GVC’s Kenny Alexander Calls For Stricter Betting Ad Rules

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GVC Holdings

GVC’s Kenny Alexander Calls For Stricter Betting Ad Rules
The chief executive of GVC Holdings has spoken out against the increasing number of betting ads that are appearing on the television before the watershed. This comes as no surprise for many in the industry as regulators have been calling for a change in marketing strategies for quite some time. Operators in the UK aren’t holding back with their ads with many of them appearing between football matches that are played on TV.

Kenny Alexander Speaks Out
Kenny Alexander is well known in the industry and his latest comments are causing a bit of a storm. His suggestion to impose a ban on betting adverts before the 9pm watershed shows his concern for the future of this industry. He claims that the adverts are now “out of hand” and he has shown hope that everyone can work in a collaborative way to make this change a positive one.

Due to his senior role in the industry, the comments that Alexander has made cannot be ignored. This news comes off the back of Ian Angus claiming that two-thirds of consumers believe that betting adverts should actually “be discouraged” which is concerning for those in this industry. It is hoped that with the power that Alexander holds, there will be an effort for collaborative work.

The Watershed
When it comes to the watershed, many adverts are already banned due to the effect that they can have on the viewers. This means that things that need to be shown past the watershed will only appear after 9pm between shows. Kenny Alexander sees moving adverts to the watershed as the perfect opportunity for the gambling industry to stay away from the “vulnerable” viewers who might be already seeing their adverts.

Call To Action
As the chief executive of GVC Holdings, Kenny Alexander has asked for all of the companies in his industry to work together to reduce the number of adverts that are currently on the TV. He hopes that the changes will come into action before 2018 is over in order to stop vulnerable people being tempted to gamble when they shouldn’t be.

Will It Affect Business?
It’s clear that one of the main concerns for businesses in this industry is the fact that a reduction in adverts could affect the business. Alexander sees this, but he hopes that with everyone working together, businesses will all suffer a loss in the same way and so bring forward a “level playing field”. It might be hard for him to convince iGaming companies to join in, but he is going to try his best.

The Future
Kenny Alexander has only recently come forward with this call to action, so it is unclear as to how this process is going to work. While some businesses might be willing to take the risk, others might be a little more resistant. Make sure to keep up to date with the developments with this as the year progresses.

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