Luda Bingo Fails to Make a Splash

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We first heard of the new Luda Bingo concept last year. This was touted as a new way to bring bingo to the younger generation, with casual play and a night out feel. However, it seems that this concept has failed to really reach these new players and it may have stalled altogether.

What makes Luda Bingo Special?
Luda Bingo is owned by the Rank Group, who also own Mecca Bingo. They wanted to put a twist on the usual bingo halls in order to attract a millennial audience. Looking at the venues, it’s easy to see how this has been put into motion, with lounges of fashionable furniture. They were banking on bingo, in a new format, bringing in a whole new audience.

In essence, these locations are about a relaxed vibe, with new technology too. They wanted these to ideally become the starting point for a night out, with cocktails and food to kick off a big night. In reality, it seems that these locations have been largely ignored by traditional and younger bingo players alike.

More Locations?
Currently, there are only three of these locations in testing. However, if the recent figure release is anything to go by, we won’t be seeing any more of these cropping up elsewhere. In an update to investors, the Rank Group had admitted that these venues had failed to gain any real traction with the bingo playing community.

This will no doubt put a dampener on the further expansion of the brand. With the Rank Group desperately trying to claw back some of their profits on failed ventures, this may be another idea that they shelve for the time being.

This is a part of their overall strategy to bring the brand back to life. While there has been an investment made in these venues, they may end up costing the brand more to keep them up and running with a small community of players.

These venues are set to be reevaluated by the chair of the group, to figure whether they have the potential to become profitable. This places their future in the balance and begs the question whether they will remain as Luda Bingo going forward, assume the Mecca Bingo name or close completely.

It seems like this experiment hasn’t been much of a success for the brand, as they haven’t been able to tap into that younger audience. However, this has allowed them to at least attempt to find a new avenue for players. It’s no secret that bingo halls are in decline, with fewer players than ever making a visit part of their routine.

Appealing to a millennial audience is something that a lot of brands have been trying, but it isn’t always successful. It’s notoriously difficult to tap into this market and it’s a quandary for marketers. With this investment into Luda Bingo, it seems that the Rank Group have learned an expensive lesson when it comes to this audience.

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