J. Fortune has their Eyes on the Prize

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J Fortune Casino homepage

J Fortune Homepage

Malta-based online bingo affiliate J. Fortune Entertainment Ltd have just announced the launch of their new online casino which is an ambitious move for the company and with bingo set to follow using exciting new software, this is one online gaming site with their sights firmly set on the progression and further growth of the brand.

Keen to set themselves apart from their competitors, J. Fortune has been working closely with Grabbit Gaming for over three years and has conducted a lot of research into what consumers are looking for in an online gaming establishment and they began to notice a key trend.

Online bingo players have commented time and time again on the similarities between bingo sites in terms of design, promotions and bonus features and this is a problem that J. Fortune have attempted to tackle using cutting-edge technology and their market knowledge.

Online gaming is an industry that is still relatively new, but is expanding every year and one area of particular growth is the bingo scene. Even though that sector is controlled by a few individual providers, they make up the majority of the market and this offers great potential for those who are looking to offer consumers something a little bit different.

Now that the site is complete and ready to accept players, Grabbit Gaming’s CEO Jaime Toulson commented that “…we are excited to see the site go live…” and that it is “…what online Bingo has been crying out for”

Having taken consumer feedback on board, J. Fortune has developed a site that sets it apart from its competitors. Following registration, players will have the ability to play bingo for real money whilst earning tokens that can be traded for admission to the Mega Bonus Round which offers huge jackpot sums up for grabs.

The online casino site will be offering a range of slots and table games by software giant Betsoft and following the brand’s successful launch games from other renowned developers will be made available.
Grabbit Gaming, a highly respected company who provide a range of services have been primarily guiding the casino with their customer support and marketing and following an extensive collaboration they are very pleased with how the final product has turned out, noting “…it will make a big impact…”

The online site does have a different layout to it and the use of colour and layout makes it stand out against its peers. The emphasis appears to be on content and quality rather than flashy gimmicks and whilst the site still features promotions, it aims to provide unique and exclusive deals rather than the same recycled offers used by other online platforms.

Having started out over 11 years ago, J. Fortune has taken a forward-thinking approach to its business growth and it is so keen to differentiate itself from its competitors that it will be donating a percentage of its revenues to charity, an unusual move for an online gambling site.

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