Kristina Rihanoff a New Star for Mecca Bingo

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Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo launches new TV ad

Kristina Rihanoff was once the star of a Foxy Bingo ad in the way back when, but now she’s starring in a new advert for Mecca Bingo. As a professional dancer, it makes sense that she’s doing the Meccarena as part of their latest advert campaign.

Doing the Meccarena
The Meccarena is the latest ad campaign from the brand and aims to get players up on their feet! They’re bringing back this nostalgic dance with a cast of celebrities while putting their own unique spin on it. As a Strictly Come Dancing star, Mecca Bingo clearly want to grip their primetime viewers with a star they know.

The ad itself is what you’d expect from the brand, though it’s not necessarily the most exciting advert we’ve ever seen. You can tell these celebs definitely aren’t actors, which makes the ad feel a bit wooden and not as dynamic as you’d like.

Kristina Rihanoff is joined by Simon Webbe from Blue, Jordan Davies from Ibiza Weekender and Dean Fagan from Corrie. Not exactly the A list but it makes for a mildly amusing ad none the less. While this might not blow players away, they’re sure to increase their brand awareness with this ad.

What’s Next for Mecca Bingo?
With this televised dance off behind them, Mecca Bingo will be looking to push the Meccarena out on the site and on social media. We may see some dancing based promotions, as they’ve asked their players for these kinds of clips in the past as part of their promotions.

Right now on the site, they have a few different promotions to get involved in but these tend to change quite regularly. As we move into March, their Everyone’s a Winner promotion will be finishing up and they may have a more dance orientated promotion ready to take its place.

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