Iceland Bingo Launches New TV Advert

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Iceland Bingo

Iceland Bingo

Every online bingo site is different and here at Bingo Paradise, we like to bring you all the latest news from the online bingo community. Some sites are more prolific than others and Iceland Bingo is one of these platforms that likes to advertise on television from time to time. The site’s latest new TV ad has just gone live so we thought we would check it out.

Iceland Bingo on TV
Over the last few years, there has been a focus on what can and cannot be advertised on television with regards to gambling. These adverts are heavily regulated and have to adhere to some fairly strict guidelines meaning that a lot of bingo adverts are fairly tame.

You could argue that this is the case with this new Iceland Bingo advert which shows a number of players enjoying the game of bingo from their laptops. It certainly isn’t the most exhilarating bingo ad that we have seen but it does a good job of promoting the brand by showing a couple playing bingo together in a café (does anyone actually do this?).

We are then taken to a scene of 2 men discussing the merits of playing the game online. It may not be the most realistic of TV ads that we have seen but it isn’t the worst either.

Will it Attract New Players?
Yes, it will. We fully expect the new advert to attract some new players to the popular Iceland Bingo site. The site offers the chance to win Iceland shopping vouchers regularly and if they manage to target the right demographic then we really can see an increase in players.

It may not prove as popular as Jackpot Joy or Costa Bingo’s advertising efforts but it is good to see a bingo site doing so well in the current climate. We’re looking forward to seeing how the ad performs and we will bring you updates on the subject if and when we get them.

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