK in addition to their online gambling presence. They have won many awards for their services and BOB will hopefully secure them a few more.

The game itself looks set to introduce some much-needed innovation into the online bingo world. BOB is a 50-ball variant which is going to offer 5 different price points, ensuring their is a suitable price for all budgets, with the lowest priced game starting at 50P.

BOB is built around 3 main rules. Firstly, everyone has an equal chance to win. No-one has any sort of preferential treatment in any shape or form. You are guaranteed as much chance to win as anyone else in the room with you. BOB’s second rule is no more than 25 players to a room. As one of 25, you have an amazing chance to land the jackpot. Compared to the overcrowded feel of some of the larger bingo rooms.

BOB’s final rule is that every player in the room will have 10 tickets and 10 tickets only. This, again, levels the playing field and assures players that none of the competition has an unfair advantage.
It seems that Mecca Bingo has produced a game which is sure to appeal to all types of bingo players.

Mecca knows that there is a vast difference between their players and BOB will help them accommodate this. Their ethos is fun and safe bingo for all and they are always looking for ways to build upon this.

If you are looking for a fun and relaxed way to play bingo with a great chance to win, try BOB at Mecca Bingo today.

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